7 Best Places to Visit in USA


The USA or the United States of America is one of those places where you can find both cultural richness and economical richness. Though it might look that the USA is all about people, roads, parties, discos, and so on, a greater portion of the country houses natural wonders too. If you are planning to visit this American country, why don’t you first take an insight into what it has stored in for you?

Here are the best places to visit in USA where you can enjoy the best times of your life, experiencing both the enthusiasm of the crowd and the magnificence of nature.


If you are really into the wonders of nature, then Yellowstone National Park is the ideal place for you. All around the place, you will find the meadows, hot springs, and the Mammoth jet springs. In fact, you will have the alpine rivers and the lush vegetation to grace the beauty of this volcanic hotspot.


Sitting on five boroughs, New York Coty comprises of the world’s leading financial center, the Manhattan. You can see the meeting of the River Hudson and the Atlantic Ocean near this part. The entire city is crowded with some ethereal skyscrapers, the primal of them being the Empire State Building. Central Park and the Times Square are the two famous places where you will enjoy both peace and loudness.


The Golden Gate Bridge is the pride of San Francisco, CA, connecting the City to Marin County. After all, it is the second largest suspension in the world. The architectures placed all around the city will remind you of the old American days while the crowd will take you twenty years further. And not to forget, the cool summers, the steep hills, and the calmness of the city will add sparks to your USA visit.


Straddling the state boundary of California and the Sierra Nevada, it is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the USA. In fact, it is the largest alpine lakes in the USA and is the second deepest one. In winter, the entire lake is covered with snow and skiing is the main sports during the season. During the spring, the lake and its surrounding areas get filled with floral blossoms and the calmness of nature.


The name is derived from the glacial mountains, which date back to the last Ice Age period. The entire area is surrounded by humongous mountains, which normally remains snow-covered throughout the year. You will find some of the unique and native species in this area, including both the fauna and the flora. The wilderness in this region is one of the driving forces of this pristine natural abode. This is perhaps one of the best places to visit in USA.


Sanibel is actually the conglomeration of sandy soil and the coral rocks. The beaches of the island on the gulf side are famous for the variety of seashells found in that area. In fact, you will also get to see the multifarious shallow-water mollusks. Roseate spoonbill, pelicans, and bald eagles are some of the famous avian species you can notice in this island.


This redwood forest covers quite a huge portion of the eastern coast of USA. Its popularity is mainly due to two reasons- one, it is a world heritage’s site while the second reason is that it consists of some of the threatened species.