7 Places To Visit For Amazing Night Sky Views

Mauna Kea (Hawaii, USA)

If youíre an astronomy enthusiast, most probably you want to visit exotic places from where you can enjoy amazing views of the night sky. The best way to do that is with the help of a telescope, and the ideal model would be one that is fit for travel. By readinga detailed review on telescopes, you will be able to tell which the best tool to bring along with you would be. Now that youíre well prepared letís see what places passionate astronomers would love to visit.

Royal Observatory (London, UK)

The only planetarium in London, the Royal Observatory is a place rich in history, and also one of the must-see destinations on the list of any astronomy enthusiast. When youíre not taking advantage of the many benefits offered by the observatory, you can take your time to see the museum housed by the same building.

Mauna Kea (Hawaii, USA)

If you ever needed a new reason to visit Hawaii, astronomy-related ambitions are as good as any. If you visit Mauna Kea, which stands 14,000 feet above sea level, take your time to explore the night sky from one of the observatories located here. In case you didnít bring your own telescope, the amenities provided to tourists include stargazing equipment.

Lake Tekapo (New Zealand)

Anyone who wants to enjoy unobstructed views of the night sky without the usual light pollution that comes from human-inhabited places should visitLake Tekapo. There is a small town on its shores, and here, you will find the Mount John Observatory.

Take your time to visit the surroundings as they are pristine and untouched, and provide the weary travelers with the best means to enjoy nature firsthand. The town authorities go to extra length to limit light pollution, and there are hoods for street lamps that prevent the light emissions from being reflected upward.

Reykjavik (Iceland)

A spot where you can watch the Northern Lights could not have been amiss from this selection. The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, is the number one destination for this purpose, but you must be aware that trying to spot the astronomical phenomenon from the city area may not be ideal, due to light pollution.

However, there are plenty of tours ready to take you from the city center to spots where the light pollution is not that bad, and you can admire the glorious views of the Northern Lights to your heartís content. Donít forget to bring your camera!

Cerro Paranal (Atacama Desert, Chile)

If youíre looking for ideal conditions to watch the night sky, very few places on the planet can beat this location. The Paranal Observatory is placed on the Cerro Paranal mountain, and it is as close to the sky as an observatory can be. There isno light pollution to worry about, and the chances of rain throughout the year are slim.

Hayden Planetarium (New York, USA)

It may be difficult to believe that in New York, the city that never sleeps, one could watch the night sky. But there are places where astronomy enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite activity even in New York. At the Hayden Planetarium, the Space Show program draws crowds of tourists every year.

South African Astronomical Observatory (Sutherland, South Africa)

Any astronomy geek with an ambition to cover the globe in search of spots ideal for stargazing should write down this destination. Equipped with telescopes that have been here since the 1970s, this observatory offers tourists great opportunities to watch the night sky. There is minimal light pollution, and the observatory is located 6,000 feet above sea level.

Image Credits: Night Sky Views from Meister Photos /Shutterstock