Infusionsoft CRM- A Review

Infusionsoft CRM is among the best CRM software available in the market. It is part of Infusionsoft which is personal services solution with automation that consists various programs from content management software to sales, marketing and to eCommerce.

This allows you to manage almost all the aspects of your business and provides the ability to track each project which is under the pipeline. Comparing this software against the other CRM software, this software is quite difficult to navigate, but you can opt for personalized training and constant support to make sure that you get comfortable with every aspect of this solution.


1. Contact fields

It includes tags that provide the information regarding the contacts if it is a hot lead, dead lead, or lead which require additional marketing persuasions. As various departments interact with the customer, one can easily record phone calls, emails and websites visit done by the client account. This particular information is valuable in determining various sales strategies and crafts effective marketing campaigns to assist your growth of the business from the bottom.

2. Document-management tools

These tools allow you to upload, attach and file various important documents related to every client. Its file sharing features also provide the access to client related files to multiple employees and various departments when they are interacting with the client. This feature helps to solve a problem or multiple follow-up communication which can lead to dissatisfaction of services among the customers.

3. Campaign-builder tools

These tools feature a drag and drop function which allows you to decide every step of the sales process. It allows you to choose the perfect icon that represents them in the best manner. By being an administrator, you can decide which departments have been assigned and have the access all parts of the campaign. Using its interactive calendar, you can assign due dates and also keep a tab on employees’ performance.


1. It provides the ability to connect to your own company website and allows snatching visitor information and automatically input it into the CRM.

2. Its eCommerce tools help in tracking internet sales, manage inventory and track various affiliate interactions.

3. You also get to pick how much online interaction remains automatic and becomes more personalized from within the various CRM settings.


1. This software is quite tougher than other competitors when it comes to navigation. It requires extra clicks on links to reach where you want to.

2. To receive initial training and consulting services, you have to shell out some extra money for these services.


It is quite a handy contact management software that allows the business to connect with your customer service teams, track various interactions along with sales, marketing and the eCommerce section of the business. While it takes some time to get familiar with its tools and features, they are quite valuable and useful while interacting with your different clients.