Here Are The Five Best-Looking Cars On The Market

red car

A lot of different considerations go into purchasing the right car – you have to think about components such as performance, mileage, infotainment and spaciousness… the list goes on. But one consideration that everyone makes, and yet few people talk about, is looks. It can be a thrill to drive around in an attractive car, one that makes you proud every time you pull into a parking spot.

If you’re looking to find your next dream car and want one that will turn heads, here are five superb options waiting for you – rent, lease or visit Autoone.ca/auto-one-drive/ to use a car subscription app today, and drive away in one of these cars. Read on to discover the five best-looking cars out there right now.

1. Aston Martin DB11
The Aston Martin DB11 is without a doubt a sight for sore eyes. It’s a vehicle that’s simultaneously streamlined yet intricate in vibe, which is a rare combination. It has a lot of length, too, which lends it a sporty yet elegant look. Its exterior is truly refined and memorable, and its interior is equally thrilling, with luxurious upholstery and slick dash features.

2. Alfa Romeo Giulia
If you’re interested in an eye-catching vehicle that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then you may want to look into the majestic Alfa Romeo Giulia. This sedan is 100 percent stunning. It’s a four-door powerhouse that has a distinctive shape. If you want to paint the town red in a vehicle that’s sensual, cool and low-key all at the same time, then your options most likely don’t get any better than the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

3. Land Rover Range Rover Velar
The Land Rover Range Rover Velar is a car that’s an undeniable gem in the visuals department. If you want to purchase a vehicle that’s so appealing that it can practically stop traffic, then this car doesn’t have to be afraid of competition. It’s not just gorgeous, either – it also possesses a technologically advanced touchscreen system that can make managing your daily conveniences a lot easier.

4. Ford Mustang
If you’re interested in the concept of a classic approach to attractive vehicle options, then you should take a close look at the timeless Ford Mustang. This car isn’t only enduring, either; it’s also pretty affordable, surprisingly enough. The appearance of this vehicle’s front-end is fresh and striking, with headlights that have a pleasant and unforgettable look to them. This is definitely an example of a car that’s oozing with character and vitality, a car that keeps people looking time and time again. It never gets dull.

green car

5. Acura NSX
The Acura NSX is a breathtaking vehicle that can be a source of pride for any self-respecting individual. This car is equipped with two seats total. If you’re trying to find a car that’s the dictionary definition of sleek, streamlined and chic, then this car should be right up your alley.

It’s time to admit that, at least where cars are concerned, looks matter. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but with these five examples, you can certainly judge a car by its exterior.