IRCTC: Train Chart Preparation time for Indian Railways 2018

By this article “ Train Chart preparation time for Indian Railways IRCTC” , I would like to discuss about the things that are taken into consideration and things that come into play while preparing a Train Chart by IRCTC. We are well aware of the fact that how infuriating it is to book a train ticket, it becomes more irksome when the booking is having a waiting list status. If the number of yours in the waiting list is not high, you can be sure about the booking confirmation even before the train chart is prepared but if the waiting list number is high one have to wait till the chart is prepared. So now let’s have a look at how a Train Chart is prepared which plays a major role in a person’s life who travels on a regular basis.

Here today I want to clear the ambiguity and all the fictitious thoughts we have regarding the process of Train chart preparing by IRCTC ( Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) and put a clear idea into your brains.

When you have a waiting list ticket and it is not yet confirmed, Train chart preparation time is what you have to look forward to. Train chart is prepared before a few hours before the departure of the train from the source station and varies with the station which is done by taking all the factors into consideration like Train ticket cancellation, Tatkal and many more. To see whether you have got a confirmed ticket or not you have to know the Railways chart preparation time.

If you have a waiting list ticket for a particular train and if you don’t get a confirmation of your seat even after the chart preparation that means nothing but you can’t travel in that train by any legal means and if the booking of that ticket is done by any online ticket booking portal or IRCTC online your ticket will be cancelled automatically as waiting list e ticket doesn’t have any value and it’s a cancelled ticket and you will get your money in the form of refund to your bank account from the wallet depending on the method you have chosen to do the payment.

A ticket booked online will be automatically cancelled if it still doesn’t get confirmation after the train chart preparation and the money you paid for it  will be refunded to your respective wallet based on the payment method you used and you can check railway ticket cancellation rules stated in the IRCTC portal for the same.

Train Chart preparation time for Indian Railways

Train chart preparation time depends on the trains and it’s departure time which is limited only to the reserved trains though. Train chart is prepared exactly 4 hours before the train departs from its source or origin station which differs for the trains which early in the morning and late in the night. The chart is prepared by the end of the previous day irrespective of the 4 hour rule for a train which starts anytime after 12 AM in a day. The date of Tatkal ticketing procedure will also change depending upon the time of the train departure from the origin station.

It is a fact that the final chart is not actually final, A further update is made by the IRCTC before 30 minutes of the departure time of the train from the source station in which few of the RAC tickets could be confirmed from the update of last minute cancellations made. So, it is always suggested the best to wait till the last 30 minutes of the departure time of the train before cancelling or altering the travel plan.

What is chart of Train ?

A chart of a train is a record of confirmation of the passengers with a confirmed ticket and a RAC ticket with their seat numbers and important details about the passengers like name, age, gender, seat number and stations from where you start and where you get down which is the boarding station and destination station. The final chart prepared by the IRCTC is pasted on the compartment you get in, on the platform you board the train. If you have done the ticket booking by any online web portal you get the confirmation through a message about the confirmation of your ticket or any up gradation in your RAC ticket with your compartment and seat numbers.

“ Chart is not prepared” is what appears on the screen when you check for the PNR status if the chart is not prepared by then which anyways is not a point of worry for the passengers with confirm tickets. But once the final chart is prepared when you check the PNR status with the PNR number which was provided for you at the time of ticket booking on your ticket. Your compartment number and seat number will be displayed on the screen for the confirmed and RAC tickets. If you don’t seem to be allotted by a seat number and coach number but with a waiting list number that means your ticket is not confirmed and you cannot travel with that ticket. Your ticket will be automatically cancelled and does not have a value if you have made the booking online through any of the online travel booking web portals like IRCTC online.

IRCTC has provide the privilege of making the ticket booking till 30 mins before the departure time from November 12th as the chart is prepared twice once before 4 hours from the departure time and updated before 30 mins from the departure time taking the last minute cancellations into consideration.

Chart Preparation Time for Morning Trains.

Chart preparation for the trains which are started from the origin station between 12 AM in the night to 11 AM in the morning is done by 8 PM on the previous day which has a pro of letting you know the seat confirmation of your train beforehand and also has a con of lacking the information about the ticket cancellations done after 8 PM on the previous day. It is suggested the best to keeping checking the PNR status till 30 minutes before the departure time even for the trains which starts between the stated timeline. IRCTC has recently added the feature of Confirm Probability to its online ticket booking web portal at the time of booking a ticket with the probability percentage of the ticket confirmation from which can be helpful in taking the decision of booking whether to book the ticket or not at the time of booking itself rather than ending up with a waiting list ticket in hand even after the chart is prepared and eventually cancelling the journey. It is always suggested the best to check the confirm probability of different trains while booking the ticket and book the train with the highest confirm probability taking the feasible timings of travel into consideration.

Chart Preparation Time for Evening Trains.

Chart preparation for Evening trains is done before 3-4 hours from the departure time of the train as I mentioned earlier in the article which is further updated before 30 mins from the departure time.

Chart Preparation Time for Midnight Trains.

Chart preparation for the midnight trains which are have their departure times between midnight 12 AM to morning 11 AM are done before the closing time of the previous day which is 8 PM in the evening.

How to check Whether Chart is Prepared or not ?

Train chart preparation can be known by checking the PNR status on the IRCTC website or by just typing PNR status check directly in the Google search. If the chart is not prepared you will get to see the statement saying “Chart is not Prepared yet” on the screen and if the chart is prepared you can see the details of the Compartment and seat numbers of your confirmed or RAC tickets.

You should also have a focus on the origin time of the train to know the departure time of the train from the origin station. If your station is far away from the origin station the chart of that respective train can be made before 1 day from your date of journey. Sometimes you end up getting confused between the charts prepared for the respective trains if it’s a daily train when the station you are boarding is far away from the trains origin station. When you are checking the PNR status it is always considered to be mandatory to have a focus on the origin date, time and the station of the respective train.

Train chart preparation can be checked online on the IRCTC website by typing the PNR number in the PNR status check box or by directly logging into your IRCTC account if you have one. PNR status of your ticket is also sent to you through a text message by the IRCTC once the chart for the respective train is prepared.

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