Insights about IQ Option 2020

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A Simple Review

When it comes to binary trading platforms, IQ Option has been voted as one of the best binary brokers out there. Itís been praised for its forthcoming and accurate representation of the future of binary trading platforms. Itís an all-around software with great functions and tools to accommodate every usersí needs.

IQ Option Demo

IQ Optionís demo account is accessible on Android, PC, and IOS. Itís always highly recommended for everyone to try out the demo account of any application just so that you can get a good feel for it. IQ Optionís demo account provides demo users with the ability to replenish the virtual funds should it deplete to under $5000. The fact that they offer mobile applications for this is competitively advantageous because it gives them the upper hand by extending their market reach to a wider audience who might not be as proficient in PC. Furthermore, it allows users to perform their trading exchanges on the go, making it convenient anytime and anywhere.

Credibility of IQ Option

Rest assured, IQ Option remains properly regulated under Europe LTS as accredited by CySEC with approval from Cyprus and authorization by EEA. Moreover, IQ Option is well accounted for by other regions as well with the exception of Israel, Australia, Canada, Japan, Sudan, Iran, Palestine, N Korea, USA, Syria, Latvia, and Belgium.

IQ Option Rates of Return

IQ Option has relatively attractive rates of returns. The maximum rates during successful payouts can range between 92% to 95% depending on the time and the types of payout. Weekends have been speculated to be the best times to maximize these rates. Additionally, if you opt for new digital options, those have higher returns that can go up to 900%.

Another enticing feature of IQ options is their tournament features where you can compete with other traders in earning the most tournament money in a limited time span. In this event, you donít need to have a lot of investments because the winners would earn a considerable reward. Itís a new and entertaining way of spinning a fresh take on trading.

IQ Option Software: Charts, Tools and More

The wide range of features available on IQ Option allows users to pinpoint the exact one thatís best suited to their preferences. Available features and indicators include candles, bats, lines and Heikin Ashi.  Moreover, its software is top-notch due to its streamlined user interface, layout, and high usability. All of these can be accessed through the simple click of a button on the bottom left of the interface.

Not to mention, it has a relatively efficient customer service system given the quickness of their repliesóalmost instantly. When it comes to dealing with technical issues, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a long waiting time from customer service. Hence, their fast and detailed advice provided is a major plus point towards elevating their popularity amongst users.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options 

IQ Options boasts a wide array of deposit featuresóeWallets, credit cards, and debit cards. This attention to detail demonstrates the brokerís care for their customerís specific needs and demands; making an effort to establish a payment method to suit every potential user. Theyíve also recently added new modes of payment to the interface (AstroPay and ADV Cash). Theyíre consistently updating their platform to ensure the best quality of service provided which is a commendable trait of their work ethic.

If I were to describe IQ Optionís deposit features, itíd be versatile. Their starting deposit is a minimum of $10. Itís a considerable amount to request of novice traders beginning their trade journey. For more experienced traders, they can choose to deposit a maximum of $5000 if they wish to. For investments, IQ Option boasts an exceptionally competitive price point of $1 per trade to as massive as $20,000. With a range like this, itís not hard to understand why IQ Option is popular in the trading scene. All of these functions can be performed via MasterCard, bank cards, e-wallets, etc.

For withdrawal, IQ Options has a feature called instant withdrawal. As the name suggests, any withdrawal request can be processed immediately. This is highly convenient because you can receive your cash instantly upon request without any unnecessary waiting time delays. All you need to verify your identity during the request. Thus, your account should be verified before you perform any withdrawals to ensure the smoothest turnover process.

Window of Opportunity

The expiry period for trades held under IQ Option varies between one minute to one month. Itís greatly dependent on how willing you are to hold the trading position and the type of asset being traded. For binary options, this range can be anywhere between one to five minutes. If you choose to set trade entry preemptively, itís also doable. Thus, this allows users to plan their trading decisions ahead and be better prepared for managing their trade activities.

A Background Story

IQ Options was founded in 2013 and is regulated by CySEC in Europe under the approval of EEA. Even though theyíre a subordinate of IQ Option Europe Limited and they pride themselves on being international, the regulations by EEA does set some boundaries for the European retail traders. Their headquarters are based in Cyprus. Liked for their excellent customer service with multilingual 24/7 international support hotline, theyíre very efficient in their communication with customers.

Is IQ Option for You?

If youíre still curious about why IQ Option is a hot favorite, here are a few more reasons explaining why.

  • Intuitive platform design: The user interface is extremely beginner-friendly and easy to navigate. Novice traders looking to break into the trading scene wonít feel intimidated trying to understand and use it. Nobody likes overly-complicated designs, hence this quality stands as a top reason cited by many satisfied clients of IQ Option.
  • Accessibility: As mentioned above, you can access IQ Option from almost any technological platform. From your laptops to your phones, itís never out of reach. Thus, this makes trading convenient for everyone.
  • Quality customer care: IQ Option prides itself on providing its users with the best customer service support, educational resources, and useful features and tools. Their persistence in regular updates to ensure that their users only receive the best experience makes it easy to understand why itís such a beloved platform.

In spite of all of IQ Optionsí good qualities, itís not immune to some cons too:

  • Holding term duration: It has a primary focus on investors who have a preference for shorter holding terms because they expire within a day. They neglect longer expiry time, making it difficult for traders desiring for prolonged trades. The only solution provided for this is the ability to opt for having an off month longest option.


In essence, IQ Option is overall a reliable and efficient online brokering platform because of all of its commendable features and tools. Itís evident that they always have their usersí best interests at heart and it seems like they are receptive to feedback and implement solutions accordingly. Their emphasis on delivering quality care to their customers definitely makes them stand out from other brokers. If you are curious to find out more, you can get everything that you need to know on this website before you choose the platform that is right for you!