HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is essentially a versatile Video/Audio conversion software from the reputed Wonderfox. It is not just a converter software but it also provides support to basic video editing features. You can easily compress video with this particular software.

It is well-equipped with advanced HD video conversion technology that assists in converting videos from SD to HD such as HD MP4, HD MKV, HD AVI etc. You can also even convert SD to 4K/UHD. You can even convert HD videos to SD video.

It provides support to over 300 video, audio as well as device formats. It supports the latest and newest encoder technology which his H265(HEVC), V9. It can easily convert any particular format to other. You can even convert multi-track HD video AVCHD, M2TS, HDTV BDAV, MKC to any other type of video or audio format.

It can easily convert HD or any particular video to fit into any device. It means that you can easily convert videos to any device like iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Samsung smartphone. You are allowed to convert video to your TV.


As we have mentioned earlier, it isnt just a converter and it does have a wide range of features. Some of them are:

  1. SD video to HD video conversion as well as HD video to SD video conversion.
  2. Converting video to 1080P(FHD), 4K(UHD), 480P(SD) and 720P(HD). It supports 10 tasks.
  3. It provides support to over 300 file formats.
  4. It supports up to 300 types of devices like Mobile, TVs, Tabs.
  5. It has a 5X conversion rate which means you can also compress videos. You can even reduce the video file to nearly 80%.
  6. It has an in-built Audio converter which supports DTS, DOLBY and Lossless.
  7. You can download any type of video from YouTube or any kind of other services. You can easily upload video through this software.
  8. It has video editing features such as removing unwanted parts, creating video clips, merging files and adding some extra effects.
  9. It has 30X to 50X conversion speed.
  10. You can easily fix Video and Audio synchronous problems.
  11. It can easily create a ringtone for iOS or Android from any song for yours.
  12. It has a volume booster through which you can decrease or increase the volume of the original video file.
  13. It auto upload files and automatically shut down the computer after the upload.
  14. You can easily add or remove subtitles during conversion.

How to Use?

It is quite easy to use this software. You just have to buy the software, download it and then install it on your system. Register the software with the license key.

There are merely three simple steps to use this particular software. Add the video file, then Select the Output format and then select Run.

  1. First, you need to click on Add File. Then Select Audio or Video File. You will be presented with a small window where you can easily browse the system and then select the respective file.
  2. Now click on the Down Arrow mark at the Output format. After this, select the required format. Here you need to select a particular device. You can easily select Web in case you want your video from the web. You can also select 4K in case you wish to convert the video to FHD.
  3. Before you click on the Run option, there are few settings that you should know.

In case you wish to compress the video, then select Compress option present at the bottom left and then drag the slider in order to change the compression level.

You can also change the output HD format pixel by simply dragging the slider which is present above the Run option.

Just click on the Run option. The conversion will get completed within a few seconds. Open the folder in order to access the file.

Conversion Speed

Wonderfox claims that the conversion speed of this software is 30 to 50 times more than the usual. The conversion speed is quite good. But in case you convert to UHD or FHD then it may take some time. In case you select any other remaining options, you will certainly find the speed quite good.

It has Auto Fit option and it has converted 323 MB video file from the MP4 format to MKV format in few seconds. In converting the same video to the 720P(HD) in few seconds. However, it took almost 40 minutes to convert the SD video to FHD(1080P)


  1. It has a simple as well as intuitive interface and very fast conversion speed.
  2. It supports more than 300 file formats and devices.
  3. It comes with Lifetime license, updates and support.
  4. It has video editing and compression features.


  1. It is quite slow in converting videos to UHD(4K) and FHD.


It comes with a lifetime license. After you buy this software for once, then you can use it for life with lifetime updates and support for free. You can easily get 1 PC license for merely $29.95.


Owing to its features as well as conversion speed, it is safe to say that it is high standard software for any PC. You should certainly buy this software to convert your videos.