Top 7 [Trusted] Free VPN for PC

Are you looking for a safe, free, and reliable VPN service for your PC?

Well, we’ve listed the top 7 VPNs for PCs that you can use. These 7 VPNs are listed based on Safety, Reliability & Fast Speed.

You can pick anyone based on your requirements. Let’s Begin!

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is an Advance VPN Software that doesn’t track, collect or share any data. 

It’s a safe Software that you can use on your PC. It supports Windows, Mac OS, Apple, and Linux. NordVPN Helps you to Enjoy Fast Internet Speed without Buffering.

Top Features in NordVPN

– Provide Double VPN
– 24*7 Software Support
– NordVPN doesn’t Keep log activity online
– NordVPN have 5700+ Servers in 60 Countries
– NordVPN doesn’t store any session information, Used Bandwidth, IP address, traffic data, and Session.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the safest and Secure Software that uses secure internet Browsing against threats, phishing, hackers, and Scammers. In ExpressVPN, you see many features like unlimited access to music, Social media, and Video because these programs never log IP address, browsing history, or traffic Destination.

Top Features of ExpressVPN

– ExpressVPN has 160 servers in 94 countries
– You can connect ExpressVPN without any Bandwidth limit
– Most Secure Software use to protect from any leak, and encryption
– Your IP address Stay Secure and Encrypting your data
– 24*7 Chat Support available
– You can access some Hidden sites just by paying with bitcoin and use Tor

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is a Commercial Service provider. IPVanish is a Safe and secure VPN software that you can use freely. IPVanish has 1400 Servers in 75+ locations in the world. IPVanish provides a faster VPN service for multiple smartphones.

Top Features of IPVanish

– IPVanish doesn’t record any activity
– IPVanish automatically suggest the Fastest VPN server
– IPVanish Helps you to make internet connection Secure
– You can easily switch from one server to another
– IPVanish Support multiple VPN Protocol
– Uses a 256 Bit encryption Method

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is Software that provides you secure P2P torrenting. With CyberGhost, you can unlock all streaming Servers easily. CyberGhost is one of the Best VPN software for PC allows you to encrypt your online connection and Boost security. CyberGhost software’s unique feature is that whenever you connect to a new internet, CyberGhost automatically protects you.

Top Features of CyberGhost

– CyberGhost has 4900+ Servers in 59 countries
– CyberGhost allow access to NoSpy Server
– Encrypt Data Using latest technology
– You can connect Seven devices simultaneously
– CyberGhost Provide unlimited Bandwidth
– Your Privacy is the First Priority of CyberGhost and protect you from hackers

5. Unlocator

Unlocator can help you surf the Internet quickly without restrictions and limitations, as your privacy maintains through Unlocator. Whenever you start using Unlocator, your privacy is secured, encrypted, and All your network Secure.

Top Features of Unlocator

– Unlocator have Servers in 36 Countries
– Unlocator support 58 Devices and Platform
– Unlocator known for one of the best VPN software that allows one-click privacy and security
– Smart DNS Streaming in Unlocator
– Easily Protect Privacy effectively with no IP DNS, WebRTC leaks

6. AstrillVPN

Astrill is a trusted software that you can use with multiple devices like Smartphones, Xbox, Roku Boxes, Ps4 simultaneously. Astrill is secure, protected, and No-log VPN software to share your VPN connection to your Whole Home or office to VPN with 5 Simultaneous connections.

Top Features of AstrillVPN

– Astrill have Servers in 113 Cities and 64 countries
– SSL encryption to secure network traffic
– Connect Devices to any Server
– Known as one of the best VPN for windows with unlimited Bandwidth
– Completely protected from any hacker
– Astrill support BitCoin

7. VPN Unlimited

As per the name, VPN Unlimited provides access to Surf Internet without worrying about privacy and security issues. VPN Unlimited is one of the best Software to protect your privacy while using Personal data, Credit cards your data is secured. It is an effective way of establishing a Virtual connection and surf freely.

Top Features of VPN Unlimited

– VPN Unlimited has more than 400+ Superfast Servers in 70+ locations
– Access to connect five devices simultaneously
– Protect your privacy and changing your IP Address
– Complete Security Provided


These 7 VPNs are entirely Secure and Best for Surf Internet on multiple devices.

You can pick anyone based on your requirements and Start Using VPN because your privacy is protected.