Cheap Places to Travel Internationally in 2021

Cheap Places to Travel

Keep up this list of cheap countries to travel to for your ready reference, but this time we don’t know which countries will be open for tourism or appropriate to travel to. Still, we can make a wishlist.

Positively, 2021 will provide us with some more opportunities to travel, heal, and come together again. When budget-conscious travelling is the priority, the best way is to pick your destinations wisely. 


One of the cheapest places to travel.Often associated with affordable beach resorts like Cancun, Cabo, or TulumDive into the local cultureSo much to discover in the vast countryClassic travel route: Mexico City to Oaxaca, ending on the Yucatan PeninsulaCheck out Chiapas state with jungles, waterfalls, and epic Mayan ruins Backpacker Budget: $40 a dayMid-range Budget: $60 a day


A fantastic country to travel A tiny bit of everything from South America can be feltHave both the Pacific and Atlantic coastsAmazon rainforest, Andes Mountains rangeBuzzing cities in Medellín and BogotaThe warmth of vibrant culture.Backpacker Budget: $35 a dayMid-range Budget: $50 a day


Discover Europe’s travel secrets Ultimate bargainThe spectacular Transylvania region defies expectations Cute medieval towns, ancient fortified churchesSpectacular Carpathian Mountain rangeFavourite destinations in Europe.Backpacker Budget: $40 a dayMid-range Budget: $60 a day

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One of Europe’s cheapest and cheaper than Southeast AsiaMost interesting destinationsUnconventional capitalCrumbling façades of conventional wooden Georgian houses Soviet-era architecture Daring contemporary designsExplore the stunning Caucasian Mountain rangeTake a dip in the Black SeaTour ancient hilltop monasteries all over the country.Backpacker Budget: $20 a dayMid-range Budget: $40 a day


World’s fifth-largest country Amazing travel destinationsHuge waterfalls of IguaçuBay of Rio de Janeiro, Sugarloaf MountainColourful beach towns of the Bahia coastHighly favourable exchange rateBackpacker Budget: $40 a dayMid-range budget: $70 a day


Cheapest holiday destinations in the worldSouthern beaches have upscale resorts with higher pricesCosts in Thailand get more economical as you go inland.Go to the northern Chiang Mai region Budget travel heavenDiscover rice fields, Buddhist temples and hill tribes Best-value accommodation anywhereBackpacker Budget: $30 a day (* inland)Mid-range budget: $50 a day


Labelled a ‘hidden gem.’The tiny archipelago off the coast of AfricaAn incredible country to exploreLocation and climate make it a great winter getaway for Europeans.The island of Sal is recognised for its inexpensive assortment of holiday resorts.The Island of Santo Antao is best for hiking and trekking. Backpacker Budget: $45 a dayMid-range Budget: $70 a day


Famed Ha Long Bay is impressiveGo just a concise off the beaten trackThe most fun places in Southeast AsiaThe northern province of Ha Giang is pure Limestone landscapes at Tam Coc should not be missedPhong Nha is an excellent escapade tourism hotspot with the base to the world’s largest cave.Eat local meals in a few dollars Locally brewed inexpensive beersClean and comfortable place to stayBackpacker Budget: $25 a dayMid-range Budget: $45 a day


Three small Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Tucked between the Nordic countries and Russia. Scandinavia on a budgetSquint your eyes to remind you of Finland Woodlands, log cabins painted in deep red, peat bogs, lakesCross-country skiing, saunas, and vodkaCosts are one-third of the NordicsBackpacker Budget: $35 a dayMid-range Budget: $70 a day

10. LAOS

Sparsely populated, mountainous70% forest coverageA paradise for outdoor activities Trekking, zip-lining, climbing, kayaking, and hot air ballooning Extreme budget pricesImproved infrastructure More accessibleDon’t miss sleeping in tree huts Zip-lining at jungle canopy for the infamous Gibbon experienceWaterfalls in the Bolaven PlateauBackpacker Budget: $20 a dayMid-range budget: $40 a day


Kind-hearted nature of the Nepalese The wonderful bustle of Kathmandu World’s cheapest places for mountain trekking, guided or independentRoutes throughout the Himalayas Very well-supported Tea houses to eat and sleepEpic 7-day trek to Annapurna Base Camp Backpacker Budget: $20 a dayMid-range Budget: $40 a day


Spectacular Komodo islands and rural Flores Beautiful Indonesian archipelago It offers a whole world to discoverNeighbouring islands of Lombok and JavaGet into Sumatra, West Nusa Tenggara, or Sulawesi.White sand beaches with jungles and savannahsBlue flame-spewing volcanoes Remote rainforests Meet orangutans in the wildA budget traveller’s dream.Backpacker Budget: $25 a day (* outside Bali)Mid-range Budget: $50 a day

Go and visit these places to make your holidays happier and budget-friendly.

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