4 Tips to Keep Your Laptop Safe When Travelling


Traveling with your laptop to various destinations can be both thrilling and nerve wrecking, particularly when you are traveling to areas with high crime rates. It’s worth noting that identity theft is on the rise and for this reason, it’s necessary that you keep your laptop from prying eyes.

Most tourist destinations are safe. However, some are prone to some degree of petty theft. For this reason, knowing how to stop your laptop from becoming a target will help you feel more confident and comfortable. Presented below are a few hints to keep your laptop safe when traveling.

Book safe hotel

When you are heading outdoors, you should ensure that you lock it in a safe. High-end hotels have safes that allow you to pick your combination and are safer than those with doors that have ordinary locks. If a safe is not available, you can place a ” Do Not Disturb” sign on your door and the odds that you will come back and find your laptop safe and sound.

Secure laptop bag

A safe laptop backpack is a must-have if you move with your machine frequently. The key reason is that it will protect it from thieves, especially if it’s made from slash proof material, has lockable zippers and RFID technology to deter identity theft. Besides, the Best Laptop Backpack will help combat shocks and prevent scratches since its interior is lined with soft material and cushioning. And that is not all! It should be made from breathable material to keep your laptop safe when traveling to hot destinations.

Laptop lock

You can lock your laptop to a fixed structure. Modern laptops come with a tiny lock slot that allows you to lock them on firm structures like people lock their bikes on racks. If money is not the problem, you can go for advanced laptop locks that allow you to put your combination and come with motion sensors that trigger an alarm when someone tries to steal it. The noise will alert those who are nearby and scare the criminal.

Antivirus software

If you don’t have personal internet then the possibilities are that you will use hotel Wifi if you need to get online. However, it’s worth noting that you risk a lot. When using public Wi-Fi and your antivirus program that is not up to date, then the odds are that some of your personal information might fall into the hands of hackers. If possible, stay away from public Wi-Fi while visiting and if you can’t then ensure you shop from safe sites. Such sites have a URL with a padlock icon that begins with https.

According to statistics from law enforcement agencies, laptops are among the most stolen items. Burglars are coming up with new ways to get their hands on laptops that are either carried by their owners in the streets or left in the hotel rooms. If you don’t want to lose your laptop while you need it the most you should keep the hints as discussed above in mind and for sure you will make it difficult for those with sticky fingers.

Image Credits: Travelling from Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock