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Ten Apps that Tourists Love – Best Travel Apps in 2015

Get the most out of your mobile devices while travelling.

If you are not travelling, it’s probably the best time to do it. The biggest season of travelling is upon us and be ready for long cues and heavy traffic on roads. One thing that you need to carry and which is a must is your smartphone, don’t leave it or forget it as apps inside can help you a lot while travelling.

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The Best GIF Maker, Tools and Websites

The online animated GIF maker is one of the greatest resources to make any website attractive. These GIF images are used by the majority of the website owners as these images help to draw great attention to the website. The GIF files comprise of different types of images which are played one after another in quick successions.

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17+ A-list Sites Providing Free eBooks Download

With the growth of mobile devices, varied screen sizes and the ease of access has made it possible to leave the conventional reading of paper books. The new trend is to read eBooks that are easily available on almost every device made today. In this article, you will find some of the best resources, from where you can download thousands of free eBooks.

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9 Common Myths About iPhone

iPhone is my favorite mobile device since few years now and over the years I have heard many misconceptions and myths about iPhone. These myths are so common that many of tech programs have featured them, still some people might want to read them.

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Top 18 Websites for Site Uptime Monitor

Site Uptime Monitor – the most difficult task for website owners to check it regularly. It’s kind of stressful and it’s not literally possible to sit 24 hours of a day to watch site uptime monitor in from of computer.

Most reliable web hosting services that claim 99.99% uptime for a website can’t give it. There are many times that every now and then website can go down. The main reasons for down-time depends of various factors like problem with the web hosting server, network outages, server overload, DNS configuration, SSL certificate problems, server outages etc.

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