10 offbeat experiences you must enjoy in Jamaica


Jamaica, an island country located South of the US, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Caribbean. It is the perfect mix of blues and greens with the clear, turquoise water washing up on its shores and the Blue Mountains peaking on the horizon. Jamaica is famous for its natural beauty, mixed culture, delicious, earthy food and mild coffee. It is the perfect place for a rejuvenating, long vacation on an exotic, isolated beach. You can opt for the luxurious Jamaica villa rentals with staff and make the most of your time here. Read on to discover some offbeat experiences you must indulge in while you are on the islands.

1. Witness the water on fire in St. Ann

You can visit St. Ann’s Bay to witness this small spring called the Firewater Pond. Located in the middle of nowhere, this miraculous spring is said to have magical healing properties, given that water here can be put on fire. It is suspected that this water has high quantities of sulphur. However, the locals tend to believe in the mystical powers. The pond is almost the size of a jacuzzi and one is supposed to soak in the magic water to keep ailments at bay.

2. Pay homage to Bob Marley

Jamaica is also the home of Bob Marley – the musician who made reggae famous. You can visit his hometown and burial ground in Nine Mile to pay your respects to the late musical icon. There are handwritten notes from his fans on the walls of his home. The house is painted in the iconic red, yellow, green colors of Rastafari. It is suggested to take a trip to the place early in the morning as it can get heavily packed during the day.

3. Feast on the Jerk Chicken at Scotchies 


The one place to have jerk chicken in Jamaica is Scotchies. They are world famous for the utterly delicious and authentic food available. You will get chicken wrapped in tin foil, drenching with their signature jerk sauce here. Moreover, there are cooking classes at different places which will help you recreate the Jamaican jerk chicken back home. The locals will teach you how to mix the spices and make the jerk sauce which lends the dish its signature taste.

4. Visit the crocodiles at the South Coast

The Black River is full of crocodiles on the south coast of Jamaica. You can see and click these mysterious reptiles closely on the Black River Safari. The tour will last for about ninety minutes, making it one of the most exciting hours in your life. These animals are notorious for lying still in the sand which makes it a bit difficult for people to spot them. However, covering an area of 53 kilometers along the river means you will get to see one at least.

5. Hike & Bike in the countryside

Well, more like the Blue Mountains! These hills have a 3.5-mile-long hike which will take you through the heartland of Jamaica. The peak at the end of this journey will give you a clear and spectacular view of the Jamaican horizons and surroundings. You can also bike or camp here. The trail is full of lush green tropical forests with a wide range of flora and fauna present. Do notice the color or shade of these mountains as evening approaches. The blue tinted shade lends the hills the name Blue Mountains.

6. Have a beer in the middle of nowhere

Pelican Bar is one of the best bars in the world – mainly as it is located in the middle of the ocean. A great place to hang out, Pelican Bar can be reached from the South Coast in twenty minutes by the boat. It is the place where you can enjoy a drink or two while watching the sun go down. Your excursion to Pelican can even be a half day trip, depending on where you are staying in the island.

7. Swim with the dolphins

Dolphin Cove Jamaica offers you one of the most unique experiences ever – swim with dolphins in the Caribbean Sea itself. There are other forms of marine life, various fish, rays, etc. here as well. You can also pet camels and enjoy white sandy beaches with clear waters here.

8. Boat in the Glistening Waters

One of the most unique places on the planet, the Glistening Waters or the Luminous Lagoon, is located on the North Coast of the island. An example of bioluminescence, the water here is full of microorganisms, which produce light, giving the water a special ‘glow in the dark’ effect. If you can swim or dive here, the water will light up all around you. The place is best visited in evening or night time. The fascinating fact is that there are only three other places in the world to share this same phenomenon with this beautiful lagoon.

9. Take a leap in the Blue Hole

There are plenty of waterfalls in Jamaica, but the Blue Hole is certainly one of the least crowded ones. Located in the hills, a few miles away from Ocho Rios, the place is known for its signature blue water and the tree vines that surround it. You can either dive from a high spot or swing on the ropes like Tarzan before jumping in the cold blue water here.

 10. Walk amidst the coffee trees

coffee trees

Surrounded by majestic mountains, the Croydon Plantation is famous for its pineapple, coffee, and sugarcane produces. The tour here will give you more information about farming, processing of coffee, as well as the history of Jamaica. The grounds of this plantation are well maintained with a grand landscape. You also get complimentary lunch here, which includes authentic Jamaican food with their signature Blue Mountain coffee. Oh, and you also get to sample fruits like coconut, jackfruit, pineapple, star fruit among others.

Jamaica has so much to offer in terms of nature, history, and culture. So, plan a trip and fly off to Jamaica soon!