Summer Sports Activities For Kids

Summer is a great season of the year to have fun and play outside with your kids. The only bad thing during summer is selecting which game to play among various options available. Thus, here are some sports to try for your kids this summer: 


There are various kids activities in Melbourne and basketball is one of them. Basketball is a high-intensity sport that can provide a whole-body workout for the kids. It involves running, dribbling, jumping, passing the ball, hand-eye coordination skills, and shooting. Playing the game will help increase muscle development and endurance. It can boost energy levels and metabolism. Thus, it can increase concentration levels at school. 

As the kids play basketball, they are given a chance to participate in a fun and non-competitive environment. It can inculcate in their minds the meaning of good sportsmanship. This can also improve social development and teamwork skills. 

Basketball is great for building self-esteem. It contributes to an increased level of self-confidence and abilities in the court. As such, help your kids to join in a supportive team environment now with teammates, coaches, and friends. 

Beach Volleyball 

Volleyball is one of the many sports, which requires minimum equipment. Take note that only a playing court and ball are needed for this type of game. Luckily, there is no shortage of volleyball programs for the kids. As such, it is easy for your child to start playing volleyball. 

According to research, kids who play volleyball demonstrate good results at school. It has a huge impact on memory and concentration as it helps improve the brain’s activity. 

Furthermore, kids can start playing volleyball even at the age of 5 years old. They can start with the basic movements and combine practicing volleyball with the studying process. 


There are various kids activities in Melbourne and swimming is one of them. Drowning is one of the major reasons for injury-related death among children. As such, kids must learn how to swim at a young age. Even if your kid is not interested in competitive swimming, you must ensure that he knows how to swim as early as possible. 

Just like any other kind of sports, team spirit is also learned in swimming. In swimming, you can learn how to get through the hardest times. This is because you and your teammates can endure the hard work that you do every single day. 

You can learn how to motivate yourself, set goals, and reach for it. Swimmers try to beat their personal best times which can also impact their lives. 


Joining football can provide various health benefits for the kids. It is a physically demanding game that can provide an opportunity to improve agility, speed, strength, and body coordination. 

Friendship is built during the game amongst the players. With many players working on one goal, the bond that the kids can build is priceless. This camaraderie is a long-term benefit for children as they can quickly appreciate the importance of having a close relationship with other people. 

Apart from physical fitness, the game requires one to have a strong mind. As such, kids can discover mental toughness whenever they join a football team.