Traveling in a Car: Core Car Camping Gear

Car Camping 1

One of the main challenges for the outdoor holiday is the equipment, mainly its weight. Imagine carrying a thirty-pound backpack and trying to conquer the top of a mountain while enjoying the views. The impossible enterprise, Iíd say. Thatís why expert travelers constantly discuss lightweight equipment and try to travel without any redundant gear. However, you can avoid these inconveniences by choosing a car trip instead of a backpack one.

With a car, you can create the most comfortable and enjoyable trip to nature. All equipment will fit into the vehicle, and you wonít need to make hard decisions on what to take with you. Moreover, youíll be able to take special cooking gear to prepare marvelous camping dishes.

In the article, we discuss the essential gear for the trip to nature, focusing on the possibilities that car traveling opens to you. Weíll divide recommendations into two categories:

  • the main gear to survive outside the cityís protection;
  • equipment that fits in the car and enables you to spend the holiday with comfort and fun.

Camping essentials

Weíll start with listing the core gear that is needed in every kind of outdoor outing. If you donít want to spend a night in the cold car, youíd better prepare the right gear to camp well.

1.   A home-like shelter under the sky

First of all, youíll need a tent. There are various kinds, from ones you throw on the ground and itís already assembled to ones you need to stretch on trekking poles meticulously. Also, check out the winter camping checklist to adapt to the cold seasonís challenges. If you travel in a large company or with a family, choose a tent suitable for the right amount of people. Moreover, weíd recommend picking one with a high ceiling and a lot of space inside to dine in the tent and spend an evening comfortably playing board games.

2.   Sleeping arrangements

Firstly, choose from a range of sleeping bags. They are designed to provide the best sleeping experience that is even better than bad at home. But you need to pick one according to the temperature outside. There are alternatives to sleeping bags like hammocks, but try it out before the main trip. Hammocks arenít perfect for everyone, and you donít want to have a sleepless night.

Secondly, find protection from the cold ground. It would be best if you didnít place a sleeping bag directly on the tentís floor because itíll lose all its warming abilities. Purchase a foam pad or inflating mattress to put under the bag. There is also an option of a folding bed. It raises you from the ground at least on a foot and a half.

Thirdly, prepare a spare set of clothes for the night. After a long active day, youíll need dry and clean clothes to fall into a deep and untroubled sleep. Remember to take several pairs of socks because feet suffer the most during the trip.

3.   A first-aid kit and toiletries

Painkillers and a bar of soap donít come to mind when you hear the word ďcamping,Ē but they must be with you during the trip. Wild nature hides many dangers, and you need to be ready to tend to various wounds. If you travel with kids, take all the necessities to help in case of a bruise, scratches, or mosquito bites.

Perks from car camping

The main advantage that the car provides is the amount of stuff you can take with you. Instead of counting each ounce, you can dedicate your time to finding the best gear to enjoy the traveling experience to the fullest.

1.   A stove for cooking and drying clothes

A camping stove is a beautiful way to warm the tent and cook any meal during cold seasons. There are numerous tutorials on adjusting your tent for the stove and what perks itíll give you. Apart from cooking, you can also dry your boots after the day in deep snow. RBM offers different tents explicitly made to accommodate a dutch stove.

2.   Now you can finally take a pillow with you

Usually, we stack a bundle of clothes under our heads instead of a pillow. Itís a good option if there are no alternatives, but you donít need to worry about the space and can take comfort with you if you have a vehicle.

3.   Take the food and prepare it on the spot

When you travel with a backpack, you canít allow yourself the luxury of carrying a piece of raw meat or two pounds of potatoes. However, with a car you a free to choose any favorite food and cook it with smoke. Imagine a crust on a potato made in the coals from the fire! Here are several ideas on what to cook on the fire.

If you have a large company, remember to bring something sweet to enjoy near the fire. The common and great choice is marshmallows that are perfect after a bit of melting from flames.

Donít forget to bring tea and coffee. The best morning starts with the favorite beverage, and the sunrise with a warm cup of tea will be unforgettable.

4.   Camping furniture

It is undoubtedly atmospheric to sit on the mat on the ground, but you can choose a higher comfort level. Take with you a set of chairs and a table to organize a proper dinner under the stars. Remember to bring the light like several lanterns because fire wonít be enough to lit the whole spot.

5.   Sports during the day and board games for the evening

Enjoying the scenery and the fresh air is not the only option in the woods or seashore. Take a ball and several board games to engage everyone in the game.