COVID-19 Vaccine – Good News by Oxford University | Trial Started & will be ready by September

Covid-19 Vaccine

In all hustle and bustle, finally, the internet has come up with good news. Yeah, you heard it, right. According to recent news, Oxford University has developed the COVID-19 Vaccine. The Scientists of Oxford University are now ready for the trial to check its effectiveness and safety for the human being. National Institutes of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Montana last month tested this vaccine on six rhesus macaque monkeys. Reports say that the trial of this Covid-19 vaccine worked on the rhesus monkeys now its time to test it on Human.

Covid-19 Vaccine Latest News

The Covid-19 Pandemic is a global health crisis and the greatest challenge; we are facing this time from past few months. This Corona Virus got its foothold like a wave in almost every continent of the world. The Death number is increasing exponentially every day. Nearly every country in this world got deserted by people staying indoors.

Covid 19 Vaccine Trial

The Trial has been started from 23rd April 2020 on more than 1000 people to check the effectiveness of this newly ready Covid-19 Vaccine. This is a six months trial. The main work of this vaccine is to create an immune system by recognizing the virus and preventing the Covid-19 virus from entering human cells. If everything goes well then scientists of Oxford University officially made it clear that it will be ready for the world by September/ October.

New Covid-19 Symptoms identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Although there are still fifty-fifty chances about the result, but a little ray of hope will help us to stay positive and give us the strength to keep going during this hard time.

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