How to Hire an Effective Remote Dedicated Team For Software Development

With the technological advancements that opened unlimited communication channels for businesses and individuals around the world, many companies have unlocked the benefits of hiring remote dedicated software development teams to perform critical business operations. Since the beginning of the global lockdown, this practice has become even more widespread as well as the concerns of business owners about finding the team that’s both reliable and cost-efficient. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Hiring dedicated remote developers and the best practices to help you find top talent.

Why do You Need a Remote Dedicated Team?

When it comes to software development, support, and maintenance, the advantages of working with remote teams like Waverley Software, both under the current circumstances and in general, cannot be overstated.

Cost Reduction

First of all, collaborating with remote teams means cost savings in terms of in-office management. You won’t need to free up space in your home office or look for a bigger one when you suddenly realize you need more resources and staff augmentation. Not to mention the expenses on new equipment and office supplies. Also, you have the chance to reduce payroll expenses if you are hiring in countries whose economy allows paying lower rates. The countries of South America, Eastern Europe, or Asia, for example, offer high-quality software engineering expertise at really affordable rates.

Choice Variety

Cheaper does not necessarily mean poor quality in the case of remote teams. On the contrary, you get access to a much broader talent pool, which is just one more upside. This gives you the opportunity to be more selective, base your decision on the candidates’ skills and knowledge, find narrow-focus specialized experts, and stay independent of the location. Many experts from all around the world, such as dissertation experts or software developers from Ukraine, for example, have been developing a number of successful startups, such as Ajax Systems, Grammarly, or Attendify, and working as team members of the global technology giants Google and Facebook. This speaks of the high talent potential that knows no borders and nationality.

Global Market Penetration

Having remote local teams in regions where you would like to expand your business is also a plus. The clients from your target markets overseas will appreciate your readiness to match their time zone and cultural experiences. If you position your business as a global company and serve customers on all continents, with remote teams you have all the means to provide them with high-quality 24/7 customer support and adequate service during business hours.

Dealing with the Challenges of Working with Remote Teams

When you consider hiring a remote team, certain challenges and stereotypes come to your mind. However, if you select the right software development vendor, with a mature engineering team and clear comprehensive process, you will be quite safe. Especially if you follow a few simple guidelines. Another important factor for finding coders and programmers was solved for me at this UK app developers website where I could a lot work.

Stay In Touch

One of the most popular fears comes from the lack of direct communication with your remote team members leading to misunderstanding, low motivation levels, or the feeling of being unimportant and disconnected on the part of your remote colleagues. Luckily, this issue can be reduced to a minimum due to the great number of technology instruments available for real-time individual and group communication, instant messaging, video and audio conferencing. Also, organizing short team-building trips and on-site visits for the remote and in-house team members can be a good way to integrate them into the home office team and show your appreciation for their work.

Spot the Maturity

Another concern of hiring a remote team is rooted in the lack of direct control and supervision over this team. However, on the other side, this can be perceived as an additional opportunity to check how responsible your potential team members are. Maturity and self-discipline are the qualities of a good remote worker and a professional every business owner is looking for. So, if a candidate has plenty of experience working remotely, this means the person is trustworthy enough to deal with. Moreover, people who choose the freedom of remote collaboration, tend to be self-driven, motivated, sincerely interested in their profession, have good analytical skills and the natural craving for growth and self-development.

Outsource the Administration Support

There can be other challenges that include the difference in time zone with your head office, language barrier, foreign legal and compliance issues, management-related risks. However, even these concerns can be eliminated. For example, the majority of businesses hiring dedicated software development teams cooperate with companies that offer outsourcing and outstaffing services. They take care of the numerous aspects of the remote team management such as legal guidance, recruitment and hiring process, payroll, professional development, performance tracking, motivation, and other elements of the working process.

How Do You Find a Remote Team of Your Dream?

Be Picky in Skillset

Looking for top talent has no limits when it comes to remote teams, as you are not location-restricted. But as you get more variety to choose from, the evaluation criteria should be more rigorous. A well-organized planning and decent networking efforts are the prerequisites of a successful recruitment campaign. As for the interviews and selection process, you will, first of all, take a close look at technical skills to be sure the candidate is competent enough.

To make sure your candidate has the required technical skills for a specific programming language or technology, one thing  you could ask them about are computer and programming certifications. Here’s an extensive list of the IT certifications software engineers can have. High-quality software developers typically keep a close eye on popular and emerging technologies in their programming expertise, and try to learn them and get certified as soon as possible. You’d also like to know about your candidate’s code quality, which security practices they follow, or if it’s a company that you work with – whether they have peer code reviews and internal quality assessments. A good software engineer’s profile requires years of practice and experience with various projects on the list. Finally, the English language proficiency is a must that goes without saying.

Pay Attention to Personality

You might be seeking a motivated, independent, self-disciplined personality with good communication skills, critical thinking, and a flexible approach to problem-solving. These attributes mean the person is ready to work outside the usual office environment, complete tasks autonomously, be available to respond when needed, and act as a part of one team at the same time. The candidate’s personal traits and soft skills are by no means unimportant when defining if a person is well-fitting for the assigned role in your company.

For example, in addition to being a reliable tech expert, a good tech lead must also keenly understand your business objectives and be able to win the respect of team members at the same time. Other roles may require such soft skills as ability to express an opinion and present ideas. If you are the company CTO, you’ll, most probably, look for a candidate to fill in the expertise gap in your company, above all. But if you are a non-technical business owner, you’ll need to hire a trustworthy person for the CTO role or get a team of techs able to explain complicated things in a simple way, make sensible technical decisions, and keep you posted on the updates, of course.

Outsource Hiring to a Trusted Vendor

If you decide to outsource the recruitment and hiring process, you may consider a company providing development team extension services along with software product development. Following the best outsourcing practices, trusted remote dedicated team vendors provide customers with the opportunity to personally interview the candidates, check their skills with test tasks, and keep an eye on them during the probation period. In addition, choosing to partner with a software development outsourcing company can significantly save your time and effort in clarifying the candidates’ skill level. Trusted vendors that offer remote dedicated development teams tend to follow the best practices of secure coding and peer code reviews to maintain the highest code quality. They also take care of the programmers’ training, professional development, and the adoption of new technologies.

Software development outsourcing companies can be trusted software engineering staff providers, as they carefully select candidates to become their own team members with multiple interview rounds checking their technical and soft skills, English language proficiency, personal qualities, and other characteristics. Their image and customer satisfaction strongly depends on their staff performance, so these companies take the hiring process very seriously. This will, in turn, guarantee the high quality of the remote team for the outsourcing seeker. Plus, with these guys, you have pretty high chances of getting a fully staffed remote team very quickly, as they’ve got a vast network of their current, former, and potential team members at hand.


We’ve provided you with the top reasons why businesses turn to remote dedicated teams for their services and with the best practices of looking for and hiring the right people. We hope this information helps you in making a decision and that you find these recommendations useful. If you feel that our vision of the remote teams matches yours, you can turn to us for more information about our collaboration models, team organization roadmap, technology expertise, and more.