3 Best Event Management Software & Buyers Guide


Online event software enabling quick creation, customize registration form & sell tickets/seats to organize major conference, congress, training course/workshop


Solution for Corporate events, Conferences/Workshops Meetings, Fairs/Exhibitions, Trainings, Networking, Entertainment, easy-to-use e-ticketing & expert tools

The Signup Place

Fully functional online signup sheet system with groups, tables, different reminders, scheduling, and member home page signup template, activated and scheduled

Event Management Software

Event planners take help from event management software to efficiently organize the logistics of meetings, workshops and events. Event management software provides planners with a digitally acquired space to integrate; be it with clients, or with exhibitors or vendors. Application tools try to coordinate attendee registration, marketing, badge creation, calendar generation, and venue space management for a planned event. These applications help by self-service functions for event attendees like online registration, content delivery, and fee payment of the hall/venue.

Advantages of Event Management Software

Planning efficiency

Event planning is a peculiar mix of complex logistics, and oversight in the area that may have the potential to derail the planned event. Event management software provides all the details at one place. This enables the competition to become easier to organize, and keeps planners focused on fulfilling desires of the client rather than juggling between the arenas.

Exhibitor and vendor management

Exhibitors pay lumpsum money for booth space and individual access to the event, and vendors provide goods and services required to make events a big success in terms of the revenue generation and popularity. These logistics are crucial, and excellent event management software applications have dedicated tools to provide help to them to work fully.

The room block and travel management

When event planners invest in some of the dedicated event management software, room block at a hotel/venue and travel details become more manageable. Search hotel commercial block rates, create paperless contracts and record VIP itineraries right in the application. Adding the capabilities can grow event planning businesses to include room blocking and travel management as revenue centres.

Improving Engagement

The right event software will help increase the engagement with members exponentially. User(s) can more easily aggregate the conversations from the social media platforms and organize them into areas from the trends that they find. User(s) can connect to online and offline audiences into a more streamlined way that helps to ensure larger attendance and more targeted profile with new revenue generation.


Features which automate user email outreach efforts along with the payment processing and registration tracking will keep the event staff targeted on the creative, talented and critical aspects of creating and organizing an event together. Keeping records digitally decreases the chances of human error that may cause problems in real-time. The organizing staff doesn’t mean to mistype a number or misspell a name, but it still happens! Automating the process gets the system rid of such problems for a good reason. User can even automate the follow-up process like thank you emails can be sent off to the entire audience with just a few mouse clicks.


Automating the outreach and intake processes allows event management organization to snapshot events as they occur. Users can easily watch over which of your targeted prospects has already registered and who requires an extra push through email to attend, is based on records. Track the money trail precisely so that it does not take away in-person experience that user offers to the members.


Event management software provides a more professional way. The automation process of the software package offers to handle all of the time consuming rote mechanics of the event. The staff handles problems that need a truly human touch. These one-time problems happen unexpectedly and may cause more significant trouble if not taken up by a professional problem solver.

Highly Targeted Marketing

Marketing is valid only when targeted at the members who are already more interested in the event. When a company has software package aright as a tool, it can be completely able to fit the individual competition. User will easily create customized guest lists based on the interest level of membership.

A Holistic Solution

The software brings everything as a bouquet which a company requires to have to host a successful event – administration, HR, accounts receivable, floor plan organization, outreach and many other aspects of planning. Outsourcing and delegating things will go haphazard, confusing within the office and a slower process overall, if everything is not taken care of at the very start of the project. The right software shows growth improved productivity and reduced costs.

Features of Event Management Software

Attendee management: Collect and store information about the people attending events, with contact information, food preferences, session sign-ups, VIP status, and arrival plans.

Client management: Coordinate with event hosts and integrate contact information and preferences in one system.

Exhibitor management: Create and manage table/booth space, sponsorship levels, room reservations, and other exhibitor metrics.

Vendor management: Tie-ups and relationships with AV technicians, IT staff, caterers, janitorial services, and other vendors. These databases store contact information, conversation history, budget data, contract details, etc.

Event schedule: Create, Plan and track venue reservations in event management calendars.

They are meeting management: Schedule one-on-one meetings, meetups, breakout sessions, planning meetings, and networking opportunities throughout an event.

Reporting and analytics: Track data for a variety of purposes, including event expenses and revenue for accounting, and online user engagement for social media analytics.

Ticketing: Organize, sell, distribute, market the event admission tickets and exclusive access packages.

Email Marketing: Collaborate with potential attendees and clients via email with easy guidance for online ticket sales and calls to action.

Price of Event Management Software

Most of the available products in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” or “per month” basis, and can be broken down into three pricing tiers based on their “per user, per month” starting price.

Points to Ponder while buying Event Management Software

Beyond the cost, and other core features, there are a few more points to ponder to make sure the software chosen meets all of the event management needs.

Ensure the software offers marketing tools that suit the requirements: Standard event management software should have an event website designer, social media promotion tools, and email marketing capabilities.

Consider software integrations: Software integrations with accounting, membership management, & collaborating software make it easy to share data across different systems. This helps in speeding up workflows and prevent mistakes.

Event Management Software Trends

Event management software developers are quickly adopting new technologies.

Wearable technology: Big-league events have already moved to ticket systems built on radio frequency identification (RFID). Event-goers swipe their bracelets, name tags, watches, or other wearables over a scanner. The scanner reads embedded RFID chips to manage admissions, purchases, etc. Wearable admission systems will be available at all kinds of events. They turn wearers into sensors. Event planning businesses can gather valuable analytics about guests’ movement through the venue, food and beverage consumption, and more.

AI-enabled smart apps: Small and midsize businesses are using or plan to use AI technology within the next one to two years, and they think technology is critical to their business. Artificial intelligence (AI) is creating smarter software. Broad adoption and increased competition is making AI more affordable. Predictive AI tools will offer event planners better attendance forecasts. Attendees will receive registration guidance that is more relevant to interests. The facial recognition software may also come into play for tickets.

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