Invoice Station Review

invoice station

Not often do we run into a software that is well designed, light-weight, and works as expected.

In the world of clogy applications, here comes a team that has build the most essential invoicing software that offers more value for its price.

Invoice Station gives entrepreneurs fundamental tools to invoice their customers on regular basis. Other than invoicing as a central component, other highlights include: invoicing, expenses, payments, finance analytics, clients, projects, services, customized invoicing, taxes, banks, and more sub-features.

It is specifically made for entrepreneurs who, for the most part, run their day-to-day finances with none or minimal outside bookkeeping help.

As an added value, Invoice Station features a Dashboard that provides financial analytics that can help entrepreneurs review the current health of their business as well as make better financial decisions in the future.

Invoice Station is adaptable for customers in different regions of the world. Currency, date and number formatting, are easily interchangeable to fit any laws and regulations of a particular country.

About the product


Invoice Station is made for entrepreneurs who run their day-to-day finances on their own or with a potential assistance from an outside bookkeeper. It provides essential features, such as: invoicing, expenses, payments, finance analytics, clients, projects, services, customized invoicing, taxes, banks, and more sub-features.

Indeed, there are many invoicing apps out there, but Invoice Station feels like itís precisely designed with the small business owner in mind, who has no time to learn a new software and needs something that works quick and itís easy to manage.

We registered and after, giving it a try, I was able to create my first invoice very quickly and I was amazed as how little help I needed. The design feels robust and everything works as expected.

Additionally, it provides entrepreneurs with information on how better to settle and solve their money-related operations, such as: monitor late payments, review if the client has seen their invoice, and more.

Invoices are completely adjustable so they can fit the laws of any nation on the planet. From currency, to date format, number format, taxes, banks, and everything in between, it can all be customized to fit a particular fiscal area.

Customer Care Champions (Invoice Station client support team) are completely committed to provide help to every customer from the day they sign in. Documentation is readily available within each page of the application for any questions that clients may have while using Invoice Station. Novice clients, as well as tech savvy ones, can easily find their way within the application, without much support. However, support is a click away whenever needed.

Moreover, inside each element, there are sub-highlights which enable clients to get considerably more from Invoice Station.

Making an invoice is a breeze, as it offers clients to create elements on the fly, for example:

  • Creating new clients
  • Creating new projects (for service based businesses)
  • Creating services (price, quantity, discount, associated taxes)
  • Saving default ďTerms and ConditionsĒ that appear automatically on each invoice

All these can be created while creating a new invoice, and without leaving the page.

Expenses are another component, which provides clients with entering each specific expense and its details, then relating it to a particular Project. This way customers can have a good sense of which Projects and Clients are doing better than the rest.

Likewise, each service/product can be scrutinized in detail and monitored for the amount of sales and revenues that each are bringing in.

I can imagine how these bits of information can give customers a real sense of how their business is doing at any given time.


Some of other key features

  • Dashboard and financial stats
  • Payment records
  • Outside vendors
  • Expense categories
  • SSL encryption
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Clients and projects
  • Expense tracking
  • Multi-currency support
  • Email invoices
  • Invoice history


One great feature, which we found interesting is the Invoice history section, which gives you a detailed report about the specifics of each invoice, such as: its creation date, edit date, when it was Emailed/sent to the client, if and when the client has seen your invoice, etc.


Despite the fact that Invoice Station offers top of the line software, the Essentials Package is the most flexible and complete package that will effectively serve your most urgent independent business needs. You can, switch between plans as your needs change.

There are a total of 3 bundles. Below is a bit more about each package and its specific features.

Free account

A free plan that gives you a good sense what Invoice Station is all about.

  • Limited invoicing and clients
  • No credit card required
  • Upgrade once ready


The Basic Plan offers month-to-month payments at $4.95/month, as well as yearly installments of $49.50/year which come with 2 Free month.

Features include:

  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Clients


The Essentials Plan covers everything a small business needs to cover their day to day financial operations. There is more value for the money when compared with other plans. Payments can be made month-to-month at only $5.95/month or yearly at $59.50/year. The unlimited features, include:

  • Dashboard and stats
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Payment records
  • Clients and projects
  • Outside vendors
  • Expense tracking
  • Expense categories
  • Multi-currency support
  • SSL encryption
  • Email invoices
  • Prioritized upgrades

In my opinion, the difference in price between the Basics and Essentials Plan is a bit narrow, since the difference in features is quite steep. However, the value provided in the Essentials Plan seems without competition with other vendors in the market.


While navigating the pricing page, I noticed a few more gems that any new entrepreneur would find beneficial.

Special pricing

With a chance that you are a new company formed in less than a year, then you would qualify for another 10% discount for the first year from the Yearly Essentials Plan (already reduced with 2 Months FREE).

Invoice Station seems to be offering this a courtesy to all new businesses, which for the most part start with low capital and need to reinvest every penny back into their business.

100% money back guarantee

As part of their pricing strategy, Invoice Station offers 100% money back guarantee. After speaking with their customer care representatives, they have notified me that clients can ask a refund within 30-days even if they are on yearly plans. They want to succeed in deserving you as a client in every way of the sense.

Also, there are no long-term contracts, and your payment is done quickly by simply entering your credit card numbers, as on the screen below.



  • Invoice Station is super simple to utilize.
  • Everything is so instinctive and simple to learn.
  • Pages and highlights are organized really well.
  • Every page is loaded fast
  • There are speedy instructional exercises on each page.
  • You wonít ever feel lost.
  • The customer care service is simply great. They are dependable and only a visit away


  • We didnít find any noteworthy cons. Itís true that the design doesnít follow the latest trends, but thatís the best part about it. Itís easy to the eye. Colors are dark, so you donít have to squint as with the latest design trends. The product is well worth its price, especially the Essentials Plan. However, if you do find any disadvantages, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments below.


From what we saw, everything is structured real well and easy to learn from the first try. I see it as a great fit for any small business owner. The product works as advertised and their customer care is top-notch. We tried it.

Itís a great fit for small businesses, but not for big corporations who want full-blown accounting services.

Their user base, which mainly consists of small businesses, are usually recommended by the word-of-mouth, which shows a great fit for these types of industries.

If you run a small business and want to manage your invoices and overall business finances in a software that covers the most essential financial aspects, then Invoice Station will be the right fit for you.