iContact Review

Being one of the best email marketing services in its industry, It not only offers the whole spectrum of features to create dynamic and eye-catching email campaigns but also includes various tools to make your emails more effective. Its intuitive interface also makes its learning curve quite simple, no matter whatever your technical expertise is.


1. With this service, you can choose from several hundreds of templates to get started on your email and newsletter.

2. The text and image editors also allow you to brand each one.

3. It also gives importance to social media marketing and allows you to create sign-up forms and also track tweets, likes, and shares of your messages from your own customers.

4. When it comes to email sending, it provides a spam checker which provides your valuable knowledge to bypass the spam filters of your email clients.

5. Most of the mails via iContact reach to their intended audience and it also allows to check corresponding results and reports of email campaigns along with its tracking reports.

6. To reach the higher viewership, it allows posting your message via a link to social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also keep track on social media performance with its reports as it tracks how your followers respond to your content.

7. You can also use its autoresponders to welcome your new subscribers which is quite a time-saving tool and keeps projecting your business on the minds of your audience. Triggered responses also allow you to set this autoresponder to certain dates or with several actions.

8. Its interface is quite simple. The tools allow you to open a template, edit text and images the way you want it to be.

9. You can easily create new email campaigns and newsletters via writing your own codes or by using any template. As you go ahead with editing your template, you can also see how exactly will your email appears to your subscribers,

10. While it’s a standard practice among most of the email marketing services to include a certain way to add or import your contacts. iContact makes it quite easier for you as it allows you to upload a file of contacts. You can easily copy-paste your list and the necessary information filled in the fields automatically.


1. This service makes it easy to lure more subscribers by its sign-up form and keep your readers quite interested with segmented marketing and to allows you to know what your target audience wants to witness with its detailed reports which also include social media statistics.

2. You can also send polls, newsletters, surveys or email to any inbox.

3. A help button on the side of your screen, which on clicking, gives a useful sidebar which opens with various links, tutorial and different task pages.

4. Its autoresponder features save quite a time to get engaged with new subscribers.

5. With a plethora of templates, you can easily create alluring email campaigns without undergoing troubles of coding based email designing.


1. The customization of sign-up forms is quite limited.

2. You also can’t add images to introduce branding into your sign-ups.


iContact is one of the best email marketing services because of its well-structured features and suits for experts and beginners alike by its easy –to-use tools and an entire spectrum of options.

Then why not try this service to boost up your subscribers’ numbers and get better engagement for your business. Do let us know about your experience in case you use this service. Also, mention your views and suggestions in the comment section below.