Looking For The Best Bike Under 70000 Rupees | List Of 7 Best Bikes.


The automobile industry faces various kinds of ups and downs. If not the industry, reaching the office on time when the roads are blocked in the morning is a task as well as a priority for many. Grabbing a seat with public transport is one option and so is trying your hands on the best bike under 70,000. Purchasing the best bike under 70000 INR is a necessity for some however, a wishlist check-in for some.

With the market flooding with numerous options for all the potential buyers to explore, here are some options not worth missing at all. The best bike under 70,000 for you is not the one which has the most amazing and outstanding features, instead, it is the one which suits your purpose and lifestyle to the maximum. Here are some options to check out for you. 

List Of Best Bikes Under 70K Available In The Market

Below is the list of the best bikes that you can purchase under 70,000. In this list, you can find the popular bikes available in the market.

1. Bajaj Pulsar 125 (Best Bike Under 70000 Rupees)

Pulsar is presumably the most well-known bike arrangement of Bajaj. Consequently, the engine organization has as of late propelled another bicycle, Pulsar 125, to expand the notoriety of the Pulsar Family significantly more. 

This specific bike is at present accessible in two unique variations, one with drum brakes and the other with a plate brake at the front and drum at the back. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to purchase the circle brake variant, at that point you would need to go through somewhat more cash. 

The Pulsar 125 likewise gets a 5-speed gearbox, which is uncommon among the bicycles under 50000 to 70000 territory. In light of this effective engine and transmission framework, you will have the option to get through a top speed of 100km/h. The stopping mechanism of the bicycle comes with a 170mm drum unit at the front and a 130mm brake at the back. In any case, on the off chance that you purchase the circle brake variation, at that point you will get a 240mm plate unit at the front segment. To give you more authority over your bike, Bajaj has hence furnished it with tubeless tires, which guarantee a greatly improved grasp and equalization. 

When discussing eco-friendliness, Bajaj Pulsar 125 can be considered as the best bike under 70000 as it gives a rough mileage of 62km/l at financial conditions. The bicycle likewise accompanies a huge fuel tank that can convey up to 11.5 liters of fuel.

Fuel capacity: excellent 

Service charges: pocket-friendly when it comes to maintenance 

Features: misses out on certain modern features 

Appearance: lacks some modernity when it comes to its competitor models 

2. Hero Glamour 13S Bike

In the event that you think about the looks and appearance, Glamor is presumably extraordinary compared to others. In any case, as far as eco-friendliness, this best bike under 70000 is not unreasonably incredible. Subsequently, to reinforce that element of the bicycle, the assembling organization has included the i3s framework with it. 

Alongside this, the new form of Hero excitement accompanies an imaginative and invigorating look, semi-advanced instrument comfort, and the upgraded self-start highlight. Notwithstanding, similar to its past form, Glamor i3s likewise accompanies a 124.7cc, air-cooled motor that creates 11.5bhp of intensity and 11Nm of torque. For offering help to the engine, Hero additionally included a similar 4-speed gearbox with it as well. With the assistance of these two, the bicycles can go from 0km to 60km inside just 7 seconds. 

Regarding the level of comfort which is being offered by the bike, Hero Glamor i3s is as yet the best bicycle in the 60000 to 70000 area in light of its agreeable measurements and seating position. The seat of the bike is additionally very soft. Therefore, regardless of whether you ride it for a long while, you are not likely to feel any uneasiness while sitting.

Fuel capacity: a good pick when it comes to fuel capacity and efficiency 

Service charges: service charges are not very much high 

Features: equipped with modern features like self start 

Appearance: a moderately innovative and fresh look with digitisation 

3. Hero Glamour (Bike Under 70000 INR)

When it comes to the different kinds of 125cc Hero two wheelers offered by the company, there are alot of things to look forward to. Being the best bike under 70000, the Hero Glamor is considered by numerous individuals as the best one yet. As far as structure of the bike comes into the picture, the bike accompanies a huge fog light at the front, back view mirrors, and multi-shaded illustrations. 

It additionally comes with a double tone curved guard at the front segment. Be that as it may, as the vast majority of the cruisers in our rundown, Glamor has an essential meter comfort, which somehow misses on the points to give a variably better look to the bike. 

The shiny new form of Hero Glamor is offered with a length of 2005mm, a tallness of 1070mm, and a width of 735mm. Therefore, anybody who has a proper sitting posture while driving a bike need not face any problems in the long run. The dimensions are likely to suit most of the people when it comes to long routes.  

It additionally accompanies a fantastic seat stature of 790mm, which ought to be agreeable for everybody. Be that as it may, similar to the bicycle over, this one likewise accompanies a ground leeway of 150mm, which isn’t that acceptable. In this way, on the off chance that you choose to take the bicycle in cruel street conditions, at that point you may confront a few issues with respect to it. The passage level variation highlights two 130mm drum brakes that are set at either side of the vehicle. The subsequent variation, then again, highlights a 240mm plate brake at the front and 130mm drum unit at the back.

Fuel capacity: quite decent
Service Charges: The charges are low and affordable 

Features: the features are well designed and portrayed. Engine is smooth but vibrates at a high speed, suspensions could have been worked upon. 

Appearance: mesmerising design and graphics, the dual-colour scheme is also very good 

4. Hero Passion Pro 110 Bike

Next up in the range of the different kinds of bikes under a budget of Rs. 70,000 is the Hero Passion Pro 110. This is another best bike under 70,000 which takes something from its ancestors but has a lot of things in store. Fabricated and dispersed by Hero, Passion Pro 110 accompanies a similar 110cc motor as any of the Splendor bicycles, however with much better looks. 

Alongside the fascinating appearance which it reflects, it also includes new shading plans and various current highlights. All these make the bike all the more engaging and eye-catchy. One reason, which makes the vast majority of the individuals planning to buy a bike consider Passion Pro 110 as their pick under the 70,000 budget.

To do the suspension obligations of the two-wheeler, Hero has included adaptive forks and swing-arm water powered safeguards to ensure the safety levels on roads. When it comes to braking, the passage level form of the bike conveys two 130mm drum units, distributed at the front and at the back. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you wish to purchase the plate variation but youll have to shed out more amount. However, you will get a 240mm circle brake at the front. 

When it comes to eco-friendliness, Passion Pro can unquestionably be considered as one of the best picks under the budget of 70,000. At monetary conditions, the bike can furnish you with an achievable mileage of practically 60km/l. This is a very amazing thing if it is to be purchased for a work purpose. It likewise accompanies an immense fuel tank that can convey almost 11 liters of fuel. 

The Passion Pro 110 gets the intensity of running from a 109.15cc motor, which produces 7kW of intensity and 9Nm of torque.

Fuel Capacity: The fuel tank is of 11 litres which is very good 

Service Charges: The charges for service are not very hiked

Features: The engine promises smooth functioning however, a 4 speed transmission system is not appreciated. 

Appearance: The look is fairly attractive.

5. Yamaha Saluto RX Bike Under 70000 INR

By going through the name of the Yamaha Saluto RX as the best bike under 70,000, one might relate it to the 125cc Yamaha Saluto. One can settle by calling it a smaller version of the 125cc model. However, the main difference stands with the size of the bike only. An 110cc air-cooled engine is able to put in a power to run the bike. When it comes to the look of the Yamaha Saluto RX, it has been inspired by the previous model inclusive of a headlight that has a curvy design as well as a muscular tank. 

After arriving at its maximum capacity, the engine can create 7.5ps of intensity as well as 8.5Nm of torque. Like a large portion of the other Yamaha bicycles beneath 70000, Saluto RX additionally accompanies a 4-speed transmission framework that offers help to its motor. 

In order to keep the bike at a consistent performance when being run at a high speed, Yamaha has furnished it with adjustable forks and swing-arm safeguards. Along with this, the bike likewise accompanies more extensive wheels to provide you with a significantly happier when it comes to the riding experience. 

Be that as it may, not at all like some other Yamaha bikes that can be bought under a budget of 70000, the feels burnt out on Saluto RX are not tubeless. In this manner, you may encounter some adjusting issues while riding the bicycle in testing street conditions. 

For braking, the bicycle highlights two drum units that are equally distributed at the front as well as the back side of the bike. Both the brakes accompany the standard size of 130mm and are outfitted with the Unified Braking System. But in spite of the fact that the braking units are very obsolete, they are likely to perform effectively, at present. 

Fuel Capacity: Efficiency can be looked forward to. 

Service Charges: The reach for the service of the bike is limited. This might be an issue for some people considering buying it. 

Features: A lightweight bike that has a good engine, features, and mileage. It provides comfort while driving and the braking system is properly working, too. 

Appearance: The bike has an appearance which does not appeal much. 

6. Bajaj Discover 125 Bike 

Similar to the pulsar models, the discover bike models are a brainchild of the Bajaj company, too. In order to keep up with the changing trends of the market as well as the tastes of the people, the Bajaj Discover 125 has been brought in the market. The price range also makes it a competitor as the best bike under 70,000. Touching the range of approximately Rs. 60,000 the Bajaj Discover 125, this launched bike accompanies a 124.5cc DTS-I motor, which delivers an intensity of 11ps at 7500rpm and a torque of 11Nm at 5500rpm. Alongside this, it additionally accompanies a 5-speed gearbox that assists with improving the general viability of the motor. 

With the provided assistance of this motor as well as the transmission framework, Discover 125 can provide a running speed of 107km/h. This is very wondrous for a suburbanite bike to run on busy roads. 

As perhaps the best bike under 70,000, the bike accompanies a mix of adaptive forks and nitrox safeguards to go rounds with the suspension obligations. Be that as it may, in contrast to a portion of different bikes that are flourishing the market right now, they do not highlight the availability of the tubeless tires. In this way, in testing surfaces, you tend to encounter some of the adjustment issues. 

Another negative part of the bike is the fuel tank. The bike can hold up to 8 liters of fuel without a moment’s delay. Be that as it may, Discover 125 bike makes up for this disadvantage by giving their riders a mileage of 65km/l. Therefore, in this way, this bike becomes a good pick for your day to day and routine works and travels. 

Fuel Capacity: The fuel tank capacity is 8 liters only which is not very impressive but the efficiency is quite good. 

Service Charges: The service charges are not very much. The service requirements can be dealt with without much trouble.

Features: The ground clearance is nice and the overall sitting is very comfortable and has a disc brake variant too but it missed out on a tubeless tire. 

Appearance: The appearance is a sophisticated and a clean one. 

7. Hero Super Splendor | Best Bike Under 70000 INR

The different kinds of bikes which have been introduced in the market under the brand name of Hero. The manufacturing company has further launched another variant as the best bike under 70,000. The Hero Super Splendor is a very powerful one which comes along with a 124.7cc stroke engine which is able to generate 9bhp of power as well as 10.35 Nm of torque. A 4 speed gearbox is available as well to conduct all the required transmission duties. 

The market range of the Hero Super Splendor is of approximate 60,000. For the purpose of braking as well as stopping, the Hero bike highlights two 130mm drum units, which are known to be very ground-breaking and effective. In addition to all of these, this best bike under 70,000 likewise includes water driven safeguards at the front and swing-arms at the back to give you an open to riding experience. 

Probably, the measurements of the Hero Super Splendor are nothing less than a blessing. It accompanies a length of 1995mm, a statue of 1076mm, and a width of 732mm. In this way, in the event that you have a normal tallness, at that point you will have no issues while riding the bicycle. 

The wheelbase of this bike measures at 1,265mm. This is a good pick in comparison to the other bikes for the working population. In any case, with respect to its measurements, the main downside of the bicycle is its ground leeway, which is very low (150mm). Be that as it may, in the event that you utilize the bike just for driving in the city streets, at that point you won’t face any issues whatsoever. 

Fuel Capacity: The engine is very powerful and is much efficient. 

Service Charges: The service charges are not much. The network for servicing is excellent. 

Features: The build is sturdy and strong. The bike gives a comfortable driving experience, too. 

Appearance: Visually, the Hero Super Splendor is quite eye-pleasing.

Apart from all these two wheeler bikes, there are still many options available. As a customer, it is pretty sure that you wont settle just by moving around and talking to people. You should have your own pick and share when it comes to investing your money on an automobile serving you on a long term purpose. 

Some other names which you can look forward to as the best bikes under 70,000 are:

  • Honda Aviator 
  • TVS Jupiter 
  • Honda Activa 5G

Final Words

These are some other bikes on which you can try your hands on before making your final call. These are not as heavy as the basic bikes and hence are lightweight. Apart from this, there are some other very amazing features related to both the interior as well as the exteriors. 

The best bike under 70000 INR is definitely going to be a mode of conveyance as well as an asset for you in the long term. It is better to take time to research now before buying. So, you should not randomly be influenced just by the looks of anything before buying. It is important to do a proper survey and collect all the required data and make your final choice, thereafter, only.