Top 5 Best DNS Servers for Better Security and Access

DNS Servers

How many of you have used DNS servers when it comes to accessing websites/content banned in your geographical area? Well, many of us do encounter situations when we wish to access banned sites by our Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Default DNS servers come with ISPs, but you may require alternative DNS in different scenarios. If you need various reasons to use DNS server, here are the top ones:

Depending on the distance between you and DNS server, there will be a significant change in speed.

In case DNS servers provided by your IPSs are not reliable, alternative DNS will provide you much needed stability.

If you own an old operating system with no security updates, going for a third-party DNS server can save you from phishing attacks.

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And as usual, you can always use alternative DNS for accessing geographically based web censorship and content restrictions.

If any of these reasons makes you opt for third-party DNS servers, we have brought you list of top 5 Best DNS Servers (Free and Public) available.

1. Google Public DNS

Starting from Google’s own – Google Public DNS is first third-party DNS server. Launched in December 2009, Google Public DNS has been providing faster and more secure internet to its users. It is by far, the largest DNS server in the world. To use Google DNS Server,  you have to change your IP address to and

The major feature of Google DNS Server is its capability to provide optimized speed and security as Google uses Anycast routing which finds the closest router for internet interaction.

2. OpenDNS

If you are looking for a well-controlled version of DNS, then go for OpenDNS. Available in two variants – Personal and Business, both have enhanced features that will blow your mind. With advanced features like phishing protection, parental control and enhanced speed, the home version of OpenDNS also has an enterprise security solution which is premium.

Just put these IP addresses, and, to enable OpenDNS. It also supports Anycast routing which provides more speed to you.

3. DNS.Watch

When you need fast and uncensored internet at free of cost, you can always try DNS.Watch, a third-party DNS service. With an excellent reputation among its users, DNS.Watch minimal yet impressive DNS service uninterruptedly for a long time.

So if you are facing internet censorship and no net neutrality in your country, DNS.Watch will be your ideal choice. and are the IP addresses for DNS.Watch.

4. Norton ConnectSafe

With its legendary services in Internet security, Norton boasts of its Norton ConnectSafe as highly safe DNS service. Coming with three different variants – First is against malware, spam, and phishing, the second one for protection from security. The third one is for protection from pornography and others.  One can easily use Norton ConnectSafe in routers as well as systems. In the business version, you get WiFi MSP and Real Time Protection.

5. OpenNIC DNS

Coming to the end of our list is OpenNIC DNS service which is effective DNS solution for free availability, internet censorship, and DNS neutrality. You can easily escape from ISP DNS hijacking and support for new TLDs. With its widespread server architecture, you can check the list and find the best DNS server near your location.

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With this, we conclude our article on the top 5 best DNS servers. Go ahead and check out their performance. Don’t forget to leave your review on our article and the servers’ list provided here.