What is a head shop

Marijuana leaves

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy things since it offers a larger market than local stores, and usually feature a lower product cost. Coupled with the same-day shipping, this type of shopping is becoming increasingly popular.

For anyone enjoying recreative cannabis use, online shopping revolutionized the way they obtain their marijuana paraphernalia, providing them with discretion, low prices, and fast shipping. However, if you prefer brick-and-mortar to online shops, you can always take a walk and visit your local head shop.

What are head shops?

Head shops, also called smoke shops, are retail outlets that specialize in all things related to cannabis and tobacco consumption, and smoking-related cultures.

They originated in the 1960s as a result of hippie counterculture and marijuana legalization groups and grew in popularity and number until the mid-1970s. Today, as the legalization of weed gains momentum, head shops are once again popping up like mushrooms after the rain season.

Modern head shops sell a wide variety of products, ranging from magazines, clothing, home décor, and even some antiques. But most importantly, they sell drug-paraphernalia, and smoking products, like rolling paper and rolling machines, pipes, bongs, and lighters. 

Some head shops have a license to sell a variety of tobacco products, including proprietary tobacco blends of amazing flavor.

What about detox? 

Like we said before, head shops feature a wide variety of products, especially those in areas where the weed has been legalized. But not only do they sell weed-consumption products, but they also sell drug detox products and products that might help you pass a mandatory drug test.

Unlike major retail stores, head shops are the best place to buy synthetic urine locally, besides ordering it online. So, if you ever need artificial pee for passing a drug test, visit your local head shop and inquire about the specific product.

If you’re looking to pass a drug test, local head shops can provide you with other detox products, like detox pills and drinks. They can also provide you with the required literature and guidelines about proper detoxification.

Keep in mind that some high-quality detox products can’t be found in head shops since some manufacturers sell their products exclusively through specialized online shops.

Are headshops legal

Regardless of the state’s view on the use of medical marijuana, head shops are legal, as are the products displayed in the shops. However, the question of legality for drug paraphernalia stays, as many states still prohibit the sale of such products.

To combat this issue, in states that haven’t legalized cannabis, head shops label their products as “for tobacco use only”, to avoid any legal issues. These stores usually have a strict code of conduct, since the very mention of drugs and drug paraphernalia may result in a temporary suspension of sale. In some cases, you can refuse to sell you a specific product, or even ask you to leave the store.

In states that legalized medical cannabis use, the rules are quite different. These shops feature all the necessary equipment for the ingestion or inhalation of cannabis products. In these states, cannabis dispensaries are often referred to as head shops, since they also sell cannabis-oriented products.


Head shops are the best place to get your drug paraphernalia, allowing you to personally inspect and inquire about specific products. Most products now feature a locator store, and your product of choice might lead to the smoke store in your neighborhood.

Drop by to get your product, and don’t forget the small talk with the staff, as they’re usually very chatty and pleasant.