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Free Online Fax Services

In this post, you will find free online fax services that allow you to send a free fax online by simply making an account.

Let’s not wait further and see the online services that offer you to send a free online fax.

Note: Many of the following services are freemium type, which means they let you send a free fax for a limited period and/or a fixed number of times. So, go through each and decide what’s best for you.

Here’s the table format for the fax services mentioned in the reference text:

NameImportant FeaturesWebsite
eFax– Send/receive via email, internet, mobile
– eFax Plus: 150 incoming/outgoing faxes
– Extra charges for surpassing limits
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Onlinefax.io– Send faxes from PDF files and Google Drive
– Cap of 5 pages per month per account
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iFax– Offers 500 free faxes per month
– Virtual faxing technology
– Check sent/received faxes on the online portal
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FaxZero– Send two free faxes per day
– Email updates on fax status
Learn More
Got Free Fax– Send faxes in multi-format files
– Limit of 2 faxes a day, up to 3 pages
– Stores faxes for 5 days
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PamFax– Integrated with Skype
– Supports many file formats
– Desktop client for various platforms
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MyFax– Send 100 free faxes and receive 200 free per month
– Integrates with Microsoft Office and Outlook
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FaxBetter– Send/receive faxes online
– Dedicated fax number
– Free plan allows up to 50 pages of faxes per month
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RingCentral– Send 150 free faxes per month
– PC and Mac compatible
– No setup fee
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Nextiva Fax– Offers 500 free faxes per month
– Virtual faxing technology
– Check sent/received faxes on online portal
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HelloFax– Send five free faxes after sign-up
– Requires Google Drive or SkyDrive account
– Supports multiple file formats
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Clicktofax– Send & receive faxes from computer or mobile
– Digital signature capabilities, online storage, fax scheduling
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eFax – with 14-day free trial

eFax - with 14 day free trial

Certainly! Here’s a table that organizes the provided data into “Pros” and “Cons”:

Pro & ConsDetails
ProsGood for nominal use.
You get to choose your own fax number.
ConsA bit pricey.
With a $10 setup fee for the paid tier.

A renowned player among online fax services, eFax is a resilient digital faxing platform that permits you to send and receive through email, the internet, and your mobile device. Although it is not as fairly priced as some competitors, eFax provides rich features ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

The eFax Plus plan provides you with 150 incoming and 150 outgoing faxes. This is specifically lesser than most of the other fax services in this article and is not as resilient as those services that help you to share a total page amount between the two functionalities. Delivered and received faxes surpassing these limits charge 10 percent for every page.

Though its pricing is not extremely competitive with other faxing services, its feature set is eFax gives a number of noteworthy features that make faxing rapid, easy, and convenient.

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Easily send faxes of your PDF files and documents straight from your Google Drive with our uncomplicated and no-cost online fax service.

You have the option to select a PDF file from your computer or open one from your Google Drive, which then transmits to any fax number worldwide.

Please note that there is presently a cap of 5 pages per month per account.


iFax is a popular service that sends and receives faxes online from any device. It’s easy, like an email sent in a secure and trusted way. More than 5 million people in 20,000+ companies are using iFax on a regular basis.

With no setup fee or hidden cost, they have three paid plans – basic, plus, and professional. The basic plan gives you a 200-page monthly package for sending faxes, and the plus plan gives more than 500. The professional plan includes over 1000+ pages monthly and has a 256-bit AES security with developer API and a dedicated account manager.

The Basic plan starts at $8.33/month


This service lets users send two free faxes per day. They make it very simple for the user with a short form requiring the necessary information to send the fax. They will update you via email on the status of the fax, and the turnaround time is very fast.


You may be looking for an efficient way to manage multiple incoming faxes or personalize your outgoing, available online faxes. Take advantage of the promotions that free online fax services offer and you can send and receive faxes to see just how simple it is.

Of course, I can rephrase the content of the table for you:

Ideal for minimal faxing requirements.The cover page contains advertisements.
Direct faxing capability from Word documents.Cover page contains advertisements.
Lacks the ability to receive faxes.

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Got Free Fax

Got free fax is a service with extra options like sending faxes in a multi-format file, like .odt and .rtf. There’s a limit of 2 faxes a day, and up to three pages are included in those faxes. Visitors from the US and Canada can enjoy these free fax services.

Got Free Fax

Another useful feature of Got Free faxes is that it stores your faxes for five days. So, if you want to resend a recently uploaded fax, you do not have to re-upload it. With their premium account, you have an encrypted connection for every fax you send; that way, your fax data remains secure.

Sure, I can rephrase the contents of the table for you:

Free from branding and advertisements.Extremely limited free fax options.
Lacks the feature of receiving faxes.Lacks the feature to receive faxes.

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If you haven’t used PamFax before, you can start by sending some faxes for free from this service that is fully integrated with Skype. This highly secure site is a favorite because it supports many file formats besides PDF or DOC files, which most online fax services require.

When you have to send faxes with PamFax, all you need to do is upload the file and enter the recipient’s information, or you can also download the PamFax desktop client for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. Its desktop client also adds scanner support and provides better printing options.

Sure, here’s the revised table with the content rephrased:

Affordable pricing options.Restricted number of pages in free version.
Integration with Skype.Basic features in the complimentary plan.

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Those faxing internationally will want to try the free fax promotion from MyFax. They allow users to send 100 free faxes per month and receive 200 for free. It is compatible with many types of files and integrates easily with Microsoft Office and Outlook.

This fax service offers various account-management features, including local and toll-free fax numbers, password protection, auto-resend, and different ways to access support. Its basic fax service lets you send 100 fax pages and receive 200 before overage fees of 10 cents for each page kick in.

Sure, here’s the revised table with the content rephrased:

Excellent coverage for international destinations.Risk of automatic charges post-free trial if not cancelled.
Ideal subscription model for moderate to high fax usage.

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FaxBetter is an online fax service that allows users to send and receive faxes online. The service offers a variety of features, including a dedicated fax number, the ability to send and receive faxes by email, and the option to send faxes using a web interface or mobile app.


With FaxBetter, users can receive up to 50 pages of faxes per month for free and can also choose to upgrade to a paid plan for additional features and higher monthly limits. The service is often used by businesses and individuals who need to send or receive faxes but do not want to invest in a traditional fax machine or phone line.

Of course, here’s the revised table with the content rephrased:

Ideal for consistent faxing needs of a smaller volume.Requirement of weekly fax receipts to maintain your number.
Features OCR and the ability to search documents.Inability to send faxes.
Provides online storage solutions.


This site allows users to send 150 free faxes per month. You are able to receive faxes from any fax machine when you go through this service. It is PC and Mac compatible. A desktop call controller makes it easy to manage all of your faxes.

This online fax service allows you to send and receive faxes via the Internet through its service portal or with any email account you have. It comprises the largest number of included monthly faxes, options that simplify faxing, and no setup fee.

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Nextiva Fax

For those who plan on sending a high volume of faxes, Nextiva Fax offers 500 free faxes per month, making it ideal for small business use. They offer many features making customization very easy too. If you exceed the free fax limit, the cost of sending additional faxes is meager compared to other services.

Its virtual faxing technology makes it always available and saves money at a low monthly price. It also provides increased mobility for faxing via its online portal or email account. One can easily check the sent and received faxes on its online portal.

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HelloFax allows you to send five free faxes after you sign up and confirm your free membership with them. With HelloFax, you can send files in multiple formats like .pdf, images, and .doc.

Another thing that is required with HelloFax is a Google Drive or SkyDrive account; both are free to create. These accounts will be used for saving your sent faxes with this great free online fax service.

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Clicktofax is an online paid fax service that allows users to send & receive faxes from their computer or mobile device. With Clicktofax, users can send faxes by uploading documents from their computers or email accounts. The service also allows users to receive faxes by assigning them a dedicated fax number to receive them directly to their email inbox.

Clicktofax offers digital signature capabilities, online storage, and fax scheduling features. This service is particularly useful for businesses or individuals who need to send and receive faxes but do not want to invest in a traditional fax machine or fax line.

Most of these services are for the U.S. and Canada, but few sites also allow sending a fax to other countries. I hope you are not too young to learn what a fax machine is.

Sending a fax is almost obsolete, as email or electronic mail has become more popular.

Recently, I have never heard anyone asking Where can I find a fax machine in your area?

In many countries like Japan, sending a fax is still in fashion. People like to send faxes instead of cold emails, as they suggest the feeling of writing on paper can’t be compared to sending electronic mail (email).

If you want to send a fax in today’s world, you do not need a dedicated fax machine; you can send faxes to/with your computer. So no hardware expenses and no bulky fax machine.

Below, we have listed the best free online fax services that allow you to send and receive a fax without spending anything. Of course, there are a few limitations that these online services possess.

Before sending a fax, you might also want to check out some good fax cover sheets, as it will reduce the time for professionally formatting your message.

How to Send Fax on iPhone

A number of iPhone apps have the ability to send a fax, but be aware that even if the app is free, you generally need to pay a fee to send a fax using the app you choose. Some apps may provide a free limited trial, but once the introductory fax or time period is over, you will need to subscribe and pay for the service.

If you anticipate the need to send multiple faxes, it is advisable to wait until you can send them all within a relatively short time period to avoid incurring long-term charges.

Choosing iFax is a good option for faxing from your iPhone because the app offers a seven-day free trial. After the trial period, the service costs $24.99 per month. Here is the process for sending a fax using iFax:

  1. Go to the App Store and install iFax.
  2. If you’re using the app for the first time, the app will prompt you to sign up for the iFax service. Tap Continue and confirm the Basic Monthly subscription.
  3. You can skip the offer to acquire your own fax number since it’s not necessary for sending faxes.
  4. Either connect to an existing account or enter your email address, then tap Continue.
  5. On the iFax home page, tap Create a Fax.
  6. Provide recipient details, including the fax number, recipient’s name, and fax subject.
  7. Tap Scan or Add Document.
  8. Choose your preferred option from the following:
  • Scan Document: Use your phone’s camera to capture the document.
  • Write Text: Type the message you want to fax.
  • Email: Follow the instructions to locate the email message you wish to fax, and then use the Share button in the email app to share the attachment with the iFax app.
  • Gallery: Select a photo from your phone’s camera gallery to send as a fax.
  • Google Drive or Dropbox: Download a file stored on a cloud service and send it as a fax.

9. Once you return to the Fax page, you can tap Scan or Add Document again to add more pages to the fax. Each attachment can be a different type of document. For instance, you can scan a document using the camera and also write a page of text.

10. When you have finished, tap Send.

Send and Receive a Fax with Chrome Extensions


Fax.Plus is a highly convenient Chrome extension that streamlines the process of sending and receiving faxes across the globe. As an international fax solution, this extension stands out for its versatility, allowing users to receive faxes from over 40 countries and send faxes to more than 180 countries. The extension provides users with a unique fax number, effectively bridging the gap between traditional faxing methods and contemporary online communication platforms.

While Fax.Plus offers free fax-sending services, and it includes a tiered subscription model for those who wish to utilize its receiving capabilities. With four distinctive plans that range from $6.99 to $79.99 per month, it caters to different usage demands. The pricing structure is designed to suit varied requirements, from basic to extensive faxing needs, offering flexibility based on the number of fax pages required each month. The upgrade not only unlocks the fax-receiving feature but also brings with it a host of other perks depending on the chosen plan.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Countries SupportedReceive faxes from over 40 countries, send faxes to over 180 countries
Unique Fax NumberAvailable with the upgraded account
Free ServicesSending faxes
Paid ServicesReceiving faxes and additional perks depending on the chosen plan
Payment PlansFour tiers – starting from $6.99 up to $79.99 per month
Usage LimitBased on the chosen payment plan


CocoFax has emerged as an exceedingly intuitive and multi-channel online fax solution. This platform stands out for its ability to integrate fax services with various digital platforms, including Gmail, Google Drive, and even mobile devices through a Chrome extension. This makes it ideal for anyone seeking an accessible and convenient means of sending faxes online, from virtually any device or location.

One of CocoFax’s defining features is its group accessibility, which comes in handy for businesses and enterprises. The Business and Enterprise pricing packages allow for shared accounts, thus enabling multiple team members to send faxes from the same account. This not only promotes seamless team collaboration but also provides value for money. Additionally, CocoFax offers a 14-day free trial, which allows potential users to familiarize themselves with its services. Its Basic package, priced at $6.99 per month, permits up to 200 pages per month. However, for those needing more features, there are options to upgrade the package.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Channels SupportedGmail, Cell phone, Chrome, Google Drive and more
Shared AccountAvailable in Business or Enterprise pricing packages
Free Trial14 days
Basic PackageUp to 200 pages per month for $6.99 per month
Upgrade OptionAvailable for those requiring more features


WiseFax is a versatile online fax service that sets itself apart with its user-friendly interface and global reach. Its services permit users to dispatch faxes from their computers to any fax number worldwide, fostering a truly international communication channel. Not being bound by geographical constraints, WiseFax offers a practical solution for businesses and individuals who frequently deal with international fax communications.

In contrast to many of its competitors, WiseFax operates on a pay-as-you-go model, forgoing the typical monthly or yearly subscription plans. This approach provides users with flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially for those who do not require frequent fax services. Rather than having to commit to a long-term subscription, users can pay only for the services they use, making WiseFax a budget-friendly choice for occasional fax users.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Global ReachSend faxes from your computer to any fax number across the globe
Subscription ModelNone
Payment ModelPay-as-you-go

Free SMS, Fax Receiver

This Chrome extension presents a simple and hassle-free solution for those looking to receive faxes online without a subscription plan. By bypassing the need for registration or using a personal fax number, it makes the process of receiving faxes straightforward and highly accessible. The extension also enables users to save received faxes onto their devices in the universally accessible PDF format, ensuring easy storage and retrieval.

Despite its simplicity and utility, this extension’s scope of service is limited to receiving faxes, with no facility to send faxes. This makes it ideal for users who are primarily interested in receiving faxes rather than sending them. A notable add-on is the free SMS number feature that allows users to receive free SMS messages, enhancing its appeal as a multi-functional communication tool.

Key FeaturesSpecifications
Subscription RequirementNone
Registration RequirementNone
Fax Receiving CapabilityYes
Fax Sending CapabilityNo
File FormatReceived faxes saved as PDF documents
Additional FeaturesFree SMS number to receive SMS messages


So, if you are going to fax just a few times, I suggest you use any free service from above, but if you want to use fax services for professional use, then each website above has well-paid plans. They provide very efficient service and are highly reputed in their industry. Read the reviews of the services above before buying from them.