Explore The Beautiful City of Dresden While Having Fun


Are you looking for unique adventures on your next visit to Dresden? This is not your typical tourist guide of the most popular places you need to visit, instagrammable locations, and exquisite architecture, there’s so many things to do and a day trip will leave you starving for more.

Over the river banks of Elbe, in the state of Saxony, an impressive city of Baroque—Dresden was rebuilt after it got destroyed in WWII. The city has been developed and is now the most exceptional place to visit in Germany.

How Do You Spend A Day In Dresden? Is One Day Enough To Have Fun?

Exploring this marvellous city from a ruin into a hidden gem waiting to be discovered helps you appreciate getting closer to nature like never before. Getting a closer look at the ‘real’ beauty of this city means you need to walk around and check out its attractions located in its old town.

It would be best if you also considered doing the Bastei hike, which is a highly recommended outdoor activity. While travelling in Dresden may cost you a bit more compared to other countries, the experience is undoubtedly worth it.

If you are into hiking or a modern twist of treasure hunting, you’ll need to pack cosy walking shoes as Dresden offers exploration to the next level. Backpacking and outdoor adventure such as geocaching Dresden and it’s marvelous area is a must-try in the city as you uncover the magnificent beauty in every corner while searching for hidden ‘cache’ all only a few knew about.

It’s the best way to bond with friends, family, or organize your next exciting activity as you take advantage of the city’s excellent weather and fascinating corners. One day is not enough to feel it’s exquisite culture.

Dresden is a famous historical destination if you plan to visit Germany. It’s known to be the Florence of the North due to the historic sites covering the city’s landscape.

Exploring Dresden While Having Fun

Explore, Hike, and Visit Bastei Bridge

Dresden, Germany owns the most stunning views and mountain fortress in Europe. It’s the best hiking area where you can have a nature walk on a stone bridge that stretches across Elbe Sandstone Mountains rock formations. This stone bridge has a mesmerizing landscape view from below.

Marvel at Fürstenzug Mural

If you are into keen details, then you must check Fürstenzug Mural. It’s a mural procession of all the Saxony rulers initially painted in 1871 and 1876. This massive mural is made in superb attention to intricate details.

Visit The Historic Old Town

If you are into Baroque architecture, then Dresden’s old town suits you best. It’s the kind of fun exploring ancient renaissance-style palaces and gates built in the 1500s.

Dresden Cathedral, Katholische Hofkirche, the most crucial church in Dresden is found here. It’s renovated after being destroyed in world war two. You’ll also find the opera house or Semperoper Dresden, an intricate and unique-detailed building designed on its facade.

Don’t forget to miss the Baroque-styled palace, Zwinger, that comes with its art exhibition, gardens, and a walk of history about the city’s rich culture. Zwinger is surrounded by scientific instruments and porcelain items that make you feel noble visiting the area.

Frauenkirche Church

The Frauenkirche church is famous for its Lutheran architecture paving the way to showcasing Protestant’s sacred architecture and featuring one of the biggest domes found in Europe.

Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

The Old Masters Picture Gallery has 750+ paintings coming from various painters worldwide as it showcases the glorious development of realism art into your own eyes.

The Brühl’s Terrace

As known as the balcony of Europe, is a terrace that extends above the Elbe shore. Both sides have a unique approach to how you can marvel with the scenery of Dresden right before your eyes.

Dresden’s Nightlife and Free Concert

Having fun at Dresden means you’ll need to check their free jazz concerts at Scheune. There are tons of events happening around the area, free and paid shows, to entertain their visitors.

That is why staying for a day is not recommended as it takes a couple more to explore the marvellous beauty and have fun with this historic place.

Explore Dresden’s Hidden Passageways

True to its name, Dresden has tons of secret passages only a few who’re willing to explore can. The Kunsthofpassage Dresden alley is one of them. A renovated run-down art centre right behind those backyards will surprise you. It has five art installations; the Courtyard of light, Elements, Mythical Garden, Metamorphosis, and Animals.

Is Dresden a Safe City?

Dresden has a low rate of crimes and is safe to travel to. The law is strictly implemented and respected by all its citizens and visitors. Their most common crimes you might encounter is bicycle theft and pickpocketing.

How Do You Get Around Dresden?

There are different ways on how to explore and have fun in Dresden. You can walk and explore the sights first-hand, using public transportations such as subway, trains, trams, buses, and taxis. Cycling around the city is also another way to explore.


Travelling and exploring the marvellous beauty of Dresden should allow you to get to know all it’s famous places, it’s a rich culture, and be part of it, regardless of how long you plan to stay and what activities you have in your itinerary.

It’s a great place to bond with your families and friends, whether going for a nature walk, sightseeing, touring popular tourist destinations, or blending in the crowd. Dresden has a lot to offer than meets the eye if fun is what you are up to.