3 Best Car Rental Management Software

Carhire Manager Web

Car rental software for web with Back Office, Integrated Multiple Websites, I-frames, CRM functionality, XML Interface, Vehicle Tracking Mobile Interface profit


Powerful multi-user online application with responsive design, car service, assurance scheduling, booking, client database, billing, register income & expenses

Book Rides Online

Web-based limousine & car management system with an integrated payment system for Corporate car sober-cab & transportation company managers & periodical reports

Car Rental Management Software

Many companies are trying to venture into a car rental tracking system for a smooth and uncomplicated car fleet management. As the demand for rental is increasing, the number of prospective application providers is also growing. So it becomes a tiresome job to pick the best one.

Rental Software Features

Rental order management: Helps in tracking the availability of a car with the serial number, book the rental period using the calendar feature, and extend it automatically, if necessary

Collaboration: Employees can communicate on a single platform to handle rental bookings

Inventory management: Monitor the rental products availability, movement, and maintenance of the vehicles.

Automatic Quotation: Make offers and invoices with few clicks.

CRM & External Communication: Easily interacting with customers or rental companies

Automatic Notification: Notify customers of order status and remind users that the rental period will expire

Cloud-based: Access information from anywhere and not limited to just one device

All-in-one: Save all data in one place so the user won’t need to use other storage software

Advantages of Rental Software Application

Create Quotation Quickly

Creating a new invoice with a rental software, user can create a database containing information about user rented products and employees. Users can make invoices with just a few clicks and can save a lot of time. When it’s finished, the user can send it directly to the customer in the same platform.

Know the Car Availability Anytime

Whenever a rental order comes in, ensuring the car availability can be a struggle. Rental software helps track car availability using the serial number that has been coordinated to the inventory. You can also see the timeline regarding how many cars available in a certain period. 

Facilitate Employee Communication in One Platform

Employees spent so much time managing the rental period and communicate with customers. Using a telephone, email, or the other can make them hassle. Rental software can automatically schedule the employee’s assignment. Users can easily find which customers to contact.

Detect Any Damage or Lost Items

Rental software will give the details of lost or damaged items. User can charge the renter, and the bill will automatically be issued. The rental software will notify the user when maintenance should be done. 

Access to Information from Anywhere

With cloud-based rental software, employees can work through any device, monitor the business operation, improve anything from anywhere.

Integrated with cloud

Just like cars are in constant movement, all the information related to them should be available on the go. A cloud-based application gives you the benefit of accessing the data from anywhere, anytime, as long as you are connected to the internet. As a result, all the relevant information regarding the drivers, fleet, and consumers is literally in user’s pocket. Cloud-Based software decreases operational costs.

Easy interface

All the features of a car rental management software should be neatly stacked and shouldn’t confuse the consumers. It should also make a booking, scheduling, or cancelling a reservation a hassle-free task. The software should be a one-stop solution for all requirements ranging from booking to communicating till billing.

Easy bookings 

The software should act as a communication bridge between the company and consumers. The booking system includes a clear description of all the car models available, pricing plans, special offers (if any), and payment page. The clients must be able to use filters like model type, hours of booking, outstation or in-city tour, car type, brand, and pick up or drop locations. 

GPS tracking

A GPS tracker enables us to know the location of the car at any given point and can also estimate the arrival time. It helps the drivers to locate the customers efficiently and guide the vehicle through traffic and towards the best available route.

Facilitate digital signatures

Electronic signatures provide greater convenience as the rental agreement can be signed digitally and before the vehicle is picked up. It reduces workload and increases security to the transaction. It helps during litigation or an insurance claim.

Fleet management

A fleet tracker offers to coordinate and organize vehicles like it improves efficiency and reduces costs. As the business is spread across multiple locations, the company can keep a tab on the maintenance issue of the vehicles for systematic routing and decrease in idle time for the cars.

Real-time monitoring

GPS tracker will offer information about the location alone, and a car rental software will look into details like chauffeur reports, bill covers, duty registers.

Billing and Invoice Tasks

The software should simplify billing needs by effectively managing expenses like fuel, maintenance and looking into the income received by partners and sending out invoices to partners as well as generate an instant customer receipt.

Monitor drivers

Drivers are the assets of the company. But they are not always present in front of you. A car rental tracker should help you keep an eye on them. The software should be able to record the attendance of the driver, make an entry of their log time and the routes that they take. An advanced application can also help in keeping a tab on speeding, driver distraction, and traffic violations.

Inventory management

The software keeps track of the car, area and when it is next available. Hence, the user does not have to worry about the clients. Maintaining data manually can be a tiresome task; the software performs an effortless and error-free job.

Facilitate internal interaction

The software communicates the necessary communication details like estimated time of arrival, order confirmation, and the amount of money that will be charged. It does have an in-built call and messaging option for drivers and passengers to reach out to each other.

Two-factor authentication

Enhanced security layer, ensures the right passenger is riding the car. One-time logins are provided to customers and drivers with modern technologies such as face recognition, instant license verification to tackle duplication.

Flexible with dynamic pricing

Prices vary with demand and location. The software must show rate table to account frequent customers or members to offer the best rate possible, including discounts, promo codes if any.

Damage management

Given the different hands that go behind the wheels in case of rented cars, training alone is not sufficient to avoid any mishap. Accidents are more likely under such circumstances. To avoid any complications later, maintain an accurate report on the fleet’s health beforehand. The software will keep the data on when was the car last in maintenance, the number of accidents it has been involved in, among the other things. You shall take pictures or record a video of the cars while doing the checkout and check-in to ensure fairness. Once the vehicle is back, check for any fresh scratches and compare it with the existing data. Hence, no new customer will be held liable for any old damages. This can be helpful while filing insurance claims.

Toll charges and penalties

A car tracking software must keep a tab on the traffic violations and automatically add value to the invoice at the end, including late charges, outstanding payment.

Multiple payment options

With the growth of digital space, the software must prefer online payment options and ensure it is compatible with all modes of payments. 


A car tracking application is a cost-effective solution that increases the productivity of the fleet and pumps up the profits. It takes cares of the customer data like profile, preferred payment options and driving license. By making the best renting experience for customers, it also makes the rental business survive and win the competition. Rental software manages the market with maximum efficiency.

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