Best Glue for Cardboard in 2022: Bind it Together

If you’re attempting to create the leaning tower of cardboard, you will need glue for cardboard in 2022 to attach some decoration to your storage bins or one of the various fun cardboard craft projects.

While you could apply duct tape or staples, these things don’t regularly provide you the seamless aesthetic that glue achieves.

But not all sorts of adhesives will work thoroughly on rigid materials like cardboard.

Setting two pieces of cardboard together in 2022 can be achieved in various ways, whether creating a slit into the cardboard pieces, enveloping it, or using a cardboard box glue. Gluing cardboard is the best approach. However, not every cardboard adhesives work the same, and some may do more than bring your cardboard city come to life.

There is a larger than one type of cardboard adhesive, and each is ideal for a different kind of application. So let’s look at the principal kinds of cardboard glues out there and what they ought to provide.

  • PVA: PVA holds for polyvinyl acetate, which is a water-based resin. PVA glue is best employed for cardboard, paper, light wood, and other materials. It forms a strong bond; it dries quickly and continues flexible once dry. This type of glue should not be employed for weight-bearing applications.
  • Rubber Cement Glue: Rubber cement is a solid adhesive polymer latex. These are generally mixed with a solvent like acetone to put the glue fluid enough to use. Rubber cement dries transparent; it does not cause wrinkles and does not shrink as it dries. Therefore, it is ideal for combining soft materials like crafts and scrapbooking.
  • Spray Adhesive: Spray adhesive is the ideal thing to use if you instantly bond some cardboard to cardboard. These are designed for higher surface areas, as the spray is usually not precise. It works great for larger art designs. Spray adhesive doesn’t create the strongest bond, so heavy materials should not be used.
  • Tacky Glue: Technically speaking, tacky glue is a brand name of glue, one that is comparable to wood glue and Elmer’s glue. In customary, tacky glue is designed to be, well, tacky. It spontaneously sticks to whatever it meets; it’s very concentrated and should not be runny. It is a solid multi-purpose glue that can be applied in diverse applications.
  • Hot Glue: Hot glue is perfect for cardboard gluing purposes. It is very dense and does not run; it dries quickly and forms a powerful bond. That said, if you don’t comprehend what you are doing, it can be a little messy.

If you’re scanning for an all-in-one adhesive, or want a non-toxic glue for the children, examine the following list of glue for cardboard.

Best Glue for Cardboard in 2022

Lineco Books by Hand Adhesive

Lineco Books by Hand is an inert adhesive that bonds paper-based materials to cardboard. The adhesive is powerful enough to connect to paper without permeating the cardboard. This adhesive appears in a resealable bottle and has dosing directions for diluting the adhesive solution in water.

Scotch Quick-Drying Tacky Glue

Scotch Quick-Drying Tacky Glue is a simple and affordable glue for cardboard. It is amicable and readily sticks to whatever it comes into connection with. It doesn’t require any clamping, and it dries very swiftly, too, thus making it very comfortable to use. It also arrives in a no-run formula, so it remains where you apply it without running everywhere and making a big mess.

Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue

It is an extra-strength formula with a very long-lasting bond. This stuff is excellent for kids because it highlights a 100% non-toxic formula, and if not yet dry, it can be readily washed off with soap and water. Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue works well for cardboard, paper, fabric, and other materials. That said, do not apply it for extreme weight-bearing applications. It does create a solid bond, but it cannot manage too much weight.

Syntrific Hot Glue Sticks

Syntrific hot glue sticks offer to assemble cardboard boxes quickly. These hot glue gun sticks are harmonious with most sorts of glue guns. They melt quickly, have few bubbles, and arrive in four-inch bars with a .28 diameter.

Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer Glue & Finish

Mod Podge is a name-brand craft adhesive recognized for being the best for gluing things together. It presents a decent adhesive bond within materials, including cardboard. In addition, you are only required to employ liquid glue thru a paintbrush.

3M General Purpose Spray Adhesive

It is here to deliver all that and more for the projects that require the sticky without the mess. 3M adhesives are a generous spray adhesive brand that makes it easy to glue and seal almost any craft project. In addition, it is an ideal adhesive for paper-based projects and won’t soak through the paper either.

Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Aleene’s is a well-trusted craft glue brand that induces the best adhesive magic to any art plan. This glue is thick to bind fabric elements to cardboard with no problem. The adhesive comes in an easy-to-use bottle and is resealable.

Gorilla Clear Glue

Gorilla glue is a well-known adhesive brand on the market. Their formula is competent in binding any material, including paper and cardboard. In addition, this adhesive comes in an easy-to-use, resealable bottle.


Trimming and binding all those bits of cardboard can be challenging if you don’t own the right tools for the job. However, with a top pick or any of the other satisfactory adhesives for cardboard, you’ll own your craft project looking fabulous in no time.