The Top Excuses for Not Starting a Blog

There are quite a few barriers when it comes to blogging, in this post, you will find some of the top reasons and doubts that people face while deciding to blog or not.

The start button is in front of you, but you can’t start, why? Blogging is not easy when you can’t put aside your ego and credibility. I have seen bloggers post that never gets published due to this problem.

Blogging is so much more than ego and credibility, it’s a way to get your life full of ability and passion. You will be surprised how gifted you are while blogging.

Blogging can bring personal change and it can develop you in many ways, and don’t think your readers can’t get inspired, you can change someone’s life, you just need to take that responsibility.

The biggest reason that could stop you is getting forward your imperfect ideas, but once you overcome this reason your career will take a high jump and you will be living a fulfilled life.

Following are few big excuses that might be stopping to start.

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1. I am not Perfect

After so many years of blogging, I still make mistakes in grammar, expression and what not. This is one thing that will always be there while you publish your article.

Some of you may also think you haven’t done justice to what you have written. Don’t try to be perfect, no one is, and remember there is also an edit button where you can rectify mistakes, which I use frequently.

2. IDon’t have Original Ideas

Many people’s works that you may know as geniuses like painters, musicians, and writers are actually a remix or mashup of originals.

Unique ideas are very hard to find. Instead, you should assemble discoveries from people that have done years of work. You need to put your creative skills to spin, and I would say you have to copy first, then transform it and later remix it with your own experience.

This is actually what works in real world.

3. Passion = Weird, I am not Weird

Blogging can be successful if you are passionate enough about something. But here’s what passion has attached to it. Its Weirdness, which many people fear to be called.

According to me being weird is good, you can be different in so many senses, but to be passionate about things will always give you higher satisfaction.

4. I will lose connection to people

This is another excuse which is given by many people. Yes, blogging is time-consuming and you have to commit to it. You may have to stop watching that TV show and write at times when you have silence, like early morning or late nights.

Its all about knowing yourself and you will be happy when the results of this lost connections will turn into respect from tons of other people.

5. Genius people are can do it, but not me

Genius to me always an overrated expression. You don’t have to be a genius in anything, but you need to be persistent.

You don’t have to be gifted and lucky all the times. It’s just a myth that ‘s developed in recent times.

6. Writers can do it, not me.

Okay now, I am also not a writer. And if you think I started writing brilliant articles from day one then you should be hiding your face.

I always knew that writing can improve by time and you should always remember that apart from writing, blogging can be making videos, taking photos and many blogs right now don’t emphasize only on writing skills.

So, grab your camera and shoot a got damn video, if you don’t want to write.

The Solution to every excuse above?

All of the above have a simple solution, which is to start and don’t try to be perfect or genius. It’s time to start blogging and get ahead in life.

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