Best Data Migration Tools: Cross-Platform File Transfer

When you need to transfer data from one computer to another or from a customer to a server, you expect the best Data Migration tools that can assuredly move your files and verify that the move was victorious.

If you’re transferring files over the internal LAN, encryption is not significantly mission-critical. But if you’re transferring data beyond the open Internet, encryption is rather much mandatory. Keep in mind that encryption doesn’t forever have to remain inside the file transfer application.

 In this article, you will look at the best Data Migration Tools, each of which solves a distinct sort of problem or provides you a different path or interface to get the task accomplished.

Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi has a notable storied pedigree: It dawned at the US National Security Administration (the NSA) and occurred open-sourced in 2014 as a technology transfer. NiFi is sleek. It can hold just about any data, process it, and eject out new data. So if you aspire to transform a JSON file to be imported into MySQL, you can. NiFi concludes that process.

It holds an extensive library of data processors. You can string these processors together with logic and data-relevant operations. For example, you can split streams, providing various threads to run concurrently. In addition, you can back-limit processing, which means you can slow down until another processing flow catches up.


FileZilla is free, and it’s multi-platform. It supports the bare FTP protocol (which you really shouldn’t use) and FTP across TLS (FTPS) and SFTP. FileZilla operates on Mac, Linux, and Windows. There’s a Pro variant available for twenty bucks that combine connections to modern file-sharing services. But, FileZilla, base, is good as it works and is free, too.

Airflow Apache

AirFlow was developed at Airbnb to improve the company’s management of its very complicated workflows. It has, afterward, been issued as open-source and is administered by the Apache Foundation. AirFlow is fully regulated through programming. Therefore, you require to code in Python for every operation conducted by AirFlow.

What AirFlow does, though, is realize the ability to handle responsibilities and dependencies. The product comes with a complete range of integrations and tools for managing and processing any assigned flow. Flows can be triggered by external circumstances or schedules (substituting the more cumbersome crontab mechanism).

Best Data Migration Tools

Acronis True Image

Many mass cloning tools survive, but most of them are separated into a single platform. If you consider cloning, it incorporates volume format information down to the sector level, which changes from OS to OS.

True Image differentiates itself by being able to create illustrations for a broad range of PC-based file systems, including ReiserFS, Linux SWAP, NTFS, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, HFS+/HFSX, FAT16/32/exFAT as well as Mac-based formats including Core Storage, FAT32, APFS, HFS+, and NTFS including Boot Camp.


GoodSync tool is holding two directories in sync, proffering them identical. Most sync apps attach to that, providing for backups, test runs, etc. But the key is locating files that are deemed to be transferred and transferring them.

Sync tools can often be used in one-way sync, and while that happens, they also eliminate files from the address directory if they’ve been removed from the source directory. The pick for the most reliable multi-platform sync tool is GoodSync.

There are several other excellent sync tools, but GoodSync differentiates itself by operating on macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and even some NAS boxes. In addition, GoodSync is sold in 5-license sets, so you can mix and match platforms with a big deal of flexibility.


FTP will do excellent for transferring files between masses. Still, its interface is usually a two-pane case where you view one directory on one surface and one directory on the other.

Another plan to move files is to build a mountable drive, where you use your machine’s fundamental Finder or File Explorer interface to transfer and store files. Sometimes, applications can even locate files on the remote volume as if they were local. NetDrive is ready for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Android.

Wrap Up

FTP is the tried-and-true go-to alternative for file migration. FTP (or, really, SFTP) will work accurately if you’re transferring a few files around. Modern UIs regularly present the source and destination side-by-side in panes, and you will like both collections of files and dragging or clicking arrows to drive them back and forth. Cloud mounting is a diverse approach but can resolve the identical problem. If you manage a cloud mounter, you’re applying your OS’s native file management environment and don’t have to start a separate application or endure different windows.