Best Ways to Avoid Airline Fees


Donít get surprised if you are charged extra by the Airlines in your first flight. I know everyone aims to travel in the air, but due to unnecessary fees, people are unable to go in desired airlines.

Are you familiar with the extra charges which you might have to spend while traveling in the air? Itís flight change fees, fees for beverages and food, checked bag fees, seat alignment fees, etc.  This list is growing day by day.

No doubt airlines provide more creative and effective services to travel comfortably but for that, you have to pay extra for everything. The charges of all the airlines vary according to the facilities they offer to the people.

Before making your own predictions its always better to confirm things by contacting the Airlines and clear your doubts. Say, if you are traveling with American Airlines then you can clarify the doubts by calling on the American airlines phone numberwhere the service is available for 24 hours and seven days. They will guide you with the exact fee structure and extra charges with which you are unfamiliar.

Not everyone gets fooled with the extra charges. Some of the smartest flyers never pay a single penny extra and end up traveling comfortably. You might be thinking about how they do so? Am I right? If yes, then Donít Worry! You are the right platform.

In this article, I am going to discuss 6 best strategies by considering which you can avoid paying extra fees on your next flight.

Letís get started with ways to avoid sneaky airlines fees.

#1 Search for the airlines that charge less

In this competitive era, the majority of airlines are price crazy, but still, some airlines make traveling more comfortable and straightforward. So, dontí close your eyes while booking your air ticket.

Furthermore, you need to look for airlines that have fewer fees such as if you go with Southwest you donít pay for the first two bags. You also need not pay extra if you make your mind to change a flight. In the case of changing fight, you just have to pay the fare.

So, before taking any decision, evaluate the cost of all the airlines and choose the one that suits you the best.

#2 Weigh your carry bags

Another way with which you can get rid of paying extra is to measure and weigh your carry bags before landing to the airport. It is one of the additional fees which empty your banks. So the question is what is the maximum weight allowed?

Are you aware of the baggage weight allowed? If yes! Then get assured. If not, then continue reading.

40 to 50 pounds is the actual weight which is allowed in the airplane. If your baggage weight exceeds this unit, you will be charged overweight. The cost is nearly around $50 to $400 per bag. Moreover, if your bag is more than 62 linear inches, you have to pay from $50 to $600 for each page. So make sure to check your luggage size in advance. 

Source: travelandleisure

#3 Book your tickets from credit or debit card

In this technological world, everything is done digitally. By looking at the interest of people, there are some of the airlines that do not charge extra for booking online tickets such as US airlines, and many others.  If you are planning to book your next ticket, you can consider Faremart.com which is a robust platform designed to ease your Air Travel providing the best travel services.

So why to pay additional charges on phone booking fees which varies from $15 to $45. Start using debit cards or credit cards to fly with certain airlines reasonably. Donít Worry; itís easy and convenient to apply for the long run.

#4 Carry your own magazine or books

Thinking of what to do in free time? Planning to use your mobile phones and access airplane Wi-Fi. No doubt most of the domestic flights have the option of in-flight Wi-Fi, but you have to pay some extra money from your pocket.

If you are ready to pay, then you have better options to go. But if you want to save your valuable money; book the airlines that allow the passengers to carry reading materials along with them such as magazines, books, etc.

I recommend you to carry your reading material and save $12.70 for 24 hours of Wi-Fi pass. You can also download online sources to make your journey enjoyable. Altogether, you have a better option to get entertained in the airplane without investing much.

#5 Be certain with the traveling plans

Be sure with your plan before booking your flight because ticket cancellation could be more expensive than purchasing. You might have to pay two-three times more than actual.

What to do if you have iffy plans? Look for flexible airlines like Alaska. If you make a change in your plan 60 days before departure, then you will not be charged extra. Similar is with Southwest- a major US airline; they do not charge for a change fee. Moreover, they will offer you a credit for your scheduled flight.

Take note that if you change your purchased non-refundable ticket, then it may cost you from $75 to $175. I know this a huge amount; you can get a new ticket instead. So, always have a fixed plan if you are planning for future air travel.

#6 Select Seats in Advance

Let me make you more familiar that not every seat is equally charged. You have to invest some more for extra leg room or if you wish to sit near the window. The seat range of domestic flights varies from $15 to $150, which is a huge price.

If you want to save your valuable money, you can select the seats in advance. Some airlines offer discounts for frequent fliers. If the airline assigns the seats, it will cost you less. Before 24 hours or less before departure, you can grab the desirable seat without paying extra.

So, always try to book your seats a bit early.

Source: aircanada

In a Crux

There is no doubt that paying will offer you more relaxed and efficient services, but for that, you have to reduce your pocket bags weight. As per my knowledge, no one is interested in that.

If you are one of them, then you should consider the above-discussed ways before booking your flight. Hopefully! All the above-discussed strategies will help you to avoid all the extra charges that might have to spend while traveling in the air.

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