Social Media Exposed “Bois Locker Room” – A reflection of rape culture in India

bois locker room

Yesterday on 3rd May 2020, an Instagram account named “Bois Locker Room” was exposed by the netizens of social media. In this group, teenage boys aged 17 to 18 were found exchanging explicit and morphed pictures of girls without their consent and objectified them. The group is of more than 20 teenage boys who passed vile and derogatory comments on girl’s pictures, they were even verbally raping them. Most of the girls were minors(The screenshot and pictures of group chat itself showed the fact).

Bois Locker Rom Profile
Bois Locker Rom -group details
Bois Locker Room

The group was exposed by some south Delhi girls who have taken up this issue with group members, lawyers, and security agencies. After this event went viral, the internet is full of rage. The Bois locker room incident reveals the very ugly faces of our society.

As soon as the screenshot came into the public, entire social media is in shock and everyone on Instagram and twitter is talking about this poisonous mentality. Bois locker room is not just a group but its a mentality, a disease that can not be cured by any vaccine or medication.

Bois locker room was firstly exposed by a relentless Instagram user Niska Nagpal and after that, a wave of rage was all over social media and twitter.

Niska Nagpal
Image Credit Niska Nagpal

Shubham Sharma a Cyber cell investigator helped to find some of the names and profiles of the group member and the admin of the group. According to the recent news, some of them have already arrested under Section 66A of the IT Act for cyberbullying.

notice-against bois locker room
notice-against bois locker room

The Boys locker room incident is not limited just to the social media but it is reflection of our society. Its high time to think where we want our society to go. Fighting for the wrong is “Right” and for those who are still defending someone after knowing their wrong is Inhuman. Just pledge in your mind to provide safe and secure environment to each and every single person around us, either women or men.

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