New Cleaning Gadgets That Revolutionize the Household

New Cleaning Gadgets

No matter how much of an organized person you are, winning compliments for keeping your house spick and span takes a lot of efforts.  Whether it is about cleaning your kitchen mess, sweeping your ring-spun shaggy rugs or mopping dusty floor, household cleaning requires a perpetual manual labor and a whole day of hard work. The one reason that makes cleaning a house feel like a burden is time consumption.  The boring task often takes your whole day if you do it without any house help.

The good news is that there are quite a few house cleaning gadgets that can help you make your house cleaning a breeze. Whether it is mopping, laundry or deep scrub, the smart gadgets are designed to do the cleaning within minutes without having you spend your whole lot of time in cleaning and scrubbing.

That is to say; if you havent used these revolutionary gadgets yet, it is time to put your feet up and see these devices work.

New Cleaning Gadgets for Smart Household Cleaning

       Window Cleaning Robot

Ever heard of a robot cleaning the house? Well if not, then get ready to meet this smartly designed cleaning tool.  With its efficient suction fan, the WINBOT 830 is all set to change your traditional window cleaning methods.  From cleaning surfaces, vertical glasses, frosted, frameless glasses, to horizontal surfaces, the powerful cleaning gadget cleans everything.  

Dont worry if youre not technology-savvy. When it comes to cleaning gadgets, W830 is simple-to-use device and works with one-touch because of its automatic N and Z cleaning paths. Cleaning the corners of your windows with this super gadget is very easy.

       The Steam Mop

No longer is it necessary to dip your mop in water and soap and scrub the floor. New and convenient technology makes use of steamed water to clean floors or anything else you want clean. A steam mop is a real time saver, and they can be had for under 100 bucks. A steam mop looks a bit like a regular mop, but instead of the regular mop you have a cleaning pad, and on the stick you have a machine that can heat water. Heated water in combination with detergent will clean your floors like never before. Here are some tips for getting a great steam mop.

       Carpet Cleaning Robot

Whether its drowned pet hair or stubborn paint stains, nothing comes off easy when it is on your carpet.  Thanks to the robot vacuum industry that has engineered some amazing carpet cleaning robots. These robots can clean even the most difficult materials and eliminate dirt or clean stains. iRobertRoomba 630m, for instance, is an excellent carpet cleaning robot that has transformed carpet cleaning methods completely.   

Neato Robotics D3 is another powerful gadget with its super-suction features. The modern carpet cleaning gadget comes with high-performance filters and power boost mechanism to suck the dust, mud, and sticky stains from the carpet.

iLIFE A4s  is also a great carpet cleaning vacuum that combines extended battery life, high suction and  impeccable maneuvering power. It easily goes under sofas and different household items and can climb on the carpets with large wheels that give it stability and prevent it from getting stuck.

       Self Cleaning Littre Box

The futuristic litter box is here to help you do one of the most unpleasant tasks if you have pets i.e. cleaning pet poop. The automatic self-cleaning tool separates the clean litter from the dirty clumps and drops it into a carbon filter drawer. It comes with a large entry for dogs and cats of all sizes. It is no doubt an ideal machine for you if you have many cats.

       Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Specifically engineered to keep your floor sparkling clean, this small yet amazing robotic machine comes equipped with sensors and iAdapt Navigation to move in your house easily.  The vacuum cleaning robot has three-stage mechanisms to clean floors of any type.

First it loosens debris. Then it brushes all the rubbish and in the third step, it uses its suctions to properly sweep away the left over debris.

       Robot Cleaning Ball

This might seem one of the most interesting yet the cutest cleaning gadget of all. The colorful robotic duster is one of a kind as it roams freely around the house to pick up the dirt and dust. The powerful tool can easily navigate around any obstacle that comes in its way.  All you need is to sit back and watch this fluffy ball do its job.

       Sonic Soak Ultrasonic cleaning Tool

It is another addition to your list of cleaning gadgets that can revolutionize your cleaning tasks. The compact device is self-contained. It delivers modulated waves that travel through the water and disintegrate bacteria and dirt completely.  It is undeniably one of the best tools to clean clothes and even toys.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell the modern cleaning gadgets are super advanced to make your household cleaning tasks completely hassle-free and quick. The gadgets come equipped with advanced technology. Whether it is a carpet cleaning robot or steam mop, these tools are the best way to keep debris, dirt, dust and bacteria at bay.

Image credit: New Cleaning Gadgets via Nadia Snopek/shutterstock