Business Travel To London

Business people travelling

Travelers find London as one of the best cities in the world to do business in, and for good reason too. Excellent infrastructure, best connectivity, readily available WiFi and an efficient 24×7 transport system makes this vibrant city well-suited for any type of commercial activity. With plenty of sustainable venues, with energy efficient and zero-waste policies, London has all you need to hold a sustainable event. So irrespective if you are traveling solo or with colleagues, here are a few tips on how to go about doing business when you are in London.

Getting there

London has as many as six international airports which are all linked by tube to several stations like Paddington and Victoria. The fastest journey times vary from 15 minutes by the Heathrow Express to 52 minutes to Liverpool Street by Greater Anglia.

For businesses travelers arriving from other parts of mainland Europe, the Eurostar rail network offers a fast, efficient and cheaper option than flying. Large groups can enjoy the facility of Group Travel package by hiring an entire coach on Eurostar.

Getting around London

Man in London
Man in London

The best way for businessmen to get around London is by using the tube. You can leave your luggage safely at Left luggage King Cross. This oldest underground rail system is not only the oldest public transport network in the world but also the most efficient and quick. Use the Oyster Card for contactless payment on a variety of sections, including the Heathrow Express. This allows business delegates to travel from one point to another in London seamlessly without having to buy multiple tickets.

Stay fit like a native

If you are one of the twenty five million people who target London every year, a typical business trip can not only be detrimental to your health, but can seriously deplete your reserves and affect your work performance. Outside food and disruptive sleep cycles because of jet lag can wreak havoc on the restoration process of the body.

If the long work meetings do not leave you with enough spare time to attend a fitness class or a workout in the hotel gym, you can use the help of a local in the privacy of your room. These natives of London, offer customized yoga classes to resolve the many issues related to travel like sore backs or tight hips to fix you right almost instantly.

Dress well

For businessmen who travel round the world for work, it is inevitable that some time or the other they would land up in Great Britain.London is a fashionable city, so you have to be dressed for the occasion.This doest necessarily mean that you have to wear a suit all the time you attend a meeting, but you should be prepared to make an effort to impress your counterpart. In case of any doubt, you can check the social media of the company you are dealing with, or just ask them about what to wear. Bear in mind that the British take business attire quite seriously, and wearing the wrong pieces will do you no good in presenting your case .

Luggage storage

Millions of people travel to London each year for business and explore the city at the same time, after all who would not like to enjoy a bit of the city after a long day of meetings. It is therefore advisable to lighten your load, to enjoy your day out, without having to lug the heavy bags and suitcases. Best to travel without luggage in the London underground or even if you are on foot.

With the help of luggage storage companies you can leave your bags at hundreds of storage points spread all over the city, for as low as 1 per hour, per piece, and never more than 5 per 24 hours. Simply go to the website of the preferred company, check the location you want and place your booking. You won’t be charged till you actually turn up.

Stay hydrated

London has over 3000 stations where you can refill your water bottle throughout the day and at the same time help contribute to limit plastic waste. Most restaurants and cafes will also replenish your bottle free of charge. For more information you can download the Refill app. Remember that London tap water is not only safe to drink, but considered to be among the best in the world.