Top Tools for Protection from Phishing

Hacker hacking the server in the dark room

Phishing attacks are not a new challenge in most organization. An organization may have at least encountered it once or even many more times. A recent record showed that almost 76% of businesses were victims of several phishing attacks. This is why there is a raising need for every business to build their protection against phishing attacks. When an attack is successful, the whole organization data is passed on to the hand of hackers who are going to use it for their dubious acts and atrocities.

In the market today, several anti-phishing tools can keep guarantee your business full protection from phishing attacks and other forms of scamming activities. However, the most confusing part is how to know which one to make use of and the best way to keep you protected from phishing from every kind of cyberattacks.

In this piece, we have highlighted top tools for protection from phishing. You would be able to know the reliable anti-phishing tools to pick and make utilize for your safety.

First of all, what is phishing? Phishing is a kind of social attack used by hackers or scammers to hack a user or organization data, which comprises of their login details and secret information. Users need to stand up to resist phishing attacks from these hackers by making use of some tools. Read this article to get more information.

Making Use of Anti-phishing Toolbars

Anti-phishing toolbars are in the form of add-ons that can be installed on any web browser. This system can be used for protecting against phishing attacks. Some add-ons require the user to pay while some are for free. When they are downloaded and installed, they can help to detect any phishing sites.

This tool is useful to have on your browser because it helps to defend it against any suspicious or malicious threat.

In the ranking, this tool is graded as one of the weakest forms of protection from phishing attacks. Most of them are available to download for free which indicates that they are technically not the best. It has a limited power to detect phishing attacks, they are not reliable and no full guarantee.

Making Use of Antivirus Programs

Antivirus is one of the tools that can be used for trapping and stopping virus attacks. Phishing attacks and virus attacks go alongside so antivirus can also be used to stop phishing attacks. Most antivirus also has a firewall which is additional support for stopping phishing activities.

In grading also, this method of fighting phishing attacks might seem to be effective, however, it cannot be able to stand against more sophisticated attacks from scammers. Therefore, antivirus software is not fully capable of giving full protection against phishing.

Making Use of Anti-phishing Software

Anti-phishing software like Mimecast can be used to stop phishing and any other kind of cyber attacks on any system. This is the safest anti-phishing tool of them all. It safe your data against spoofing, malware, and spam aside from its main work – anti-phishing. It is effective at intercepting any suspicious move before they can spread all over your system and create any harm. It can automatically get rid and block any .exe files and kickoff any phishing emails from getting into your inbox.

In grading, this Mimecast anti-phishing software is seen as one of the safest and strongest anti-phishing tools that are available. The tool is primarily made to fight off any kind of phishing activity.

In conclusion, it is advised to make use of more than a single anti-phishing tool. Note that there are tools that are highly effective and some are less effective. But the best protection against phishing attacks is to make use of more than one tool at a time. The main reason for this is because every tool has its strength and weaknesses.