Using a Desk Booking Software to Design a Hybrid Workplace

Desk Booking Software

A recent global survey revealed that almost 72% of the respondents, employed with leading organizations across various industries, are willing to return to the office in a hybrid setting.

The momentum has been gaining pace. More organizations are adopting the hybrid workplace as a way out of the disruption that the pandemic introduced.

Now, it is essential to understand that flexibility is at the core of a hybrid workplace. Employees are free to choose when they want to work from the office and when it will be remote. However, just as appealing as this flexibility is, managing it can become a nightmare. Therefore, technology like desk booking software is gaining traction.

A desk booking software ensures easy and flexible management of desks in the office. Furthermore, it allows you to find your employees with an interactive floor plan, track desk occupancy with real-time analytics, and schedule desks. A desk booking software can be instrumental for proper space utilization and avoiding conflicts.

But how can you leverage your desk booking software to adopt a hybrid workplace? Keep reading to find out more.

#1 Adhere to Social Distancing Protocols

Social distancing is key to keeping the virus at bay. With desk booking software, you can be compliant with the protocols. Since a desk booking solution usually provides space utilization data, you can see the empty desks and the booked ones. The floor occupancy data can help avoid over-crowding. Any time the number of employees on a floor crosses the threshold, managers can sound an alarm. This can help mitigate the risk of the virus.

Employees can use desk hoteling for advance booking. They can find and book a desk of their preference. But it can be located at a safe distance. This way, your employees can get their work done without risking their safety.

#2 Optimize Spaces for Team Collaborations

Collaboration is one of the three pillars that sustains a hybrid workplace. Without collaboration, a hybrid workplace would crumble. Employees coming to the office may need to communicate with their team members. This prompts them to book desks near their colleagues. Therefore, a desk booking system is critical to team collaboration.

If an employee needs to collaborate with colleagues from different teams, they can find and book desks using the desk booking software. Managers can deliberately create such a space that promotes collaboration. This will help manage the space better.

#3 Schedule Rotations for Returning Employees

Employee rotation is vital in a hybrid workplace. Hybrid work supports rotating schedules. A desk booking software automatically updates the booked desks with relevant information. Thus tracking employee schedules is easier. In turn, managing employee rotation becomes convenient. You can know which employee is coming when. Accommodation planning becomes more accessible as a result of this.

Additionally, if there is a virus outbreak in the office, managers can track the employees who came in contact with the infected person. Contact tracing can be done with seat utilization data, therefore curbing the spread of the virus before it wreaks havoc.

#4 Manage Sanitization

Sanitization, just like social distancing, is essential for a flexible workplace. The cases are still oscillating. This has prompted employees to look at safety first. Employers need to come up with policies that ensure employee safety. Regular sanitization is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. Earlier, once a day cleaning was enough. But after the pandemic, it is a necessity.

The utilization data of the booked desks allow managers to schedule and automate routine cleaning. Immediately after an employee vacates a desk, the cleaning team can start their work. They can clean high touchpoints like desktops and phones. You can also provide sanitizers at the desks. This will ensure that the desk is ready for use.

A hybrid workplace needs software that can boost its performance. A desk booking software allows you to book spaces, manage them and design a hybrid workplace that suits your requirement. There are several suitable desk booking mobile apps available. By adopting one, you can make your office space flexible.