Central Park: The Benefits of Keeping Your Car in a Garage

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All too many of us tend you use a garage as a dumping ground. We take a look at the key benefits of keeping your car in a garage rather than outside.

In September 2018, new light cars had an average price tag of $35,742. That represents a whopping $687 increase from September last year.

What’s more, historical patterns show that car buying costs continue to rise every year. For instance, there was an $823 increase in new car prices back in September 2016 from the year before. That’s a spike of thousands of dollars in only a matter of three years.

With that kind of money on the line, it makes complete sense to take better care of your ride. Keeping your car in a garage is one way to do it.

How exactly can you benefit from parking your wheels in a garage though? What exactly is the difference between keeping a car outside vs a garage?

All these and more we’ll cover in this post, so be sure to keep reading. You can also stop at our used truck dealer and read about them in a detailed manner. 

A Safe Hiding Place from Car Thieves and Burglars

A staggering 765,484 motor vehicle thefts occurred in the U.S. back in 2016. These crimes resulted in an estimated $5.9 billion loss.

If you park your car outside, anyone can see it, including burglars and thieves. Even if they don’t steal the entire vehicle, they can still do away with your awesome car accessories.

If you’ve got a garage, like one of those pictured on this website, you can worry less about theft and vandalism.

Protect Your Ride from Hot Weather

You don’t have to own one of the best-looking cars to want to protect your ride from the elements. You want to keep that machine bringing you from Point A to Point Z as safe as possible.

The thing is, extreme heat can cause serious damage to your tires, battery, and gas. For instance, too much heat can dry out your tires, leading to a possible blowout.

High temperatures can also affect your vehicle’s fluids (think oil and coolant). Low coolant levels further exposed to high heat can result in engine damage.

If any of these happens, your ride becomes less safe to operate. All these should already tell you how parking a car in a garage can benefit both you and your ride.

Keep Your Ride Cozy and Problem-Free During Winter

Like how you’d want to safeguard your car from the summer heat, you’d want to do the same during winter.

For starters, below-zero temperatures can thicken liquids, like oil and transmission fluid. Direct exposure of your car to snowy weather can also kill the battery. Extreme cold can also mess up your tire’s air pressure.

All these can result in car troubles, which can then lead to pricey repairs. Of course, there’s the serious inconvenience you’ll deal with once your car is up for repairs.

So, why not take advantage of a garage for cars? This way, you can keep yourself cozy and change gears in your own fully-functioning ride.

Parking Your Car in a Garage Can Extend Its Service Life

Remember, 20 to 50 million injuries and disabilities occur every year due to car crashes. Many of these accidents are due to malfunctioning vehicles. As mentioned above, car issues can happen because of exposure to elements.

This said you’d want to start parking your car in a garage ASAP. Doing so will help you keep your ride safe and awesome-looking. Plus, it can help you make your car go on up to 200,000 miles.

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