Bois Locker Room Twist: Fake Account made by Juvenile Girl to suggest sexual Assault

Bois Locker Room Twist

The Bois Locker Room Incidents came into light last week and sparked a huge outrage on social media. The recent investigation of this scandal brought a new twist. The screenshot of a Snapchat interaction was actually between a girl and boy, Police revealed the Bois Locker Room Twist. Although the Snapchat Gang-Rape incident is not linked to the Bois Locker Room Instagram chat scandal it got mixed up with it because it was shared at the same time on social media.

It was the girl who has created a fake account on Snapchat with the name “Siddharth” and suggested the “Sexual Assault Plan” to his classmate to test his character, Investigation revealed. Police confirmed it on Sunday that the Snapchat conversation screenshot which went viral along with the bios locker room chats were completely unrelated.

“The alleged Snapchat conversation is actually between a girl (sender) and a boy (receiver) in which the girl is sending chat messages through a fictional Snapchat account named Siddharth ” Delhi police gave the statement about Bois Locker Room Twist.

DCP (cyber cell) Anyesh Roy cleared the scene and said that the messages were sent by the girl to check the strength of his character, although her intention was not malicious, so there will be no complaint reported.

The boy stopped talking to her and refused to accept the offer, which is given by the girl on the Snapchat chats. The Boy also discussed the entire scenario with his friends and told them about the conversation he had with the fictional Snapchat account holder Siddharth.

The screenshot of their snap chat conversation shared on social media at the same time when the Bois Locker Room Instagram chat screenshots were revealed and people mixed up these two things due to its sensational nature. Initially believed that the Snapchat conversation was a conversation between the boy from #Bois Locker Room. But at last, it turned out a whole different story.