Best Transportation Dispatch Software and Buyers Guide

Transportation Dispatch Software is a tool to manage transport managers to automate scheduling and routing processes.

In addition, it is a platform to coordinate deliveries in a transportation management system with business intelligence tools, which help visually present information like a table or customizable dashboards, which are more comfortable to understand than numerical data.

3 Best Examples of Transportation Dispatch Software

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect’s fleet administration software for small to medium-sized companies can assist you in uncovering hidden fuel and running costs while exposing the potential for greater productivity. Use our dashboards and recording tools to investigate trends and accurately estimate your fleet’s administration. With around-the-clock monitoring, you can manage unsafe behavior, unapproved use, or deviations from the standard model. As a result, you can save and operate a more productive fleet.

ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch, empowered by Truckstop.com, is the number one trucking marketing solution in North America. With over 50,000 happy users, ITS is the most affordable, easy-to-use web-based trucking & freight merchant software for modest to medium-sized companies. You’ll get the essential tools required to build and expand your business, including one-click invoicing, IFTA processing, comprehensive load management & Quickbooks integration.



Routing chaos is finally solved. Extremely easy-to-use, Route4Me automatically plans routes for your business and dispatches them to a mobile app with built-in navigation. Perfect for field service, field sales, marketing, merchandising, territory management, and every business requires last-mile optimization. Route4Me provides the world’s most used route sequencing and optimization software for companies and enterprises to over 34,000 customers.

Advantages of Transportation Dispatch Software 

Transportation management: The software allows transport managers to track fleet locations and delivery statuses with integrated GPS and interactive maps, thus, giving them complete control of the business.

Real-time data of each driver’s current location and quality also allows managers to spot or predict issues to avoid disruption to services immediately.

Tracking & Accuracy: A transportation dispatch software serves as a centralized online arrangement that supports control of every transportation means. This way, an array can accurately track the location of its resources.

With GPS and mobile apps implementing real-time updates, administering track of places and statuses of drivers would empower companies to enhance their dispatch system.

In addition, the software can help program a daily dispatch plan, inform drivers about the changes in the delivery inventory by email or text messages, implement billing assistance, recommend solutions based on the availability of the support, among other things.

Real-Time Route Optimization and Updating: Transportation dispatch software helps implement the cost-effective route optimization plan, considering the location, transportation, and fuel costs.

The software practices GPS to monitor the traffic and uses weather conditions to create the best dispatch route. It also helps make real-time adjustments in case of changes and notify the driver about the same.

The software can send announcements to all concerned stakeholders, including the customer, about the delivery status for maximum transparency. The software has mechanisms to incorporate and interpret historical data of all the routes, facilitating the management to study and develop their dispatch policy.

Computerized Scheduling: Transportation dispatch software implements tools to automate scheduling and assigning drivers to their job assignments.

GPS tracking and advanced routing plan help provide timely shipments. Real-time access to the prevailing traffic, weather statuses enables the software to create a custom route and receive updates on the current location, what course, or how fast they are going.

In addition, the software gives complete visibility of its resources and makes tracking of delivery situation, action timeline of drivers, and proof of delivery of order easy.

Business Intelligence Tools: Transportation dispatch software provides business intelligence tools, which help visually present information like a table or customizable dashboards, which are more comfortable to understand than numerical data.

In addition, it supports companies in tracking their achievement based on parameters like delivery time, order completion, transportation costs, customer satisfaction, etc.

Monitoring Driver and Safety: Real-time monitoring assures that the drivers obey decent driving etiquette.

In addition, transportation dispatch software helps pursue the route through notifications sent by the software. The software also provides you to rate and review the driver’s performance.

Improved customer satisfaction: The software sends texts or emails to customers when their product is on the way or any delay based on defined automation rules.

It increases customer satisfaction and creates a positive image of the company. Customers can also use the mobile app or web version of the software to provide service feedback.

Scalability and Flexibility: The transportation dispatch software should be able to adjust and adapt to the changing business requirements effectively.

This scalability characteristic available in the transportation dispatch software ensures that the services can be scaled, customized, and tailored to match the demands of the business to implement a better experience.

Transportation Dispatch Software

Characteristics of Transportation Dispatch Software 

  • Dispatch management: Assigning optimized schedules to the delivery staff and assisting with critical back-office operations to monitor driver logs and maintain other records.
  • Integrated GPS: Provides real-time updates of a driver’s geolocation and time information to the back office.
  • Routing: Helps generate optimum delivery routes by factoring in traffic, construction blocks, weather, etc.
  • Billing and invoicing: Assists with processing invoices, managing receipts, tracking expenses, and generating reports.
  • Customer management: Captures and administers customer information and interactions such as issues raised with the delivery or driver feedback.

Truck dispatch management software also increases driver visibility, provides data on driver behaviour, fleet maintenance requirements, paperless e-ticketing, custom reports, and more. It is a highly useful tool for trucking dispatchers in the construction industry.

Price of Transportation Dispatch Software

Most products on the market are priced per user per month and can be classified into three pricing layers based on their starting price. A business or premium product, which is valued higher, may include extra features such as additional storage for documents, audit management, document archives, and analytics.

Points to Consider while Buying Transportation Dispatch Software

  • Integration: The transportation dispatch software you are looking at should integrate well with your existing IT infrastructure, including inventory control, accounting, and remote monitoring software, to ensure smooth business operations.
  • Compliance management: In recent years, the federal government has put specific regulations on the transportation industry. Complying with these regulations is critical for companies, so it is essential to ensure that the software you select will help you stay on top of them all.

Transportation Dispatch Software Trend

Tracking technologies: eCommerce, retail, and logistics companies adopt tracking technologies to ensure better monitoring of deliveries and their assets. Anti-theft GPS, for instance, allows them to receive near real-time locations for entire fleets.