Arnica Oil Benefits

Arnica oil is popularly used to relieve pain. It is ideal for those who spend hours pushing their bodies to its limits at gym or who spend hours at work over the desk. But arnica oil also have other health promoting properties such as preventing infection and reducing inflammation. Also, the oil is used in some beauty products, perfume, hair tonics and anti dandruff shampoos. Since ages this essential oil has been used to treat hematomas, sprains, contusions, rheumatic diseases and other superficial skin infections. This article will give you reasons why everybody should add arnica oil to their first aid box.

Arnica oil is aromatic, yellow colored essential oil. It is made up of 50% fatty acids such as palmitic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid and myristic acid. Also, it contains compounds such as thymohydoquinone, helenalin, phlorol isobutyrate and dimethyl ether.

How Arnica Oil Works

The pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of arnica oil are attributed to derivatives of thymol. Thymol is vasodilator. It promotes blood transport and the healing process. Also, this medicinal oil stimulates the flow of white blood cells that processes the congested blood and helps the blood to disperse trapped fluid from muscles, bruised tissue and joints.

Health Benefits Of Arnica Oil

  1. Relives discomforts associated with arthritis such as pain, stiffness and aches- Arnica effectively relieves the symptoms of arthritis. Apply topical-based lotion, oil or balm to the affected area two times in a day for about a month or as needed.
  2. Arnica Oil For bruises- We have discussed above that arnica oil relieves pain. When the oil is applied to the bruise it reduce the size of bruise, speeds healing and restores the normal tone of the skin. Apply a few drops of this diluted arnica oil over the unbroken bruised skin to fasten healing.
  3. Relieves muscle pain, sprain and other inflammation- Arinca oil is an effective home remedy for exercise related injuries, sprain and muscle pain. Not only it reduces inflammation and pain, but also reduces muscle tenderness and repair muscle damage. It acts as a natural muscle relaxant.
  4. Improves carpal tunnel– Arnica oil is one of the best home remedy to treat carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is inflammation of the small opening below the wrist base. This condition constricts the nerves and leads to pain, numbness, tingling and even disability. Application of carpal tunnel eases the associated pain.
  5. Clears skin issues– As arnica oil accelerates healing and relieves pain and inflammation it is very useful in clearing skin issues such as acne, skin irritation, blackheads and clogged pores. Also, it is anti-bacterial so prevents breakouts. This oil soothes and nourishes the skin.

Arnica Oil Benefits For Hair

Not only arnica oil reduces inflammation but also kills the bacteria and clears the oil build up on the scalp.

  1. Promotes Hair growth- One of the best hair oil for male pattern baldness, hair thinning and eventually hair loss is arnica oil. It is also effective in hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, serious illness and strong medications. Arnica oil promotes hair growth and also regrows lost hair. Massage scalp with diluted arnica oil 2-3 times in a week to stimulate hair growth.
  2. Prevents Hair loss – To extend the life of hair you need to strengthen the protein that is present in the hair strand and also it is required to improve the health of hair follicle. Topical application of arnica oil clears extra sebum and debris that blocks the hair follicles. Thus, arnica oil proves to be one of the best home remedies for hair fall.
  3. Prevents Premature Hair Graying – Premature graying of hair makes you look older than your age. But application of arnica oil prevents it as arnica oil preserves all over health of the hair.
  4. Treats Dandruff – Dandruff is caused due to fungal infection, dry skin and scalp irritation. Arnica oil treats infection, improves the texture of scalp and relieves inflammation and itching.
  5. Decreases Split Ends – Arnica oil strengthens the hair from roots to tips . Infuse your hair strands with proteins by coating them with arnica oil that will eventually decrease the appearance of split ends.

Precautions While Using Arnica Oil

  • Pure arnica oil is potent and so it is not used for aromatherapy as it may be toxic.
  • Never apply arnica oil on abrasions or broken skin.
  • Arnica oil contains helenalin that may cause sensitivity and allergic reactions. So if after applying arnica oil you develop mild rashes stop using it.
  • Even if you are not allergic to this medicinal oil it is recommended to use it in diluted form.
  • Avoid the contact with eyes.
  • The oil is not for internal use.
  • Pregnant and nursing females better consult our doctor before using it.

If you are allergic to ragweed you may even experience allergic reaction to arnica oil. The symptoms include runny nose, itching, hives, headache, inflamed sinus and difficulty in breathing. If you experience these symptoms after using arnica oil wash it off and discontinue its use.

How To Store Arnica Oil

It is advised to store the bottle of arnica oil in a dry and cool place away from the sunlight. In cold climate organic and natural arnica oil may thicken but that will not affect it efficiacy.
*Keep arnica oil out of children and pets reach.