All You Need to Know About Vaping and Choosing the Best Big Bongs


There is a near-endless variety in modern bong design and each bong produces subtle differences that affect the quality of the smoke that are very distinctive to the weed connoisseur. Consequently, no two bongs are ever the same, and that’s why so many people prefer going for big bongs.

When you are choosing one for the first time, you will still enjoy its smooth smoke benefits and be content with your purchase but it is still sensible to take one or two things into consideration when looking to buy big bongs or any type of an ice bong for that matter.

Legal Dry Herbs or Concentrates

Before deciding which bong to buy, you need to know which is more suited for smoking legal concentrates and which is better for dry herbs, although generally, bongs work perfectly for both the design of the bong can differ. For legal concentrates that require a nail, you need a bong with a stem that goes 90 degrees. For tobacco or other legal concentrates, a bigger stem works better because they need a bowl to burn-in.

If you plan to try both, check out glass bongs that are small to medium-sized and come with the option to attach a quartz banger that makes it easier to switch between dry and concentrated substances.

Yes, Size Matters

When you are planning to buy this kind of smoking device, it helps to be clear about where you will be using it. The size and the material of your bong will differ for home or outdoor use.

Bigger ice bongs cost a little more but are more sturdy and reliable smoking devices for at home, and you always have the option to customize. If you are looking for something more convenient to carry around with you, then go for a smaller pipe.

Your lung capacity is also a factor to keep in mind. Choose a medium or small bong if you prefer smaller pulls or are using an ice bong regularly for the first time. Smaller bongs with solid bases such as beakers offer even more durability and added stability compared to the larger pieces which are more vulnerable to breaking because of their size. If your plan is to share your bong with friends or to keep it with you on the go, then a smaller bong is the way to go. Itís safe to say that bigger bongs suit the more experienced stay at the home smoker.

Erm.Perco-what now?

Remember that time your teacher explained diffusion in science class? It is the same thing here. The percolator is used to diffuse the smoke and acts as a filter to remove the unwanted toxins released by the combustion of dry substances. The percolation process can be done on any sized device and it also acts as a coolant for the smoke and you end up with a cleaner purer pull.

The type of percolator you choose for cannabis or other dry herbs is completely up to you and there are extras such as an ash catcher or bongs with built-in diffusers such as the tree percolator or honeycomb. However, since there is very little combustion with the legal concentrates, smaller bongs with minimum diffusion offer the best overall smoking experience.

At the end, which bong to choose is a matter of personal preferences even though the more inexperienced smoker is likely to concentrate more on the aesthetics of the bong than its burning efficiency. Thatís okay, especially if you are just starting out and donít want to blow your whole bong budget. The chances are that with such a good smoke, at some point you will want to move on and try another kind of ice bong anyway.