Places to visit in Maldives for Couples


A Maldives honeymoon is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. The Maldives has been among the top honeymoon destinations for the romantic getaway of a lifetime due to their location in the Indian Ocean. 

As one of the best tropical vacation destinations in the maldives luxury resorts, it is no wonder that this island nation has sculpted itself. However, it is one of the top destinations for tropical vacations as it is dotted with dozens of inhabited islands and villas built on the beach and over water. 

The white powdered beaches and house reefs scattered around the northern and southern atolls are the most distinguishing features of places to visit in the Maldives for a honeymoon. 

The Maldives is also famous for its private island resorts, where couples can enjoy a barefoot lifestyle, snorkeling, yachting, and even dining on the sandbanks – all of which are romantic activities for couples.

Maldives Luxury Resorts

The Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort opened in 2019 after extensive renovations to the former Jumeirah hotel on Meradhoo, a private island in the southern Maldives archipelago. Villas on the island have private pools, whereas ocean villas have stepped directly into the deep blue and marble outdoor baths looking out to the sea – a short boat ride away. 

There are three restaurants, a cocktail bar, and a range of activities and facilities at the resort to help you relax, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate. Private dining options, butler services, and an over-water fitness center are available. A PADI-certified diving center at the resort offers fascinating coral reef adventures.

  • Hotel website: Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort
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Top 5 Places to visit in the Maldives On Honeymoon

The top 5 Places to visit in Maldives for couples are.

  1. Manta Point
  2. Bandaara Kilhi Lake
  3. Dhadimagi Kilhi
  4. Banana Reef
  5. HP Reef

Maldivian islands are among the top honeymoon attractions in the Maldives. You can enjoy beach adventure and watersports at a lower price on the local islands in the Maldives. 

Furthermore, it has been cited as one of the best tourist places to visit in the Maldives that the private island resorts are one of the best places to stay because of the level of luxury that they provide. Keep reading if you want to know where couples should go on holiday in the Maldives.

  1. Manta Point

Scuba diving is best in the Maldives at Manta Point. The Maldives has one of the most popular water sports in the world on this island, so if you want to have a wonderful time in the water while at the same time getting up close to the natural sea life of the Maldives, you should go there. Once you get here, you will have a lot to do. 

Even though renting gear can be as expensive as 100 dollars per person, the experience is one you will never forget. Due to its exotic nature, snorkeling in the Maldives is an excellent activity for couples on their honeymoon and people who enjoy scuba diving. 

The basic training allows you to go deep under the water quickly, so you can experience life in the ocean and see its depths. Before participating in this activity, ensure you understand everything your guide says.

Location: Lankanfinolhu Island in North Male, Atoll 

  1. Bandara Kilhi Lake

There are tons of fish to be found in Bandara Kilhi lake, which is the Maldives’ biggest freshwater reserve. As a result of the dense vegetation surrounding it, there are ferns, tropical almond trees, cheese fruits, screwpine trees, coconut palms, banana trees, taro fields, and mango trees. Furthermore, aside from the foliage, there are many exotic animals and species found here, so you will never run out of things to see. 

This lakeside is home to the Maldivian white-breasted waterhen, an endemic species of the Maldives, and the common moorhen, which is unique to Fuvahmulah. The Maldives is a popular destination for honeymoons because of this.

 Location: Bandaara Kilhi, Fuvahmulah (Ghazee Magu) 

  1. Dhadimagi Kilhi

Another lake in the same region of the Bandara Kilhi is the Dhadimagi Kilhi, which is a little further away. In addition to this, the park also houses many species of birds. That is globally endangered and a scarce variety of plant life. If you are interested in hearing the distinctive cooing of various birds in this area, you may want to take a trip here. 

So that you can listen to the pleasant aroma of many kinds of rare plants and trees all over the area as you walk through the surrounding vegetation. 

Because of the importance of these areas as far as restoration and conservation activities are concerned, the Government has done an excellent job in restoring and preserving these areas to make them exciting destinations that tourists from many parts of the world may visit easily. 

There is not much you will find in other parts of the world that compares with the range of vegetation and wildlife found in this lake, so you must travel there if you are looking for such a variety of nature.

Location: Fuvahmulah, Maldives

  1. Banana Reef

North Male Atoll’s Banana Reef is another fascinating site to visit. Banana plantations cover the entire area, and many wildlife species live here. As the name suggests, you will see dense foliage everywhere. There is more to it than this, however. Scuba diving avenues are also famous in this area, whose waters will make you swoon when you step into them. 

Take a plunge into the deep sea, and you’ll witness many ocean world life and species. While getting to this place is no problem at all, when you go scuba diving here, you will see some of the most amazing underwater sightings you will ever see in your entire life. This is a great honeymoon destination in the Maldives. 

This is an attraction you won’t want to miss! When you finally dive into the Banana Reef and witness the breathtaking natural underwater beauty you will see, these words you read here will remain in your mind forever!

Location: Banana Reef (North Male Atoll) Maldives 

  1. HP Reef

There should be a spellbound reef at HP Reef. Girifushi Thila and Rainbow Reef are also names of this reef. Visit this place, dive, and let your senses be overwhelmed by the beauty of this area. It is impossible to convey the beauty and awe of the HP reef simply by reading about it. Check it out for yourself.

Honeymooning couples should visit this place together. With its towering trees and willowing branches, and shoreline encrusted horizons, one will always be able to enjoy the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets here.

Location: North Male Atoll 

Final Verdict

After a lot of research and utilizing our personal experience, we suggest some top places to visit in the Maldives. We thank you for reading the article, i.e., “Places to visit in the Maldives for couples” If you have any questions related to this article, you can ask in the comment section below. 

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Is there a tipping culture in the Maldives?

There is usually a 10% service tax in the Maldives; above that, there is no need to tip. Tipping can still be generously done if someone wishes.

What can you buy things in the Maldives?

Here are a few items you should buy when visiting the Maldives:

  1. Thundu Kunal mats ( traditional Maldivian mats)
  2. Lacquer work
  3. Sarongs
  4.  Dhonis

Is alcohol allowed in the Maldives?

Locally, alcohol consumption is restricted due to the country’s Islamic heritage. A license to sell alcohol is available at water resorts and liveaboards. Those visiting the island for the first time should pay attention to this Maldives travel tip.

How should I plan my Maldives vacation?

The Maldives is best visited between November and April. Travelers can avoid crowds by planning a trip before or after the peak season from December to March.