The Best Guide to Melbourne Cup Carnival Fashion in 2020

Melbourne Cup Carnival Fashion

Known as “the race that stops the nation,” The Melbourne Cup is one of Australia’s most buzzed-about events. Held annually in November, the famous Thoroughbred horse race has become more than just a sporting spectacle, but also a fashion hot spot. Celebrities arrive dressed to impress, often out-doing their image from the year before with ever-evolving trends and styles. What makes The Melbourne Cup different from other similar events is its disregard for the common black and white outfit ensemble, and its encouragement for daring, flashy colours. Below is a guide of Melbourne Cup tips for looking fashionable during the big day:

For Women: Daring, but Always Elegant

The general consensus with women’s fashion for The Melbourne Cup is this: have fun, but remain elegant. The event is not the place to dress up as if heading to the club. The Melbourne Cup remains a high-class event where sophistication is expected. There are a few must-haves for women attending the event:

Fascinators MAKE the outfit:

Fascinators sometimes referred to as headpieces, make all women’s outfits. Generally, all fascinators should remain on the right side of one’s head and be positioned slightly upwards. Additionally, the three key aspects of a fascinator are the base, feather and netting. When all three key parts are balanced out, the fascinator becomes complete.

One-shouldered is the way to go:

The ultimate trend for women’s outfits is one-shouldered pieces. With this look, women can show off a little skin while remaining classy. For the color, women should aim for bright colours such as yellow or orange to reflect the bright spring weather.

Accessories are always in style:

As The Melbourne Cup is a lengthy event, it is important for women to have a place to store all their necessities for the day. The designated item should be a shoulder clutch or small purse. Anything bigger will be both a nuance and a distraction from the overall ensemble.

Bonus Tip: Keep in mind that style is great, but the weather should not be completely ignored. Women should also have comfort in mind when finalizing their outfits for the big day.

For Men: Bring Fun to the Classic Look

The last look men should go with for The Melbourne Cup is the cliche black suit and tie. On the contrary, the event is the chance for men to spice up their fashion to bring originality and vibrancy to the day. There are a few different avenues men can go down to secure this look:

Comfort and class:

Men should remember that comfort is just as important as style for The Melbourne Cup. The ideal fabric is a mixture of wool and linen, as the two are more lightweight and flexible compared to other outfits but remain stylish. Additionally, men should not be afraid to try daring colours like women, with bright blue being a popular pick.

Shoes should have a presence:

Footwear should also stand out with men’s attire, with the go-to option being leather Oxford shoes. These shoes ooze style and confidence with every step. Men should make sure the shoes are shined prior to the event to ensure they look as good as they can.

Accessories count too:

While many associate accessories with women, men should always be sporting one with their outfits. Options include pocket squares, handkerchiefs, or lapel pins. Pocket squares should not be combined with a tie, but rather should be its own (colourful) statement. Handkerchiefs are a classic for a reason — they bring a gentleman quality to their wearer. Lastly, lapel pins are not only fun, but they also portray an interest with the event’s main purpose.

Bonus tip:

If any man does decide to go with a darker suit and a white shirt, it’s imperative that the rest of the attire have something that brings a spark, such as the option of a floral or checkered tie or pocket square.

Following the tips above will ensure all men and women show up ready to take on this ever-exhilarating event in Melbourne.