Top 5 Best Chromebook and their Reviews

Chromebook is a laptop that works on Chrome OS. A Chromebook is like a thin client. In starting Chromebooks are sold directly from Google as well as from the company’s retail partners. If we talk about its customers then by 2012, schools had become the largest customer of it.

Chromebooks comes with leading Google products built-in, like Search, Gmail, and Docs, so that not only students but also teachers can learn, create, and collaborate right away. It is also helpful for administrators to set different user groups, access and personalize remotely from the Chrome Web store. Chromebooks provide the facility of multiple logins and also allowed to share the data easily with classmates, friends and family. Everyone can get his or her own personalized apps, settings, and bookmarks when he or she log-in.

Chromebooks are not only budget laptops but also odd, brilliant, low-impact and potent. The search giant’s OS and mobile computer spec are only a few years old, but still many companies like HP, Samsung and Acer have released several models of it.

What a person want to look out in a Chromebook? There is many features in it. Most of these Google laptops use the same or similar low-power components. That is why it is unquestionably affordable laptops, which mostly starts under $300 US.

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It has low-impact processors and barely HD screens whos starting resolution is 1366 x 768, most of these machines are designed to last. Almost every Chromebook has 7 to 9 hours of battery life and comes within a few hours of that range, based on testing.

However, Google-powered laptops trust on tiny amounts of onboard solid-state storage to cut down the cost, starting with 16GB SSDs. To minimize this loss, every version of the browser-bound notebook comes with at least 100GB of Google Drive space for two years.
If we talk about its size, it is available to just 11.6 inches and as large as 14 inches. Best Chromebooks will always need an update, here are some top-ranking Chromebook reviews (stay tuned for these updates, this will help you for the best deals on these budget Chromebooks):

Dell Chromebook 11

The Dell Chromebook 11 is a cost-efficient machine. If we compare it with its competitors, then Dell Chromebook 11 already falls in line with the specs which is set by other Chrome laptops on the market.
It also has two USB 3.0 ports. What sets it apart from another Chromebooks is its admirable longevity, which helps anyone who wants to get away for long distance trip.

We can even recommend checking out what Dell has offered before the Acer or HP offerings. We can Manage daily tasks and be productive with this affordable laptop that is easy to use, secure features and has up to the 7-hour battery. In the current scenario, Dell leads the best Chromebook class with the best-looking and longest-lasting Chrome laptop yet.

Toshiba Chromebook

Toshiba Chromebook is not super stylish, nor the portable powerhouse. However, if you are looking to accomplish in style and build for under 300 bucks then this is undoubtedly the best Chromebook.

Even it is providing, 6 to 7 hours battery that is longer than most Windows laptops can claim. Another plus point of Toshiba Chromebook is how quickly it charges.

This is the perfect Baby Boomer laptop; there is no need to mention the mileage for students that they would get out of this machine. If you are looking for an incredibly affordable mobile computer that does, well, what you do most on the computer, then this is the best Chromebook, and would be the wise choice.

Acer C720P Chromebook

Acer C720P Chromebook costs less than most budget laptops and still looks as good as a notebook that is twice of its price. It is an affordable laptop; wich has a lot to offer such as thin & light design, a snappy keyboard and touchpad, and impressive long lasting power.

The notebook’s dual-core processor not only provides more than enough oomph for heavy browsing, but also it provides the facility of writing, browsing and streaming to your heart’s content. It is having seven-hour battery life too. If you want a touchscreen laptop and only use your computer for streaming movies, composing documents and browsing the web, then the C720P is the best Chromebook for you.

HP Chromebook 11

The HP Chromebook 11 is not only smooth but also usable laptop. While Chrome OS is limited by definition, because of this its more comfortable in web apps and for those apps it is growing in power. This chromebook is trying for bumping into those limitations far less often.

This laptop is so much punchy that it gives the experience of sleek and cheap for anyone on a budget and still provides a feel of solid. It is something that gives a feeling of delight to own and use.

Apple and the other premium manufacturers should also look at this little gem of a computer and should applaud and appraise for what has been achieved. The Chromebook 11 has shown that it is not impossible to create a product with a little bit of the magic and joy that you get from the Apple laptop without charging a higher amount.

Acer C720 Chromebook

If we talk about power and endurance, you cannot argue with the Acer C720 Chromebook. If you just want to get on the web quickly to answer emails or look something up, then this Chromebook is ideal. Moreover, for parents also its a perfect “homework machine,” as long as you can get a printer hooked up to it also.

This is an actual web appliance that is an excellent system for families also. In this Chromebook, the Google account log-in gives each user a personalized interface, and just a few keystrokes completely wipe the system. That limits the risk of security and secrecy substantially in sharing the system with others.

It is a device that we want to use every day. It is something we would like to use positively for which we have need not to pay an enormous amount.

So, these were my favorite, best Chromebook from the list of hundreds. Do let us know which Chromebook you prefer and what do you consider the best in this category of laptops.