Top 10 Best Free Software Download Sites

Free software is a software that can be used, studied, and modified without any ceiling, and which can be imitated and redistributed in customized or unmodified form either without check, or with minimal restrictions only to ensure that further beneficiaries can also do these things and that manufacturers of consumer-facing hardware allow user modifications to their hardware. Free software is generally available without charge.

Free software, which may or may not be distributed free of charge, is distinct from freeware which, by definition does not require payment for use. The authors or copyright holders of freeware may retain all rights to the software; it is not necessarily permissible to reverse engineer, modify, or redistribute freeware.

Since free software may be freely redistributed it is generally available at little or no cost. Free software business models are usually based on adding value such as applications, support, training, customization, integration, or certification. At the same time, some business models which work with proprietary software are not compatible with free software, such as those that depend on the user to pay for a license in order to lawfully use the software product.

There are millions and zillions of software’s available online today. We are listing here the Top 10 Free Software Download Sites. There are many other sites are available for software download, however we just tried to list down some very popular sites that are more resourceful and free software’s are available.



Open Source Mac

ZDNet Downloads



Open Source iPhone Software