Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 Review

Corel Video Studio

The Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 has come up with some new and upcoming features with the context of video editing. It gives you the freedom of removing the distortion when its action camera, let’s you bring several videos together in the same layout with the help of video collage templates. This version of Corel Video Studio Ultimate gives you even the power to do editing in your 360- degree video which cannot be done otherwise. Corel Video Studio is just the perfect one to be used by the beginners as it is very easy to use and approachable.


Initially Corel used its version numbers as its nomenclature which it has finally changed to the publication year. This is the reason that Corel’s Video Studio UltimateX10 that Video Studio Ultimate 2018. The Corel Video Studio Ultimate is the best buy when you are looking for the Mask Creator, split screen template creator or the 3D Title Editor. In the addition to it comes the special effects package which is new and intensified. This also has a insertion of MXF(XAVC) import format to it.


The 2018 version of Video Studio Ultimate has been kept very easy and decent on its design. All the icons are in a simple order with a neat sensibility thought dark grey background uncomplicated red and blue accents. This makes very easy to differentiate between the icons and the tool tips. Many new icons and have been introduced in the menu of shortcuts which entitles as the new features of Core Video Studio Ultimate 2018. At the bottom are the movie timelines and right at the top are views and library which makes it comfortable to view as in comparison to others.† The best part of the latest interface of Visual Studio is that it is flexible and can be customized. The size of the option panels and library can be changed easily by dragging and dropping. The player panel can be broken out on its window and can be kept on the other monitor. Windows on the fly can be resized with the help of these new controls. We can customize video studio in such a manner that it will show us the icons we want to see for a specific work in the toolbar. Another improvement is made on the timeline of the application as now you can easily adjust the height of tracks or with the single click entire track can be muted. When we make adjustments then even a very minute one can be done easily due to Track Transparency.

New Features:

This upgrade of visual studio is very big and significant in several ways. Many features have been added to it like giving XAVC-S rights to SD card, conversion of aspect ratio, cropping the movies directly from the preview panel and many more. Many other significant enhancements are made as well like:

Split Screen Video:

The Corel video studio Ultimate 2018 has come now into the category of split screen. This lets you load still images and multiply videos into the single frame.. This feature gives you the freedom to design your way or just drag and drop templates from the† † wide range available. Although this feature might be little annoying sometimes as it is not just a simple way of dragging and dropping. It has to be done one by one and if by any chance you loose the control key very fast then you will have to redo the entire thing. When you are with the placement of your videos and still pictures after that you can nip the other components like zoom, crop, colour correction and several other effects. It gives you ample amount of choices to work on each segment but then this can lead to confusion as well and for that you can use automated functionality, giving you the best result.

360 Video:

The last version of video studio was just a small step into the 360 degree video. But with its ultimate 2018 version it has completely taken it over, realizing the demand to it is really high amongst the consumers. The Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 supports double fisheye format, single fish eye format and monoscopic equirectangular format. You can easily view all these formats in the preview player. You can directly upload the video to Youtube, VR Set or Facebook by converting single fish eye or double fish eye to the standard or equirectangular video. Conversion on different formats can be done. Especial effects, animated text and music can be added to your framework. Although video studio still misses on especial stabilization control. It might take you a little time to get adjusted with it or may be few tries to get the final result as placements of titles are a bit complicated as the visualization is tricky as per the movement of titles. Even if the video is extremely polished then also you can add music and animated titles to it with the help of Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018. Once the conversion is done then the editing of the 360 degree footage and standard videos are done virtually in the same manner.

3D Motion Titles:

This new upgrade of Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 gives you the power to custom the design as per your requirement. You can adjust motion and lighting, textures can be customized. The look and moves of the text in the scenes can be controlled with a use of title editor. Each of the word and the letter can be programmed in such a way that it can move over independently. Now this is actually tedious task as working with the angles of the camera, lighting effects and other surface material can take a lot of your time. You cannot be very sure about how the final look of your lettering will be once you are done with your customization of lighting.

Lens Distortion Correction:

Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 allows you to rectify the distortion while shooting with action cameras like Go Pro, which otherwise look little different due to its wide angle for the footage.

Pan And Zoom Controls:

The Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 gives you the power of imagination and thats all you need when you are into film making. This pan and zoom control of Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 is very easy to handle. The beginners can easily zoom in and pan across a particular scene. Pan and zoom control are basically used for actions related to rams up creativities even guides you throughout. The 2018 version of video studio has come up with three new modes in further addition to its pan and zoom effects. They are static, animated on the fly. They are used to mange situation of subject. Static mode is used to manage the steady zoom setting, animated mode helps you in doing very precise settings and if any setting is required during the playback then on the fly mode can be used.

It is equipped with ace-in and gridlines control along with many slider controls that supports in projecting your framework in a better manner. Its little difficult as compared to the videos studios controls as in them just the adjustment of key frame and sliders the app itself make the final product look best.


Now the chapter points can be added to the timeline in case of DVD production and authorization of new XAVC-S to SD cards and this empowers you to directly play video on camera by straight way exporting it from the SD card. Few of the cameras and cards might not support this feature.


Talking about the performance of the Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018† when tested with Windows 10 home on a laptop of configurations 64 bit Intel core i5 processor along with 5200 u CPU which runs at 2.2 GHz on HD graphics 5500 having 8 GB ram. When five clip were combined for a video of two and a half minute at 60 fps and provided with a project to MPEG 4 at 720 p, the time given at 60 fps and 30 fps. So at 30 fps it almost took two minutes more than cyber link power director and a minute more than Adobe Premier Elements. At 60 fps it took about half minute than Adobe Premier Elements and almost twice then Cyber link.


For the first time user it is the best buy as it has everything you are looking for. Its speciality is its easy to use 360 degree video editing that consumers really look forward for. The Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 has an extensive 360 degree video editing along with enhanced lens correction tools. It offers split screen video facilities and give the power to elaborate video collages. Its backdrops are that only support Windows and have dense advance features. Overall, Corel Video Studio Ultimate 2018 has absolute video editing tools which easy to use and mastered even by the beginners.