7 Of The Best Android Apps for Slow Motion Capture

Now a day’s slow motion video apps are not limited to just high end video cameras. In fact, you can get this feature simply on your smartphone too. If you are looking to give slow motion touch to your videos, then you can do it by using the following Android apps.

Why there is a need of Slow Motion App?

Slow motion will help you to make any video funny to watch with an entirely different experience. You can try it by creating your video and then just slow it down by this you will able to see how interesting it gets. Slow Motion App has lots of productive uses also. For visual instructions, you can slow down a video to understand how to do something like, a dance move.

Mostly slow motion video apps also provide you fast action features too, for adding more creativity to the videos. Here, we are providing you the list of the best slow motion video apps for Android (free and paid). You can select the best app according to your need.

7 Best Slow Motion Video Apps

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is a complete featured app i.e. only for creating and recording slow motion or fast motion videos. It is an ad supported app. However, its pro version removes the ads. On the created video, there is no watermark. If you hate ads, then only you need to purchase the pro version.

This app is very easy to use. There is a facility of recording a new video as well as slow or fast the motion of video. For this purpose, you just need to select the video (it may be new or old) and then set how much slow or fast you want to make it. You can make a video slow down by almost half of its actual speed, or you can make it 5x faster.

There is an option to select a specific part of a video to slow/fast that particular part only. Your original video will stay untouched. As the app creates a copy of a video to slow/fast the motion. The processing time depends on video size and quality.

After completing your video, you can also share it with your social media networks too. However, the audio of the slowed video may not be as good as you have expected, but still good enough to understand.

Hudl Technique

Hudl Technique has specially designed for sports and athletes. It only offers the slow motion feature. You can slow down the speed in real-time. This app is designed to help the sports people for slow down the video purposes. To see properly how an athlete is performing.

It offers you the facility to comment at any specific time of a video. You can share the video and explain it with simple diagrams and text to other people. You can zoom it to any particular area of the video and also compare two videos side by side.


Slopro is also great slow/fast motion video recording app. It only focuses on slow/fast motion video feature. The app is perfect with features, but its shortcoming is that the free version adds watermark to the video. If you do not have any problem with the watermark, then this is the best app for you. Otherwise, you need to invest and get some excellent features.

The interesting part of SloPro is that it will make your video slow or fast in its real-time. There is no need to specify a speed. You can change the speed of video while it is playing. For this, you only need to play the video and start selecting speed as per your choice to make the video slow/fast partially. That speed will add to the video.

There are six speeds available in it, from which you can choose. It has three fast and three slow speeds. Although it does not offer much speed adjustment options, still it makes the process easier for an average user. You can share these videos over social media networks. However, still the watermark remains with the free version.


KMPlayer is a video player app that supports high definition videos. It has outstanding controlling features. Making slow/fast motion video is one of its features. It is not a dedicated app for slow/fast motion video app, but still it offers an excellent quality.

KMPlayer is one of the best options if you want to watch a high definition video in slow/fast motion. To slow or fast the speed of the video you just need to tap on “+” and “-” buttons i.e. on the right of the screen. You can slow the speed upto 0.1x and fast it up to 4x.

It is best for instructional videos in slow motion. However, its drawback is that it does not offer the facility for sharing or saving feature.


VideoShop is an entirely featured editing tool for videos. It is an ad supported app that provides lots of editing features and also for editing the video in real time. Making the video slow or fast is one of its features.

You can slow the speed up to 0.1x and fast it up to 4x. When you complete the editing, you just need to tap on “Done” and the video will be edited. It also offers the facility for sharing the video on social media networks. As this app offers you other editing features of VideoShop, so by using these features in your slow/fast video you can make your video even more attractive.

Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2 is another video editing app that provides you average type of editing features. It has the features of making a video slow or fast. This app is basically for changing the resolution of the video to make it easier to store. It can compress the video without losing the video quality.

It has an ability to slow the video up to 0.25x speed and fast the speed up to 4x. It also offers sharing facility to social media networks.

You can choose this app if you have a need to compress the videos and also slow or fast the video with approximate all required features.

Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool

It is an ad supported app that only provides the feature of slow/fast the motion of video. However, as compare to other apps it offers an excellent variety of adjustable speeds. You can even slow the speed of video up to 1/8x of its original speed and similarly speed it up 8x. When you launch this app, all videos that are on your phone automatically displayed on the main interface. You do not need to take the headache of searching the videos in your phone.

When you select the video that you would like to edit then, there will be prompted to specify the area in which you would prefer to make the speed slow/fast. In this app, only the prescribed area will slow/fast. There is an option of trim as well.

After providing the speed, you just need to tap on “OK” to start the process. Then the app will take some time for creating the video and afterwards you can review it.

Let us know if you have used any of these apps before, we would love hear your comments on them.