10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Santorini


Do you have a bucket list of places that you really want to visit? For many people, the Greek island of Santorini is at the top of this as it is a hugely popular tourist destination with so many amazing things to see and do! Of all the Greek islands, Santorini is the most sought after Greek islands to visit for its picturesque whitewashed towns and world-famous sunsets. If you still need some convincing as to whether or not make Santorini your next holiday destination, be sure to carry on reading to discover 10 reasons why you need to visit this island.

World Famous Sunsets

As we just previously mentioned, you can view world famous sunsets on this stunning island. Donít just take our word for it, many argue this point as you sit watching the sun drop into the sea in a gorgeous glow of gold and amber. It really is quite something special to see and visiting Santorini is worth it just for this alone! We would recommend that you visit Oia to watch the sunset, but be warned, it can get extremely busy, so youíll need to grab your spot early. Travelling just down the road to Firostefani is one of the best kept secrets as you can still take in the stunning sunset views from here but avoid lots of the massive crowds.

Enjoy Some Romance

Santorini is definitely one of the most romantic destinations in the world and this is the perfect spot to visit as a couple. With the stunning sunsets, picturesque scenery and delicious wine, this is also the perfect place to have a wedding destination or your honeymoon! If you are looking for the perfect place to have your honeymoon, you can stay in one of the amazing Santorini villas. BlueVillas offer a wide range of gorgeous villas located throughout Santorini which offer private pools, jacuzzis, daily breakfasts and a concierge service. What more could you want for your honeymoon accommodation?

Beautiful Landscapes

The landscape of Santorini is quite remarkable as it is built on top of an extinct volcano, which is known as the caldera on the island. Roads here can be extremely steep because of this and so we would advise you to make sure you take comfy shoes!


In Santorini, Greek Orthodox is the most prominent religion here. No matter whether you are religious or not really does not matter but it has had a huge influence on the landscape of Santorini and its towns. The chapels here are the iconic white buildings with the blue dome tops that we always see in photographs of the island.

Delicious Food and Wine

Santorini is famous for its delicious food and wine and you can enjoy classic Greek dishes such as Moussaka and Souvlaki. Santorini wine is famous around the globe and has won many awards, so wine tasting is an absolute must when you visit.

Wonderful Photography

If you think of yourself as a bit of photographer, then Santorini is the destination for you. Every corner if this island has something beautiful for you to photograph and many will probably already be familiar with the iconic photographs of the white washed building set against the stunning blue sea.


If you love holidays that mix in relaxing by the pool with some historic sites, then Santorini wonít disappoint. You can visit the excavation sin Akrotiri if you love excavations and they are known for being a significant prehistoric settlement. If you have not heard about Akrotiri, this town has a similar backstory to Pompeii in that it was destroyed by volcanic ash from in earthquake back in 3600 BC.

Ghost Towns

Santorini is an island that has suffered many terrible earthquakes and this has left many ghost towns over the years. One of the most famous ghost towns here is Mesa Gonia which you can visit to experience more of Santoriniís interesting history.


One of the best things about visiting Santorini is that there are lots of amazing day trips that you go on. The location of Santorini means that you can island hope easily on boats and many people take this opportunity to visit other famous Greek islands such as Crete, Paros, Naxos, Ios and Anafi.

Water Sports

The blue water of Santorini make it the perfect place to visit if you want to partake in some exciting water sports. The towns od Kamari and Perissa are perfect to enjoy a range of activities such as wind-kiting, diving, water skiing and banana boating. These towns are also filled with bars and restaurants along the beaches and so after some water sports you can sit back and catch some rays with amazing food and drinks.