Taskade Review – Real-time Organization & Collaboration Tool for Remote Workspaces

Taskade is a platform where remote teams get their work done by organizing tasks, writing product specs, automating repetitive workflows, and video chatting with team, that too, all-in-one in a unified workspace.

Taskade can be utilized as an unified team workspace to organize ideas, manage tasks, and get work done. Users may start with creating a workspace and adding selected team members to work together, assign tasks to team members, and chat live alongside the projects.

Intro to Taskade

Taskade helps to create a project to develop ideas, team workflows, and weekly tasks. It can even share project, or invite team members into a workspace to collaborate. Taskade can be utilized for mind blogging session of weekly agendas, team meetings, project outlines, product roadmaps.

Special Features of Taskade

  • Multi-Select Enhancements, Streamlined Workspace Filtering
  • Tab to Indent Multiple Tasks
  • New Workspace Filtering
  • Reorder Tasks and Workspaces in Mobile, Import into Taskade
  • Reorder Workspaces on Mobile
  • Import into Taskade
  • Recurring Tasks, Duplicate Nodes, Desktop Widget
  • Crosslink, Hyperlink, Mobile Share Widget

User may visit Templates Gallery to try out over 100 free templates for getting inspirations. There is no limit but having up to 10 participants maximum per project is a good number. There can be unlimited users as workspace members and project collaborators. Users can utilize the in-built video conferencing for cross-functional teams in Taskade.

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Reimagining Remote Collaboration

At Taskade, simplicity is the essential as a successful remote work tool. The first step to making things less complicated is to simplify them by making them as much user friendly as possible.

Context Switching
While using Taskade, work and communication happen on one plane. Every Taskade Project is a self-contained real-time workspace. You can brainstorm ideas (digital whiteboard), communicate (video, calls, chat), and collaboratively edit tasks, notes, and documents on the same page.

Incentive for Individual Users
Unlike other collaboration apps, Taskade’s focus is on both teams and individuals. Taskade looks after every business and project need. It helps them start as an unique entity. In a sense, individual users are the building blocks of team collaboration.

Taskade encourage individual team members to:

  • Visualize work in different ways with List, Action, Board, Mindmap, Org Chart.
  • Create their own, personalized templates and workflows
  • Explore personal pet-projects through track habits, write a novel or plan a party.
  • Unplug when they need to focus on deep work and escape the green dot.
  • Implement different types of learning systems like Zettelkasten or BASB.

One App to Rule Them All

Organize : With Taskade, teams do not need any external calendars, planners, and to-do lists.
Communicate : Taskade gives users the freedom to communicate with their team directly within the Project space so they don’t have to shuffle multiple tabs and windows.
Collaborate : Taskade’s outlining capabilities will help user to organize thoughts, structure their writing and draft documents in a jiffy.

No Learning Curve

Intuitive UI : Taskade’s UI won’t keep users work late at night. The interface is clean and simple there is always space for the next task.
Quick startup : No need to read 2000-page-long manual to get started. Taskade works out of the box so you can jump straight into action.

Focus on the Right Goals

Remote cross-functional teams need to learn how to effectively self-organize and prioritize work. Using Taskade’s assign task feature to distribute work in cross-functional teams through:-

  • Project Scrum Board
  • Business Goals Tracker
  • SMART Goals Worksheet
  • Project Management Board
  • Distribute the Workload

Share Resources

Whenever team wish to exchange documents, videos, images and other project assets, they only have to use the upload functionality or drag and drop files to Taskade’s chat window.

Manage Multiple Project by work organization in Taskade breaks down into three key units:-

  • Workspaces for being essentially a team-wide remote workspace that can be populated with ideas.
  • Subspaces carves out smaller collaborative spaces stacked under a Workspace. They improve the visibility of individual projects and make your remote workflows easier to navigate.
  • Projects, smallest organizational unit in Taskade, is a collaborative space that contains tasks, checklists and documents, just to name a few.

Create a Roadmap

Team can clearly define goals and mission to accomplish. With Taskade’s Roadmap feature, users can visualize individual projects on a timeline.

Communicate Without Friction

The goal to balance work and team communication that the two create a synergy rather than an obstruction is done by Taskade. It combines as a project management platform and a communication tool, in one app to avoid shuffle between the windows.

Pricing of Taskade

The free version of Taskade includes unlimited tasks, users, and all essential features unlocked. You have the option to upgrade, which includes advanced features, unlimited projects, and more. Taskade is very competitively priced at $5 per month. If you’re using Taskade for a nonprofit or an educational institution, you may qualify for a discount.

You only need to upgrade if you exceed the workspace limits. If you are a solo user, you are considered a “team” of one. Sharing a project is free, including editors. Only workspace members are billed. You can cancel at any time. Just visit your settings page and click Cancel. Subscriptions automatically renew until canceled.

Sharing a project with editors and collaborators is 100% free. Taskade automatically bills at a prorated price based on the plan selected, and time left in the given cycle for any members added to the team.

All major credit cards are accepted and use Stripe to process payments, the same provider which is trusted by companies like Lyft and Yelp.


The good news is user may not be a jack of all trades. Thanks to complementing skill sets, remote cross-functional teams can foray into several platforms with many project simultaneously. They can do so effectively and autonomously.

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful tool for the cross-functional team of yours, Taskade has got your back.

You can sign up and create a free account. Taskade is available on Web :- iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Linux, Windows, and Mac.