Campaign Monitor Review 2022

Campaign Monitor is a well-known email marketing tool that also offers marketing automation. It is built for digital marketers who may want more than just the basics of sending emails.

Let’s check the main strengths and weaknesses of the tool and help you decide on the email service provider best for your situation.

Campaign Monitor Review 2022

Account and User Interface

Your dashboard will contain a welcome note when you sign-up, that points you towards creating your first campaign (email). After that, you will be taken to your subscriber’s page to add a few. Most of the navigation in Campaign Monitor spins around the top menu bar. The labels are bright enough to find what you see without prior experience with the tool. Unfortunately, these aren’t very well highlighted and could be more comfortable to find. Ultimately, the dashboard is evident when you log in each time, just a list of your recent campaigns.

Lists and Contacts

Attaching new subscribers in Campaign Monitor is a bit clunky. On the assertive side, it’s one of the few tools that still makes you choose between single and double opt-in while importing a list. On the other hand, the interface is list-centric, meaning that you have to go into each list to see the individual subscribers. Furthermore, when you create a new list, you need to add them from scratch; you can’t just import existing subscribers into your account. It is a significant negative if you already have multiple lists you’ll be bringing to a new tool.

Creating Emails

To build an email in Campaign Monitor, you create a new “campaign.” This will assist you in choosing an email template. There’s a wide variety of modern-looking responsive templates. It’s nearly as good as it takes for email templates. Selecting a template will take you to the email editor. It’s automatic and straightforward to use.

Reporting and Analytics

Tracking basic stats about your emails’ performances is a basic expectation of email marketing tools. Campaign Monitor titled their reporting and analytics “Insights” on their menu. You can get a summary of your campaigns or automation. You can also create reports by lists, engagement, segments, or geography. It gives you a general overview and then a breakdown for each email, including:

  • Emails delivered
  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate (and subsequently conversion rate)

Adding New Subscribers to Lists

The last of the essential features that you look for in an email marketing tool is adding new subscribers to lists in the future. Campaign Monitor has excellent API documentation to generate a custom form on your website (or elsewhere). Apart from that, the in-tool form creator is a bit frustrating. The navigation connection to the form creator is tucked off on the far right of the screen after you’ve navigated to a particular list on the subscriber’s page. In addition, there are only two fundamental fields to pick from once you’re into the editor. There’s also no styling involved or styling customization obtainable.

Email Marketing Automation

Automation is the role that all marketers get enthusiastic about. It enables you to have incredible flexibility in your email marketing campaigns and post behaviour and demographic-driven emails. Unfortunately, campaign Monitor does not allow automation on their most affordable plan. It’s solely on the “unlimited” plan where these highlights become available.

Segmenting a list allows you to group contacts that share an interest based on a behaviour or attribute (age, country, etc.). They enable you to send more relevant emails for a more reliable email marketing return on investment. The segment tool is again disappeared away like the forms tool. Instead, it’s found on the right sidebar of each listing page.


Workflows are effortless to find, as they come under the “automation” tab as anticipated. But, Campaign Monitor describes them as “journeys” instead of workflows, which every other tool modes. Each journey has to be attached to a separate list to begin with. While some examples and guides explain how you should build a trip, there are no templates. As a result, all journeys are made from scratch. Templates often spare a lot of time if you utilize automation, so that’s a negative. Also, it’s rather clunky when you want to add an email to send at some stage. To add content, it redirects you back to the emails you’ve created for campaigns.


Email marketing never survives in a vacuum, so the more comfortable integrating it with your website and other tools, the more satisfying. You’ll discover integrations in Campaign Monitor’s “app store,” all in one spot. The “store” has a gorgeous design, and it’s easy to hunt for any particular integrations you’re looking for. There are hundreds of integrations incorporating all essential tools and many lesser-known tools.

Support Options

If all goes undeviatingly, you won’t need assistance, but it’s nice appreciating it’s there if you do. Unfortunately, help is required for Campaign Monitor. However, the knowledge base makes up for it a bit. It has an excellent design and several help articles, but the character of those articles is lacking. Most are brief and lack instructional images. In short, don’t expect any instant help on Campaign Monitor.

Important Hallmarks

  • Address digital marketing’s most significant ROI with email. In a frequently loud market, email remains to be the most secure strategy to expand your business.
    • The elegantly simple, drag-and-drop interface drives the pain out of marketing automation and transactional email.
    • Studios of templates provide content partners to edit and send quickly.
    • A full suite of editing permissions guarantees complete command over branding.
  • Maximize the achievement of every send—partner with experts to bring your email aims to life, no matter how complex.
    • Get up and work instantly with a variety of onboarding and training assistance.
    • Consult with the expert services team on strategic tactics to assure you’re making the most out of the email investment.
    • Improve your results with all send using comprehensive plans and supplies to develop your email continuously.
  • Boost engagement with each subscriber. Gather accurate data to generate the most relevant drives for your subscribers.
    • Examine new offers and drive appointments with automated journeys.
    • Supercharge personalization applications with advanced segmentation and compelling content.
    • Connect segmentation with automation to hold active subscribers involved and automatically re-engage dormant subscribers.

Pricing and Plans

Campaign Monitor offers multiple plans, and each of those plans has different features. Additionally, the cost of each plan depends on how many contacts you have. For instance, campaign Monitor charges the equivalent for 1,000 and 2,500 subscribers but less for 500 subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Campaign Monitor allows a satisfactory basic email marketing automation level, but it gives you more options and flexibility. It is excellent, with hundreds of integrations. However, campaign Monitor’s support is severely lacking. Overall, Campaign Monitor is helpful for almost all marketers.