10 Best Movie Review Websites

When looking for online movie reviews, it often can be an annoying experience if you do not have any movie review websites which you visit regularly. Typing any movie’s name and this word “review” in Google can yield out results, but it’s hard to find steady results and much more hard to find the useful ones. For each good review that you find, you also are likely to find 2 or 3 half-baked blog post that hardly do anything better than rehash part of the movie’s plot or just say: “It was fine.”

Websites do exist; however, they compile multiple reviews both from local and national critics. After compiling reviews, these sites then run scores through some kind of equation to provide a representation of how much positive (or negative) reviews are for any movie in general.

Here are the best movie review websites which one can go to that either compile movies reviews or feature wealth of user given reviews to separate through:

1. Rotten Tomatoes – Best Movie Review Site

Possibly the most popular of all movie review websites, the Rotten Tomatoes is the site which takes reviews from large number of regional and national movie critics and, depending on the grade provided by the critics and the overall nature of the review, review is rated either as saying the particular movie is “rotten” or “fresh.”  After at least five reviews are compiled by the website, the number of “rotten” and “fresh” scores given is averaged. If any movie has 60 percent “fresh” reviews at least, the movie is labeled to be “fresh” itself. If any movie has lesser than 60 percent “fresh” reviews, it’s labeled as “rotten.”


This site certainly is one amongst the most widely used and largest movie reviewing sites, it is yet not without its problem. It’s a very basic rating system, sorting all the things as “good” and “bad,” leaving no space for middle ground or degree of “good” or “bad.” For instance, let’s say any movie got 30 reviews; all gave it 7/10. Probabilities are good that the movie would have 100 percent “fresh” rating. Now, let us say another film got 30 reviews from same sources, twenty eight of which gave movie 10/10, and other two granted it 3/10. That particular movie would just have 90 percent “fresh” rating, in spite of the reality that twenty eight different critics judged that to be either more enjoyable or better than the first one.


The IMDB does not offer an adequately gathered metric for the reviews from expert critics. It however, is one among the most helpful sources when attempting to gather information regarding a movie. Besides crew and cast lists, IMDB also offers reviews generated by site’s users and allows it’s users rate each movie they’ve watched on 1-10 scale. Though this scale is skewed often (it really represents only the ratings given by those who regularly use IMDB), the expanded statistic can give rough impression of what demographics like a particular movie, like what males with 45+ age gave a particular movie or breakdown between the U.S. users and the ones using IMDB from the other countries.

3. Flixster

It offers theater showtimes, DVD releases, movie trailers, and a few other movies information. All Movie reviews are created by the users. As one among the top ten mobile social applications, you can visit Flixster’s mobile websites also on your phone.


Movie Review Query Engine has a very large number of movie reviews (similar to Rotten Tomatoes), but in place of assigning them with just a “good” or “bad” designations, MRQE provides the graph of critics grades and offers the user with the arithmetic average of review scores. MRQE provides more in a way of movies news and wider variety of scores than the Metacritic, though its bland aesthetics might turn some off. Possibly the most excellent feature of the MRQE is the capability to sort the vital reviews by diverse categories, including the scores of the critic’s name or the review.

5. Yahoo! Movies

This site offers upcoming releases, new DVDs, movies in theaters, and certain other movie information.

Here, there are both User Reviews and Critics Reviews, the very first ones are the reviews added by the Yahoo users, and second ones are briefs and links from some other sites.

6. Film

The Film.com is big resource in the movie review websites, television listings, TV shows, and certain other film information.

Movie reviews are given by the site authors, and there’s a score added for every movie.

7. The New York Times

This site offers movie trailers, reviews, tickets and showtimes. Movie reviews are generated by the site authors, however there may be some reviews also added by users.

8. Hollywood

Ranked as one among the “top ten film sites” by the London Times, Hollywood presents movie trailers, movie reviews, and upcoming movies.

There is at least one review for each new released movie.

9. Roger Ebert

This might be the most well-liked movie reviewer in world, since his site is so famous for movie reviews.

Every movie review is published here by Roger Ebert. He was a leader in lots of ways. From democratizing movies criticism and bringing that to a more normal audience, to even publishing his reviews onto Compuserve at dawn of the web, Roger always was pushing the envelope.

10. Movies

The site Movies.com is the new ultimate end for…that’s right, movies. Whether you wish to read up the newest movie news, discover what’s coming up soon on DVD or in theaters, get movie timings, or just cannot think of name of the actor in the movie and require to know now, then everything is not covered here. You can look for movies, movie reviews and movie theaters on the Movies site.

For the latest movies, there are 2 reviews which are written by website’s critics, and lots of brief reviews from the other movie review websites.

We know, there are many more sites which we didn’t mention here, but hey we are waiting for your recommedation in the comments below. Let us know your favorite movie review websites.