Travelling With An Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft guns are not firearms, but they are also not toy guns which make them a little harder to categorize when it comes to travelling with them. While there are also laws to consider when driving with airsoft guns, the biggest concern with them when it comes to travel is how to fly with a sniper airsoft gun. This is what you need to know about travelling with your airsoft sniper rifle.

ExtremeSportsLand.com tested airsoft sniper rifles to help you find the perfect gun to meet your needs. But once you have your airsoft sniper gun, you will without a doubt, want to take it with you on your travels.

Sniper Rifles and the TSA

When you are flying with your airsoft sniper rifle, you have to be sure that you are following all of the TSAs regulations. If you are not sure, then you are likely to have your gun and all of its components taken away from you at the airport. To begin with, your sniper rifle cannot be put in a carry-on bag. Even with the orange tip on the end, they too closely resemble live firearms and could cause hysteria on a plane. For this reason, they always have to be checked.

Even checked though, your gun runs the risk of being confiscated. The TSA does not require you to declare an airsoft gun as you would a real gun, but you can anticipate your luggage being searched to confirm regardless.

Compressed Air Canisters and Grenades

If your sniper rifle is a spring-action or electronic gun, you will not need to worry about gas canisters. If it uses gas, however, you have to make sure that the canisters are completely empty when you are flying. They are not permitted at all on airplanes if they are full.

Unfortunately, airsoft grenades and mortars are not allowed at all on any airplanes because they look like the real thing, but this should only pose a problem for grenadiers, who dont usually use sniper rifles.

Talk to Airlines

Even though the TSA permits airsoft guns undeclared, that does not mean the individual airline will agree with that. Every airline has its own lists of what is and isnt permitted as far as airsoft guns. The best thing that you can do is call the airline and find out what they recommend for travelling safely with your airsoft gun.

Driving with your Airsoft Gun

If you are driving across the United States or Canada, it is important to remember that every state/ province has its own regulations regarding airsoft guns. You should make sure that your gun complies with the laws of each state/ province you are travelling through to avoid trouble. The best thing you can do in terms of driving with an airsoft gun is to keep it locked in a trunk, unloaded, and safely stored.

Bottom Line

The bottom line when it comes to travelling with your airsoft sniper rifle is that you need to know there is a risk of having your gun confiscated by the TSA or the airline. If you pull it out at the wrong moment, it could be perceived as a real firearm and you could be in a world of trouble. If you take the proper steps to be prepared ahead of time, however, you can limit the amount of trouble that you will have, keeping your gun safe and ensuring you will still have it when you reach your destination. Use common sense, be courteous, and respect the laws in place and you should be able to safely travel with your airsoft sniper rifle.